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Theatre of Hate

The Sessions

Collected from various Peel Sessions and a recording from Dutch TV. The sessions capture the finesse of the studio versions, along with the spontanaity of the live preformances. Although mostly identical musically, Westworld, Conquistador, Dreams of the Poppy, and Incinerator are among their finest forms. My Own Invention has a different ending. The Wake has an altered guitar section in the middle, as well as the extra ending played on He Who Dares Wins 1. The Hop has a different guitar intro, and Brandon mixes the lines "Are your intentions clean and your visions clear". The beginning of Incinerator is altered a bit too. The first four tracks are from a December 1982 session. Westworld through Propaganda are from an August 1981 session. Dreams of the Poppy through The Klan are from a February 1982 session. Americanos through Legion are from a very late 1982 session. The last three tracks are taken from a February 1982 Dutch TV broadcast.

The Ministry Broadcast (Live at the Paradiso)

Recorded live at the Paradiso in Amsterdam on 30/5/82. The sound quality is a bit muffled with the bass and drums standing out a little too much, perhaps as a result of over taping. Over all, this is an excellent concert from the near end of TOH. Some of the songs are better then on any other releases.

The Wake starts it off, ending magnificantly. The guitars on Americanos strum along over pounding drums and sweeping saxaphone lines. The drumming on Black Madonna is completely different from all other versions with a more straight foreward rock approach. The refrain has a different sax line too. The solution is preceeded by a long drum solo, and contains some great sax lines. After Westworld, the crazed fans are treated to a blistering four song encore. Judgement Hymn is excellent, with Brandon singing the end of the song, a rarity live. This is followed by a version of Propaganda superior to all commercial live versions. The last song, Grapes of Wrath, sounds almost like a demo, with Brandon singing different lines and verses out of order. He also sings throughout the instrumental ending.

Tilberg, Holland 15/9/81

  • Sound Check
  • Legion
  • Westworld
  • 63
  • The Klan
  • Nero
  • Original Sin
  • Conquistador
  • Rebel Without A Brain
  • Incinerator
  • Judgement Hymn
  • Dreams Of The Poppy
  • My Own Invention
  • Propaganda
  • Legion

The sound quality is decent for this concert. None of the songs really stand out compared to other versions, but all are performed very well. The most notable track is the sound check at the beginning. Instrumental sections of Judgement Hymn, Nero, Westworld, and Propaganda are played as a continous track. The band then launches into a full version of Incinerator. Poppies is begun, but halfway through the band stops, although the drum and bass go on for about 45 seconds. This is a very well played concert, the highlights perhaps being Propaganda, The Klan, and Judgement Hymn.