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  • Cold As Ice As Cold As M.O.P

    Cold As Ice As Cold As M.O.P

    M.O.P Biography

    M.O.P have been living it fresh since 1993. Straight up from Brooklyn, New York. And by the way, if you didnt know what M.O.P stands for, it stands for "Mashed Out Posse". M.O.P's Mission is to bring rap back onto the street with the hard core style's.

    M.O.P consists of two rappers, Lil' Fame and Billy Danze. Lil' Fame's debut album was "The Hill That's Real" They both began rhyming together in their school. They both released their debut single "How About Some Hardcore?". This single was then used in the "House Party 3" soundtrack, this then came one of the undergrounds classic. The Duo released their next record "To The Death" in 1994, just before they signed up to "Relativity Records".

    Then in 1996, M.O.P released their next album, "Firing Squad", bringing even more hardcore rap then ever before. Just like the other rap superstars like Puff Daddy and Master P, they rapped about Cars, Clothes, Galz, Money, and all the other bling bling. M.O.P rapped about truth, they rapped about every day to day Ghetto life and thats what kept the underground rap scene so alive.

    The 1998 single, "Handle Ur Business," produced by Gang Starr's DJ Premier, blew up in the mainstream and was closely followed by the M.O.P.'s third album, First Family 4 Life.
    Now, their latest album is Warriorz which was released last year in Autumn (Fall) 2000. This was when Tim Westwood (Radio 1 DJ in the UK) was crazy about M.O.P

    Look in the Artist's Section for their Album review of the Warriorz

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