My Rock Collection

Well you can't really call it a collection but here are some little bits and pieces of "Memorabilia" I've collected over the years

Kiss Psycho Circus Comics: Issues, #1, #2, #4, #17

Rock and Roll Comics Issue 57 Aerosmith Pt. 2 (still seeking pt. 1)

Rock and Roll Comics Aerosmith/Rolling Stones

Shadow Man #19 the one with Aerosmith

Kiss Temporary Tatoos

Aerosmith Temporary Tatoos

Original Guns N' Roses poster from 1987

Original Grand Illusion record by Styx complete with original poster

Hard Rock Cafe Drumsticks

Hard Rock Cafe Sterling Silver Guitar Ring

Yellow Submarine toy sub

Paul McCartney World Tour 1989-1990 tour books

Paul McCartney World Tour 1993 tour book (plus my ticket stub)

Paul McCartney World Tour 1993 Tour T-Shirt

Life Magazine from April 16 1972: Paul McCartney is the cover story

Aerosmith Tour Book From 9 Lives Tour (plus my tickets stubs)

Aerosmith 9 Lives Tour T-shirt (black w/ group shot)

Aerosmith 9 Lives Tour Shirt (black w/ Joe Perry)

Limited Edition Collectors Issue of Request Magazine The Beatles 1965-1967. From 1996,

I have a poster signed by the members of 1964 a Beatles Tribute Band (plus my ticket stubs)

Beatles Limited Edition Gold Record Collection I have #767/2500

Confetti to a Kiss Concert in Dayton OH. I think it was in Dayton anyway he got some confetti for me 'cuz I couldn't be there. :'(

Metal pin that says "I'm a Official Beatles Fan"

A Channel One Educators Guide From February 1998 about the album Sgt. Pepper. And damnit if I was sick the day my teacher showed the special! GGrrr....

Life Magazine from 1995 on the Beatles Anthology Series. It's all about The Beatles

Beatles Trading Cards from 1993

I have a Cal Jam 2 record. Whether you think it's worth anything or not is up to you.

Original Live Bootleg! Ha! But it's got stuff written all over the jacket. This is what you get for looking for records at goodwill.

I use to have a Paul McCartney Collectors Doll. I don't know if I still have it or not.

Pardise Theater record by Styx that has a hologram on one side. It's looks neato!