Tom Hamilton! (*sighs*) be still my beat heart! My favorite member of Aerosmith. One of the worlds best bass players. And a real cutie! Oh he's so cute I can't stand it! 


Personal Information

Birthdate: December 31, 1951
Birthplace: Colorado Springs, CO Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Hazel
Height: 6'1" (making him the tallest member of aerosmith)
Weight: 150 lbs.
Siblings: An older sister - Perry, an older brother - Scott, and a younger sister - Cecily.
He has a tatoo of a swallow on his chest


Food: Anything fried
TV Show: Movies at the Sweedish Hotel
Car: Ferrari 274 GTB
Movie: Blade Runner
Book: The Arms of Krupp
Sport: Tennis
Place in the World: HOME AND PARIS
Simpsons character: Maggie
Venue to play: Toronto, Canada CNE (best video games)



Awesomest Concert he missed: The Who - Boston Tea Party
Song he most wants to cover: "Dear Prudence" by the Beatles
Most embarrassing album in his collection: "Cal Jam 2"
Song he wants played at his funeral: "That Smell" by Lynyrd Skynyrd
Favorite Aerosmith song: The Farm
Music he listens to: Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, U2, The Shadows, Soundgarden, The Who and Oasis


He can speak some french and spanish.
When he was younger, Joe Perry use to call him Tom Hambonelton
He can make his eyeballs vibrate. (uh....)
His speciality in the kitchen: Cereal
Favorite item of clothing: "Velvet pants. Reminds me of the bands I would go see when i was first learning to play." (uhm, no comment too naughty.)
Was arrested in Sunapee's first-ever acid bust


This is where I got some of my information and pictures from:
Rock This Way
Aerochicky's Tom Hamilton Gallery
Clauds Aerosmith Page
Renee's Mostly Steven Tyler Page

And of course you Tom. ;*


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