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The Great Rock Discography by M.C.Strong

The Great Rock Discography by M.C. Strong

Formed in Westminster, London, England in late 1982 by ex-Theatre of Hate mainmen Kirk Brandon and Stan Stammers. Kirk had first ventured out in 1979 as leader of The Pack. The next year, he initiated the brilliant Theatre of Hate, who released smart double 'A' side debut 'Original Sin/Legion' for his & Terry Razor's SS label. In 1981, he formed own label 'Burning Rome', who finally came good early in 1982, when 'Do You Believe in the Westworld?' scraped the UK Top 40. This was quickly followed by a top 20 album 'Westworld', but Brandon decided to forsake this project for the more accesible Spear of Destiny. Their debut 'Grapes of Wrath' album, sold moderately, although it contained the excellent near hit 45 'The Wheel'. In 1987, after completing two top 30 albums in the mid-80's, they finally and deservedly broke the Top 20 singles chart with 'Never Take Me Alive'. After this, Brandon experienced a set-back, when he underwent surgery for inflamation of the leg, a recurring illness. Alternative power rock, which leant on punk influences and the super high vocal chords of Brandon. SOD were characterized by a well produced anthem sound backed by superb sax.