Computer Virus
(part I)

The testing area was deserted, with the exception of a scientist. The area was about the size of a large classroom, and
he was leaning on a controll panel. Beyond the panel was a cubicle, about 10 meters high and 15 meters sticking out,
and 15 meters long. Inside the cubicle was a girl about 15 years old, suspended in the air. On her face was an air mask,
because the cubicle had no air, so as whomever was inside could float freely. She was in a suit that detected every
move she made, and although the air mask hid it, she was smiling widely and doing something she could never do on
her own: horseback riding in a wide open meadow.

"How do you like it sweetheart?"

"Daddy it's wonderfull," chirped the happy girl. The scientist, her father, smiled in great delight. All his research had lead
up to this very moment. Ever scince his little girl had become paralyzed, she was helpless to doing things she wished to
do. Seeing her this happy made him feel like the luckiest man alive to accomplish something so great. He didn't care
about the fame he'll receive, the publicity. This whole project was dedicated to his daughter, the only pride and joy in his


The computer moniter had big red words flashing the warning. The doctor rushed to the computer and tried to figure out
the problem.


The speaker in his ear was chirping again, but it was fuzzier, but he could tell that his little girl was in trouble.

"Hang on sweetheart!"

Clacking on the computer screen, the doctor was doing everything in his power to stop whatever was going on. Then he
finally pinpointed the problem: a computer virus had leaked into his system and was doing serious damadge. The girl in
the box began to twitch violently and the speaker worked one last time.


The speaker went dead. The computer went dead. Thie girl fell limp, the only thing keeping her up were the cables that
enabled her weightlessness. He ran to the door and opened it, air rushing into the box. He got her down and checked
her pulse. There was none. The machine that he slaved so hard on had destroyed the only thing in life he valued: his
only child.


"C'mon man, are we goin' in or what?"

Flea was being hyper again. Leading his crew, they ran up the stairs of the Medical Research Facility in Vancouver,
Canada. They were mainly here because of a concert with Foo Fighters and Wheatus.

"I don't see why this guy was so insistant," Chad said to Anthony while walking up the stairs, "What was his name

"Doctor Bradley Bailey," John cut in, "He said it could revolutionize the world for the paralythic as we know it."

"And it would make good publicity," said Anthony as the walked through the revolving doors. Anthony didn't care about
the publicity, and he was sure that his gang didn't really care about it either. He was here because it was a worthy
cause and it may give Doctor Bailey the publicity HE needs.

"Excuse me ma'am," said Flea to the receptionist, "We were called here by a Doctor Bailey?"

"Ah yes," said the nurse. She was African-American and her greying hair was pulled back in a bun, "You are the Red Hot

"Um, no ma'am, the Red Hot Chili Peppers," he said, a bit peeved that she thought they had such a goofy name.

"It's all the same," said the smart-mouthed nurse, "He's expecting you on the fifth floor, the paralythic ward, room 312

"Thank you ma'am," said Flea. Before he left, he checked the schedule posted on the bulletin board for today, and sure
enough, they'd written Red Hot Pepperonies. They turned to the elevator and went to the fifth floor. On the way up
there, a question popped into Flea's head.

"What did he want to show us anyway?"

"He wouldn't say," replied Anthony, who had handled all the buisness with Doctor Bailey, "He said we'd be impressed

DING! The elevator stopped, and they got out. It was short walk down the corridor when Chad stopped short, just in
time to let a young boy in a wheelchair speed past him. Then Chad winced in pain and grabbed for his foot.

"What happened," inquired John.

"He ran over my foot," replied Chad in pain. A young nurse came running after the boy with a cup of purple goo. In other
words, it was cough syrup.

"Johnny! Come back! You won't get any better!"

"I won't take anything that tastes like grape shoe-polish!"

The nurse almost bumped into Chad, but kept on going down the hall, chasing the little rebel.

"Go nurse go," said John, his eyes on the nurse until Anthony gave him a gentle slap in the arm.

"You playboy you," he said, knowing where John's eyes were, and the whole bunch laughed, they knew where his eyes

It was a short walk, but they made it to the room that was 312 B. They stepped inside the room. In the far end of the
corner was a doctor, bending over a computer screen and getting everything prepaired.

"Ah, welcome boys," he said, greeting Anthony first, "Mr. Kiedis, I take it that this is your band?"

"Yes indeed," he said, "This is Chad Smith."

"Howdy," he said, tipping his bowler to the doctor.

"This is John Frusciante."

"Hello," he said, waving modestly.

"And that is Michael Balzary."

"Call me Flea," said the bassist, shaking the doctors hand with a wide grin on his face.

"It's a pleasure to meet you all," said the Doctor.

"So, what's so special that you couldn't say over the phone," inquired Anthony.

"It's an invention that will broaden the horizons for people with the disadvantage of being paralithic," he said, gesturing
towards the cubicle, "Inside are special suits that have wires attached. Suit up and then put on the air masks."

So, without hesitation, the boys suited up and got ready.

"So, what exactly does this thing do?"

"Patience Mr. Kiedis," said the Doctor into the headset. He activated the chamber and all the air was pumped out of the
cubicle, and with a couple more flicks of a couple of switches, they were weightless. Turning to the computer screen, he
activated the program.

The boys at first seen black and just felt like they were floating on air. Then, slowly, an ocean scene came to view, and
they found that they were in the water and swimming. However, they found that they were all seperate.

"Where's everyone?"

"I'm working on that Mr. Flea."

"Don't call me that, I hate being called that."

"Sorry then Mr. Balzary."

"Thank you."

Then, very faintly, they could see everybody comming into view, and they could converse with one another.

"Dude, this is WICKED," proclaimed John.

"It's not that great, I could go swimming whenever I want," said Anthony.

And then, the scenery changed. They were now on horses and Flea was in the lead.


"Oh shuddup Flea," blurted Chad, in the very rear. The other two laughed at the excited bassist and the disgruntled

Back in reality, the doctor and the nurse who was downstairs were conversing. Suddenly, the same warning came up.


"Oh no," muttered the Doctor as he rushed to the screen, trying to pinpoint the problem.

In the virtual world, the horses suddenly disappeared, and they were left standing in the vast meadow, which kept
flicking from meadow to black with green grid.

In the real world, they found the problem: the computer virus was back, and ravaging the system with a vengance. The
doctor tried to stop, tried everything in his power to stop the virus, but it was too late. Anthony, Flea, John, and Chad
had lost their pulses. The doctors and the nurses were about to cut them down, but the doctor hesitated.

"If I know those boys, they'll make it out."

"Make it out of where," inquired the young nurse.

"There," said the doctor, eyes on the cubicle, "Perhaps this will be the most traumatizing thing that can happen to them,
but it will be the most challenging as far as these notes conclude," he said, handing a set of papers to the young nurse.
When she looked at them, her face twisted in a shock that had never been twisted this surprized. She handed the notes
back to the doctor, her face as white as the paper itself.

"You see," he said, "Although it has a bigger chance that they may not survive, I'm confident that they will."

"According to these notes, Doctor," she said, "Their chance of survival is twenty thousand to one. How can you be so
sure that they will survive? Numbers don't lie, but your false confidence does."

The doctor closed his eyes and put his head down, deep in thought. This young nurse was clever, more clever than he
first thought. She read him like a book, and now the truth was out: although he gave them a chance, they had 24 hours
to get out on their own, or they would be lost in the cyber world forever.

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