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  • Detroits Dirty Dozen

    Detroits Dirty Dozen

    D12 - Members/Biography

    Member                                        | Alias     

    Bizzare                             Peter S. Bizzare
    Eminem                             Slim Shady
    Kon Artist                             Mr. Denine Porter
    Kunniva                            Hans G.
    Proof                             Dirty Harry
    Swift                             Swifty Mc.Veigh


    1. As a soloist, came out in 1998 with the highly regarded ep "Attach Of The Weirdos".
    2. Has appeared on Tony Touch, Funk Master Flex, DJ Butter and Jersey Bread Outsidaz albumz.
    3. Best kept secret: Loves to kiss pets, collecting tire irons and shower caps.

    Eminem - Slim Shady

    1. Won awards from MTV, Spin, HipHopSite.com, Rolling Stone and the Grammys!
    2. Started Shady Records In 1999, D12 being the first group signed to the label.
    3. Yes, he lived in Detroit (7 Mile & Dresden) Sold nearly 20 million records world wide.
    4. Best kept secret: He can produce just as good as he can rhyme.

    Kon Artist - Mr. Denine Porter

    1. Member of Da Brigade.
    2. Producing tracks on D12 Album, will produce on all D12 solo albums.
    3. Co produced on Eminem's last three projects.
    4. Best kept secret: Started D.N.A.B. Productions for making dope songs for the world.

    Kuniva - Hannz G.

    1. Funky Fresh In The Flesh gave him the 2000 Underground Young Gun Award.
    2. Member of Da Brigade.
    3. Best kept secret: Earlier in his career, he battled Eminem in a Detroit club to get his rep up in the rap game.

    Proof - Dirty Harry

    1. Won 1999 Source Unsigned Hype Award.
    2. Got robbed at the 1998 Blaze Battle.
    3. Has appeared on nearly 20 albums, go look for them. 3. Member of the Goon Squad.
    4. Best kept secret: Co-Owns SQUO Clothing Company and was a sales exec at Maurice Malone Clothing.

    Swift - Swifty Mc.Veigh

    1. Participated in 2000 Blaze Battle.
    2. Member of the rap group Da RaBeez.
    3. Appeared on the Fuck Master Flex and the highly acclaimed DJ Butter Mix Tape "Kill The DJ".
    4. Best kept secret: One of the last wishes, of the now deceased member of D12 Bugz, was to have Swift in D12.

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