Computer Virus
(part IV)

I'm not sure what exactly how to put this. They were going through the scenario's at the same time, so their scenario's
ended at the same time. At which, after they all thought they were done for, they just appeared in a dark room that was
quite vast. Flea stopped running when he crashed into Chad, and John fell right onto them both.

"Dude, my back," Flea exclaimed.

"J,please get off, I can't feel my legs."

John quickly got up and allowed Flea and Chad to get up.

"Guys," said John, "We're short one blonde."

Flea saw him first. Anthony was lying on his back, his body soaked, his hair caked in ice, and his lips a deathly shade of
blue. He ran over to his side and took his pulse, which was exceedingly low. Chad and John rushed over as soon as they
seen Flea's face grow pale. At this point, they three of them were panicking. Flea, out of pure desperation, pounded on
Anthony's chest. Chad and John were in as much panic as Flea, and could only watch.

"C'mon Anthony, breathe!"

It was about 7 seconds later that a gush of water came out of his mouth and he coughed and sputtered. Releived, Flea
let out a breath of air he had been holding for God knows how long as Anthony sat up, letting all water out and getting
precious oxygen in. Flea, near tears over this event, hugged Anthony, and soon Chad and John broke in too.

"Anthony, you ever do that again, I'll kill you," spoke Flea.

"Sure you would," he muttered in a hoarse voice, and they broke in snickers.

"Well well well," spoke a sinister voice behind them, "This is adorable, a band joined like wussies. Awwwwwwwwww!"

They broke the hug and seen the thing that spoke. It was exceedingly tall, about 10 feet. It was male, with pale skin,
clothed in a black robe that only showed his gnarled, bony hands, and his face and head. The face itself was pale and
stood out like a Roman candle against the darkness, slow-pumping, grusome blue veins criss-crossed the sides and a
thick one was on his forehead, throbbing the most. His teeth were yellow, his lips were black, and his eyes were the
most impressioning feature. They were red, and they glowed a deep, scarlet-colored glow. The eyebrows were indeed
sinister, making a violent arch much deeper than most people, and jet black. He had no hair, the only thing on his head
was more of those gruseome blue veins that throbbed. He waved his hand and Anthony, Flea, Chad, and John were
swept from the floor and into seperate, hanging cages of silver. Flea jumped up and banged his fists against the bars.


"Too late, I already have," the thing smirked, and let out a little snicker. Turning away, the thing left them and ventured
into the darkness. Flea, enraged by their helplessness, gave the bars another good bang.

"Who's there," inquired a tiny, female voice. They all turned to the cage that was not far from them. Crouching in the
corner was a young girl, her brown hair covering her face slightly. Her knees were brought up to her chest, and her arms
held them tighter. She moved her head slightly, revealing her face. It was red and puffy, and her green eyes were
reddened with tears that were absorbed into her blue jeans.

"Who are you," asked Chad out of pity for the girl in the fifth cage, "I thought we were alone."

"My name's Elisha," said the girl, sniffing her stuffy nose, "The virus got to me too. Who are you guys?"

They looked at each other in disbeleif. Was she not familliar with them?

"Are you sure you don't know who we are," said Anthony, raising a frozen eyebrow that was beginning to thaw.

"I recognize your voice," she said, looking at Anthony, "Weren't you on the Simpsons?"

"Yeah, all of us," chimed Flea, "We played for Krusty's Komback."

"So, you guys were playing in your underwear," she said, as seriously as possible, "And Krusty wanted you guys to
change the lyrics on one part, and your manager sent you guys originaly to play for Moe for about forty-thousand people
to find that the only one there was Barney, and Bart got you out of the job so you can play for Krusty, and later on you
guys went back to Moe's in your undies, and the Police Chief Wiggum and Doctor Hibert were in their undies too, right?"

Stunned by her knowledge of the episode, her knowledge of the Simpsons themselves, and the fast rate she talked, the
boys could only nod with wide eyes and open mouths. Her serious face broke and she busted laughing.


Her laughter was a break in the tension, and soon they were laughing too.

"We've played in worse," said John.

She stopped laughing and looked at them in a stupor.

"Such as," she said lowly.

"Tube socks," said Flea with a mischievious smile, as her eyes grew very wide and her jaw dropped, totaly unexpected
of what he said. But soon they were laughing as one again. Soon the laughing subsided and a question crossed John's

"Any idea who that creepy dude is?"

Alisha's face turned pale, and she pushed her knees closer to her chest.

"He has no name, but I call him Virus," she said, her tone very small and gentle like it was when they first talked, "He
infected the program my father made for me and the other people suffering from paralysis. It was supposed to
manipulate the mind into seeing and feeling what was in front of you, despite the fact that it wasn't really there or
couldn't inflict any harm. He made sure of that because," she paused, swallowing and blinking hard, "I became paralyzed
about three years ago when I fell off of my horse. Scince then, I couldn't move, I was paralythic from the chest down,
and could never ride again," she was begining to break down, but she tried her hardest to keep it together, "And Daddy
made this for me, and for all the other people who wanted to do things but couldn't because they were paralyzed too.
He spent months working on the brain stimulater, and I was the first person to test it. But something went wrong. At
first, I seen the screen and was riding a horse, but then the screen went black, and then Virus came and put me here. I
must be dead," and with that, she buried her head in her arms and knees and cried.

The horrible truth hit them. Were they dead right now? They were all too stunned to say anything, the crying was the
only sound heard.

"But why," said Anthony, "If they knew something like this was dangerous, did they convince us to go here?"

"I don't know," said Elisha, "Maybe testing to see if the Virus was still present. You were just a guinea pig."

"We were all guinea pigs," said Chad, a disgusted look pasted on his face, and soon the look was mutual. Then, out of
the darkness came Virus.

"Well, well, bonding are we? Don't bother, your time has come," he said with a sinister tone. He pointed at them all,
doing the classic child rhyme.

"Inie, meanie, miny..........MOE!"

Anthony was chosen, and Virus suddenly doubled in height, about 25 feet into the air. Throwing the cage open, he
grabbed Anthony by the foot and yanked him out, holding the 5-foot-10 man in the air with ease as Elisha and the rest
of the band shouted in protest.


"Ah, but he obviosly means something to you," said Virus with a sinister tone in his voice as he swung the damp
Anthony like a rag doll by the ankles.


Elisha began to glow a pure, white glow, and all at once Chad realized that she was the only way they could escape a
grisly end.

"Elisha," he said, "You said your father made this program just for you, right? Then you have the power to get rid of the
Virus. This is your world Elisha, are you gonna let him take it from you?"

Elisha stood up, her height doubled as she screamed violently.


She threw her arms over her head and smashed the cage into splinters of steel. Her blue jeans and black T-Shirt
morphed. Her jeans no longer had the jeans look to them, they lost their fly and the material looked softer. The shirt
grew sleeves. The clothes turned white. And a belt of silver tied around her pants on its own. Now she was at the same
height as Virus, and gently wrenched Anthony from him. Anthony, who was shaken up so violently he couldn't see
straight, was thankfull to be set down on the ground.

"My world Virus, my rules," she said with a glimmer of sincerety as she backhanded him, sending him flying even further
away. Looking back at John, Flea, and John caged, she swiped them with a mighty chop and they instantly smashed into
splinters of steel. Freed from bondage, they rushed to Anthony's side to help him up.

"You O.K," inquired Flea.

"My ribs hurt," said Anthony, his face twisting in pain whenever he moved too sharply. Chad and Flea hoisted Anthony's
arms over their heads as Virus and Elisha duked it out in a violent battle. Elisha grabbed Virus' cloak and swung him
violently into the darkness. He came back, charging straight for her and slamming her into the darkness. They seen her
outline glowing in the darkness leap up to her feet and run back, her fists bared and she knocked him straight in his
yellow teeth, splitting his black lower lip, thick black liquid oozed and dripped down his pale chin.

"You little," he never finished his sentince, he ran up to her and pushed her down, squeezing her neck in a desperate
hope to kill her.

"Die, die, DIE!"

"Yeah right," she croaked hoarsely, and sent him soaring into the air with a good kick with both feet into his waist. She
leaped to her feet and she grew about half the size she was before and grabbed his throat. His glowing eyes grew
wider as the grip on her left hand tightened, her white fingers pressing into his flesh, breaking it totaly, black bile
spewed from the five wounds.

"Please," Virus croaked, "Don't kill me. I'll leave this system and go somewhere else."

"I can't do that," Elisha said, her eyes narrowing on her enemy, "I can't have someone else's computer destroyed as
badly as you destroyed my life."

Her right hand cupped, and a beam of white light rested in her palm. Her face smiled, and soon her intentions were clear
to Virus. She thrusted the ball of light into his stomach. The light vanished inside of Virus. His eyes grew wider, much
wider than before. The thick, black bile bubbled from his neck wounds and bubbled from his mouth, spewing down in a
thick, disgusting waterfall. Wierd gurgles erupted from his throat as his body shook and the wite light replaced the red
glow in his eyes.


And with the last gutteral cry, Virus exploded in a thick spray of black ooze that barely missed the guys. The battle was
over, and Elisha was the winner. She took in a deep breath, and as she exhaled, shrinked to about two feet taller than
Chad. The guys, still in shock over the previous events, cheered with their full hearts, and Flea pumped his free fist in
the air.

"Way to go Elisha!"

"Thanks man," she said with pride as Flea's fist opened and their hands connected in a high five whose smack echoed in
the darkness.

"How did I do that," she wondered, looking at her hands. Than, the truth hit her.

"When you guys were hooked up, did you see my body hooked up too?"

"No," said Anthony, shaking his head slightly. But then he wished he hadn't said what he said as soon as he got it. The
truth hit them all, it was unspoken. Elisha wasn't hooked up and Virus got her too. If she wasn't hooked up, her body
was dead. Suddenly, the darkness began to disappear, and Anthony, Chad, Flea, and John felt themselves move
backwords, forewards, up, and down at the same time. The image of Elisha warped and vanished into white light. Then,
everything went black.


Anthony opened his eyes and blinked. Where am I? He trie dto sit up, but stopped as soon as his ribs pained again.

"Lie still Mr. Kiedis, you have three fractured ribs," said the nurse who called them pepperonis.

"Don't gotta tell me twice," he said, and laid back down. He noticed her nameplate, or at least her last name. It was

"Where's my friends," he was able to say, and she pointed to the beds next to him. On his left was Flea, his head was
bandaged up. On his right was John, hooked up to an I.V. Chad was next to John, an I.V hooked into him.

"What's wrong with us," said Anthony, amazed that they were all hurt.

"My head got busted open," said Flea, pointing to the most bandaged part, tha back, "John contracted some rare
tropical fever, and they just wanted to make sure Chad was O.K."

Anthony nodded and let his head fall on the sturdy white pillow. It was over, it was all over, he thought greatfully.

"You were also suffering from hypothermia and almost drowned with some excess water in your lungs," said Flea, his
face white as the sheets. Anthony knew that they must have been worrying excessively. That's when the young nurse
walked in and took the place of Westleys.

"Oh Mr. Kiedis, you're awake," she said, checking the flow on his I.V., "You had us quite worried. How are you feeling?"

"I've been better," he croaked.

"Well, not to worry. You all can kick back, relax, and here's some T.V."

She turned on the tube, which was already on Discovery Channel. The guy there was wrapping up a documentary on

"Wait," said John before the young nurse left the room, "Was the Doctor that called us for that virtual reality thin the
same one that lost his daughte ron it?"

Her face grew pale as she wondered on how they came across to such secret information.

"No Mr. Frusciante," she said seriously as her voice could carry, "He commited suicide about four days after that."

When she left the room, all the guys couldn't speak. They couldn't beleive what they had heard or even went through.
But the thought that was on each of their minds was that it was all over. Then the announcer announced the lineup for
the evening.

"Comming up next, bears in their natural habitat, followed by the Amazon, at 8 o'clock a special on Tragedies on the
Arctic waters, and 8:30, the ghetto of New Orleans."

Their eyes bugged out and they all sat up, their faces paler than ever.

"Tonight.........On Discovery."


With the last scream, Flea, Chad, and John jumped up out of their beds. Anthony, unable to move, was helped out of
bed by Chad and into a wheelchair nearby. After which, the four of them ran out of the hospital at top speed.

Outside, in the dwindling twilight, Junkie and Chewable were sitting on the stairs outside of the hospital. Junkie was
reading a Teen Magazine, Chewable was drawing on her sketch pad. Junkie looked up from the pages.

"Y'know, I can't get the Peppers off of my mind."

"Neither can I," said Chewable, showing her sketch pad. It was a picture of Flea with angel wings and white jeans. They
both chuckled, each turning back to their activity.

Without warning, none other than the Red Hot Chili Peppers came running out of the hospital. First Flea, who jumped
over the area that was between Junkie and Chewable and landed perfectly. John just pushed his way through as gently
and hurriedly as possible. Chad was pushing Anthony in the wheelchair in a pure bolt down the wheelchair runway and
ran after his comrades. What was even more, the only thing they were clad in were the white tie-up hospital gowns.
Totaly shocked, at first all Junkie and Chewable could do was stare at them, then at each other. Looking back, they
suddenly jumped from their positions and ran after them.

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