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DVD Secrets

"Frat Party At The Pankake Festival"

Frat Party At The Pankake Festival is Linkin Park's first DVD. Its got all their videos,

loads of backstage stuff, the making of the Crawling video, and loads more. This DVD

also contains many secret areas and small little things that can only be accesed by

entering certain codes, pressing buttons at certain times, etc. This DVD is great and is

a definate must-have for any Linkin Park fan. And guess what! One of the secrets is a

preformance of "A Place For My Head" from 1999 (Then called Esaul)!



I tried these codes all out myself and they all worked. If they don't work for

you, your either doing something wrong or it's because your DVD player is really



1. Watch the One Step Closer video. Watch it until Chester starts screaming

SHUT UP. On the last shut, the words "shut up" should appear on the bottom.

Press enter/ok while this happens and you will hear a remix of the song.

2. Turn on the Director's commentary and watch the One Step Closer video.

The song is backwards!


3. This has many different ways, but this is how it worked on mine. Go into

'Special Features', then select 'MENU'. When you get back to the main menu,

hit '9' on your remote, then press ENTER. This is the 12 minutes of extra footage

from the european tour, were Mike breaks the table.


4. Go to chapter selection, and go to BEGINNINGS. Brad will be talking and say

"from the beggining". when he says this, keep hitting enter/ok and you will see 

them practicing "Esaul" (which would later become A Place For My Head) from

1999, but the words seem - to me at least - messed up. (To make it easier, he

comes up right after Joe and it's the first thing he says, so it's easy to miss. 

When Joe starts talking a little bit after the "spider-bite" part, keep hitting it

until it pops up. Their playing it in what looks like a garage or something.)


5. Go to the Disc Setup page and let it sit their for a few minutes, without

touching anything and a screen will come up with numbers. type in 1485952.

A live video will come up.