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Hellay hellay, and welcome to "Aisle Of Plenty!"

This is a fan-created site devised for the progressive rock band Genesis. Inside, you'll
find plenty of treats indeed! One thing I must ask is please sign the guestbook while 
you're's located inside the fans section!

Well...who am I? My name is Joshua, I'm nineteen years old, and I've been a Genesis fan
for practically my whole life! I hadn't massively followed them, however, until I turned
fourteen, and then I started avidly collecting their albums. I now own all of them, and 
love them dearly!

A little more about me...I'm also a musician(I play guitar, piano, sing and also write my own 
songs), I write my own poetry and stories, I enjoy video games quite a lot, I enjoy reading
and Ray Bradbury is my favorite author, and I love music, with my favorite type of genre
being Progressive and Classic rock!

Well, that's about all I have to put here. Please be patient while the site is created and 
redesigned...thank you!

 - Joshua Shrive, Creator of AOP - 

This page was last updated on August 25th, 2002, at 21:07 EST