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4 week old corgi puppies- ears still not erect
five week old puppies-ears still not erect.
seven week old corgi puppies
eight week old puppies
nine month old corgi dog







farm setting road leading to farm







pond and hilly terrain in the background
ABOUT US: We are a working sheep and goat ranch located in Corgiville, CA encompassing over 200 acres of flat, hilly and rugged terrain including a year round creek and pond.
It all started 30 years ago as a place to raise sheep and goats but it soon became apparent we needed help when it came to rounding-up the livestock. We heard about a special breed of dog called the Pembroke Corgi. Because of their small size and aggressive nature to herd livestock, we purchased six-one year old corgis to help manage our growing goat and sheep business. Soon the family of corgis grew to over 30. After upgrading the kennels and sprucing the place up, we decided to open our ranch to the public.

Our business is small, just like our dogs and that's the way we like it. We offer our visitors and guest a chance to play goat or sheep herder for a day or a week-end. If at the end of your stay you want to buy a corgi puppy, or a trained herding corgi or sign up your corgi for Herding, Agility or Obedience classes we offer several plans. Also we rent corgis for herding, or for a companion.

Stop by our corgi ranch and visit our friendly dogs. No reason to call, we are always home. Chances are you will be greeted by Mason and Latte, our master corgis. They rarely bark, instead may nip the back of your heels.

corgi puppies-click on a picture and guess how old we are.
latte and mason-master corgis
Latte and Mason-master corgis

(Pembroke Welsh Corgis Only)

Hello and welcome to our newly expanded website. We are proud of our working family of corgi dogs. They have brought pleasure into our life's and to the lives of our guest and visitors. Come and visit our family and enjoy the "Corgi Experience".





































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