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ĦBritt's Page!

My three favorites

My Favorite Web Sites

stupid ass site lol but its funny
if you play guitar here's some pretty cool tabs
go here if you are entirely bored
haha you'll find out.

Hey! 'Tis Brittany here of course. Here be my stupid page. And believe me it dont get worse than this. Uh, I need to have some shoutouts here. Cause it belongs. Ashley~Hey!Thank you for being my best friend. Luv ya forever. Amber~Thanks for being my other best luv ya 2 forever. Eddie~Hey!! Thank you for the prettyful ring! lol i love it just like i love you! love ya much. Aurora~Hey. You are a bit odd but oh well i luv ya also! lol later Demi~Hey thanks for being my other other best friend 2! i have lots but you been my best friend for about 5 years i'd say. Luv ya. Micky~ Yo! lol. lylas later Shanna~ Hey lylas WHITNEY~ Hey you fuckin crack head! lol i'm just kiddin. maybe. thank you for being my altimitley best friend lol. you are the only one i know who is just as stupid and funny as me! lol luv ya bye. Jon~Hey lol didnt know if you would look at this page or not but if you do, then, uh Hey! lol later dude. and hey to the following people that i dont know what to say to~ Zach Joe Roger Adam JD Keegan Cathy Mark Scott And if i forgot you. GET OVER IT. unles you consider urself important. Ok now. SInce i really dont know what else to put on this page for now, I shall depart. LATER. I will be addin more in a short while. I mean its almost Xmas and i should be puttin more then.