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The Pack Live

Live 1979

Very well recorded for such an early recording. Highlights include the excellent Somewhere and Tea Bags. Brandon talks quite a bit in between songs, which is interesting to hear on a Pack recording.

The Black Tape

An obvious crowd recording, this suffers a little from background noise, but the songs are still easy to listen to. Released on the label 'Donut'. The version of Legion has completely different lyrics and the refrain is sung differently too.

The Demos

  • In Cemeteries and Dreams
  • Machine World
  • Legion
  • King of Kings
  • St. Theresa
  • Abattoir
  • King of Kings
  • #12

These are studio demos of very good quality. The first two tracks have unknown names, we named them after the refrains. The version of Legion has the alternate lyrics. The first demo of King of Kings has no speaking parts, while the second does. It seems likely that the official release of Abattoir came off of these tapes.