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DJs upstairs
Fri 30th April - Stevirox - - Sat 1st May - Adi
Fri 7th - Bands -- Sat 8th - special guest...

now up.... RYANs 21st B-DAY PARTY IN BRADFORD.....!

OK here we go again with a new BOSS in the Napier, they seem COOOL so give em your support...

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sir charles napier pub - 10 limbrick - blackburn town centre

NEW Ryans 21st....|| NEW-more April foolz...

April foolz....|| more Feb (29th) this year...

Sarah & Gemma B-day trip Manchester

Feb this year... || Feb this year...

new Xmas 03 || Laurens B-day

more Helloween... || Helloween...

summer pikz & 2003 staff doo

more summer pikz 03 || stevirox B-day 03

pikz from April/May 03 || diary of DJ nites upstairz

early 2003 piccies || Blackburn - Napier nites out

previous Napier nites out || silly strange & censored photos

OLD piks from 89 || Leeds festival 99

Leeds festival || before the napier woz the VULCAN

the Napier has 2 floorz - downstairz has over 200 CDs consisting of mainly rock & metal - also a collection of other musical styles available - upstairz is open friday & saturday nites till 1.30am & has specifik rock & metal nites (see DJ links page).

the pub is situated in the town centre not far from blackburn king georges hall & is visable across from the barbra castle ring road.

the Napier opens 7 days a week with a late license.

RIP Steve

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