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Meteora - March 25, 2003


1.Foreword (intro)

2.Don't Stay:

3.Somewhere I Belong

4.Lying From You

5.Hit The Floor

6.Easier To Run



9.Breaking The Habit

10.From The Inside

11.Nobody's Listening



Reanimation - July 30, 2002 (Remix of Hybrid Theory)




3.Enth E Nd

4. [Chali]

5. FRGT/10

6. P5hng Me A*wy

7.Plc.4 Mie Haed

8. X-ecutioner Style

9. H! Vltg3

10. [Riff Raff]

11. Wth>You

12. Ntr/Mssion

13. Ppr:Kut

14. Rny@y

15. My<Dsmber

16. [Stef]

17. By_Myslf

18. Kyur4 Th Ich

19. 1Stp Klosr

20. Krwlng

Hybrid Theory, 2000 (Debut Album)


1.) Papercut

2.) One Step Closer

3.) With You

4.) Points of Authority

5.) Crawling

6.) Runaway

7.) By Myself

8.) In The End

9.) A Place For My Head

10.) Forgotton

11.) Cure For The Itch

12.) Pushing Me Away

*13.) My December

*14.) High Voltage (Remix) 

* = Some versions have +2 bonus tracks.

Hybrid Theory EP, not released or sold. (EP from when band was "Hybrid Theory")


Note: EP was only released to people who joined LPUnderground (C),

The Official Linkin Park Fan Site. I do not have this CD, and all

this information, including album cover, is based on what I

have read on various web pages.



1.) And One


3.) High Voltage

4.) Part Of Me

5.) Step Up

6.) Technique

Also note, Mike and Brad said the only real way to get these songs is

online (like KaZaA) and they are not against file sharing. So download!

One Step Closer


1.) One Step Closer

2.) My December

3.) High Voltage

DVD-ROM: One Step Closer Video


01. One Step Closer (Album Version)
02. One Step Closer (Rock Mix)



1.) Papercut

2.) Points Of Authority (Live)

3.) Papercut (Live)

DVD-ROM: Video for Papercut

In The End pt.1


1.) In The End

2.) In The End (Live)

3.) Points of Authority (Live) 

DVD-ROM: In The End video

In The End pt.2


1.) In The End

2.) A Place For My Head

3.) Step Up (From Hybrid Theory 98')

DVD-Rom: In The End video




1.) Crawling

2.) Papercut

DVD-Rom: Backstage footage



01. One Step Closer
02. With You
03. Points of Authority



*If there was a cd with these demos on it (which later became the Hybrid Theory

Songs next to their name below) I dont have the cover pics, and would

appreciate it if anyone who did sent them to me.


1.) Esaul (A Place For My Head)

2.) Vertical Limit (Points Of Authorities)

3.) Super Xero (By Myself)