plus some other people I thought were cute at one time or another....
This is the list of my crushes and any other guys I have said were cute at one time or another. ( Warning!Long list....)

1] Paul McCartney
2] Steven Tyler
3] Joe Perry
4] Brad Whitford
5] Tom Hamilton
6] Joey Kramer
7] Mark Slaughter
8] Jani Lane (he is a guy!)
9] Bret Micheals
10] Ricki Rockett
11] David Coverdale
12] Mick Jagger (well back in the day......)
13] Robert Plant
14] Jimi Page (back in the day.....)
15] Roger Daltrey
16] Jon Bon Jovi
17] Richie Sambora
18] Eddie Van Halen
19] David Lee Roth
20] Sammy Hagar
21] Julian Lennon
22] Tommy Shaw

This list will definately get longer later on (of course I am only 17)... Just wait until I find another cute, longhaired rockstar ( I prefer bad boys)
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