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busy month, 3 tests in the second week, 2 essays, bought a 13 inch TV from John,,,played baseball with Craig, Justin and Collin, shoot man,,,,,50 plus hard pitches with tennis ball,,, soar arm after,,,,,need to improve on my hitting,,,,,,this is definitely not my standard,,,got hit hard by Craig,,,,,Playoff HOCKEY and BASKETBALL,,,,shoot can't study at all,,,,,,,Canucks unbelievable games and combacks,,,,advanced to the 2nd round for the first time in 9 years! what a long wait!,,,busy with summer vacation plans,,,,summer shool at Queens? man,,,hope something can be done with SARS, so I can go to Taiwan or Toronto,,,,anyway, LAST month of school!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now just finals and I am OUTTA here!!!!!


Horrible result in Finals,,,but whatever,,,,no more school!!!!! Back home in NY,,NOO,,Canucks lost in game 7 of round 2,,,Gonna get the CUP next season!,,,went to Queens,,,,got my course striaght,,saw Jason and his Friends,,Crazy about Detective Conan for the WHOLE MONTH,,,,damn,,,rusty and got owned in basketball,,,need to gain the skill and confidence back,,,,good to be back in Canada,,,saw James, and went to Peter's b-day party in Toronto,,,learned Majong,,,,fun game man,,interesting course in Ecology,,,most practical course so far,,,the Blue Jays were doing good all of a sudden,,go Jays,,,,rejected by all the universities,,,,man,,,,,that sucks,,,,gonna go back to Emory next semester,,,


Finished the course,,,good result,,,,,all the studying is worth it,,,Saw Kelvin in Toronto,,,unbelievable,,still same old Kelvin,,,,Thank to Jason's mom for cooking for us,,,Got some mainland Chinese food,,,pretty good,,,,,,Drove back to NY,,,,went to see the Yankees vs the Mets,,,waited 2 hrs and bought tickets from other ppl (game was sold out),,,was able to sit on top of the Yank's dugout when everyone left (Yanks won in extra inning),,,,I can see Matsui and Jeter clearly! Vancouver,,,Finally back to Vancouver,,,,,man,,great feeling,,,,played hockey again,,,,,house flooded!!!,,,,Good to see Albert again,,,helped him with college stuff,,,we worked great together to handle the house,,very comfortable and confident that he'll do fine by himself in Vancouver,,,,,


Back in Taiwan!!! Saw Dad,,Mom, and Andrew,,damn,,,I miss them,,,,,,Albert came later,,,our family finally was able to be together (although only for 1 week, then Albert need to go back to beef up his college entrance exps). Visited Jamie in HK, man,,my Cantonese skill is BAD,,not confident enough to speak it to those hk ppl,,,,then Jamie came to rescue,,,I don't have to speak anymore,,,he brought me around,,finally got some Asian food,,,,went to Mountain Peak,,,HK trip was fun!!! Had a great time in Taiwan,,,went to elementary school reunion!,,,Good to see so many classmates,,man,,I kinda wish I could have completed elementary school in Taiwan,,,went to Tainan,,saw grandparents,,,,eat good stuff,,biked around,,,,HOT HOT HOT,,


Valentine's day,,,went out with elementary school classmates,,,amazing feeling,,,,Smokey Joe,,Bowling,,,,how can everyone still be so nice and remained friends after 7 years (and 9 yrs for me since I moved to Vancouver in grade 5)? Went to east of Taiwan,,,amazing,,beautiful sceneries, went to high mountains,,,roads are scary,,drove through clouds (Mom was too scared to let me drive,,so Dad had to take over),,,,hope Albert can join us next year,,,,,,,went to Taipei,,,Brian's family treated me unbelievably well,,,,great food,,,,,went to see Mayday's concert,,,,AMAZING,,,3 hrs of standing,,,,can't feel legs afterwards,,,,,but AMAZING,,,great experience,,ppl are wild,,everyone sang along mayday's song,,,,just an unbelievable experience,,,,, Returned to NY,,,drove to ATL,,,need to find a place to live,,,,,man,,,,,9 hrs of driving to Durham (Duke),,,SAW STEVEN and his parents,,damn,,miss STEVEN SOOO MUCH,,,,,,,School starts >_<


Finally got a place to stay,,good deal,,,thanks to Jimmy and Sandra, and Sandra for finding the place for me,,,Mehmet is going to be my roommate for 3 month,,,looks like a good guy,,got desks,,beds,,,Finally got some real food,,,I am not too bad at cooking! Went to baseball tryout,,damn man,,,a lot of GOOD players,,,,learned new hitting style,,,damn,,,had to quit cuz of uncertainty in the next semetser,,and also need to work on the transfer application,,,,


Man,,,I hate tests,,,,TEST=pressure=no sleep=no energy=no fun,,,,Bad results makes everything worse,,,,,then the application,,,man,,,worked so much,,,,and thx to so many ppl for helping me,,,,,ORGO SUX!!!! I am failing all the quizzes,,,,this really sux,,,,


Not much happened,,,dying in Orgo once again,,,gave up on bio test to watch Taiwan (baseball) vs Korea and Japan at 5 am on the net,,,amazing,,we're going to the Olympic!!!,,,holy,,,get the gold man!,,,,got my driving licence,,,finally,,,it has been a year,,,,shoot,,not doing well in Religion,,,,got scolded by the prof,,,does he hate me?, hate my careless attitude towards his class?? man,,I can't sleep anymore in that class,,,thx giving break,,,finally,,,rested,,,actually went to use the swimming pool,,it WAS AWESOME,,,saw Sam!,,,went Sukai's for thx giving dinner,,,,made thx giving dinner w/ Jason C, Jason L, and Marcus,,good stuff,,nice break!


woo,,,this is the month,,,checked my mailbox daily to see Cornell's decision. Final started well w/ Pols and Jap as expected,,then went downward w/ Rel and freaking Orgo,,that is a nightmare class,,,,freaking missed one class where the teacher went over the problem that is worth 25% of the freaking final,,,man,,,I don't care anymore,,school sux,,and it's over,,Vancouver,,,saw people,,,nice room I got,,,bus around w/ Anthony's school pass,,,,helped Albert with application,,,he looked set,,,,now just needs luck,,,,,learned my acceptance to Cornell at Jason and Ryan's house,,,very happy,,,but nothing to be proud of due to the high admission rate,,,,neverthless, got to thank hermes and kevin for editting my essay,,,good stuff,,,injured my toe when playing basketball,,,can't do sports,,which really sux,,,,Brian can't come,,so finished the 2 Jap drama myself,,,had to walk in the snow to Jeff's to get my stuff on my last day in Vancouver.



Returned to NY, to Atlanta, picked and packed up my stuff, stuffed them in the car (amazingly, and I managed to bring my desk with me). Had to leave my bike, toaster and other small things behind. Drove to NYC. 1st day only drove 3 hrs cuz didn't sleep the previous day (packing). Slept at 4pm at Duncan, SC. Nice hotel. Woke up at 2 am to start driving again,,,,12 hr to NYC!!!!!!!!!amazing,,almost crushed in SC at 4 am though,,,Anyway,,,back to NYC in one piece, Taiwan on 8th, saw everyone, ate good stuff,,bought some pc accessories and clothes. Taiwan is freaking cold,,,can't belive I just said that. Celebrated Chinese New Year there for the first time in 8 years? Then head to Ithaca, FREAKING FREEZING,,,minus Celsius everday? what the,,,what have I done to deserve this crap? anyway,,school is relaxing so far since I haven't get my courses sorted out yet. It's true, Cornell's food is good. Room is big, Dion my roomate is nice. Good stuff.


New school work starts! Eng, Jap, Orgo, Nutrition Science, and HD: adolescent. Got killed in Orgo once again,,,,man,,,when can I get out of this crap? Eng teacher is nice, met new people, haha,,,,3 "taiwanese" student on campus? got to learn how to adapt to my new environment. Super cold weather plus snow, can't move my car. Food is nice, buy Chinese food and eat my own rice,,,good stuff. Finished and started 2 rpg games.


Damn, I hate orgo,,,44%??? failed my first test ever,,,,not a good feeling at all, Orgo SUX,,,,IT DOES SUCK! Again, why the heck am I taking this course??? Anyway, didn't do too well on HD test, not bad on Jap and Eng. Went Ontario to see Jason, Brian, Peter, James and David. Holy, this Dean is good at basketball, really good. Anyway, went Toronto next, drive in snow, slippery when I switched lanes,,,asked Peter for Brian's dorm's location, went singing and dinner with James and David and David's sister. Good food, damn I miss the old days of going out to sing and eat. Got sick with James and Brian, can't do anything,,,felt soooo bad,,,,had to stay in Brian's dorm the whole week, finished a chinese drama, it's so so, only actors are worth watching. UT cafeteria is pretty decent,,,,love the cheesecake,,,felt sorry for Heather cuz I got sick and can't visit her, 5 hr back to Ithaca, easy and relaxing 1st week back, still trying to recover from my first major sickness in more than a year.

April of 2004 and on

Not going to do this journal anymore, too lazy. Anyway, finished 1st semester at Cornell. It`s all right. Now is 2005, I am studying abroad in Japan, and everything is going pretty well. Before this trip, I stayed in Flushing for 3 month. Brian came during Christmas, worked at Dr. Chiu`s and Amerasia Bank for 2 month after that. Bye