Jimmy Eat World/Jets to Brazil, Chicago, October 1, 2000, The Metro


Jimmy Eat World and Jets to Brazil both have made big names for themselves in the emo scene. When I had the chance to see both bands in concert I jumped at the chance.


We got to the Metro at 7:30ish since the Metro’s website said the concert started at 8:00pm.  To my dismay, Jimmy Eat World was already on stage and after wiping a few tears from my eyes I wedged my skinny ass into a good standing stop and took in the music.


We walked in about 6 songs into the set on a new song, which was followed by another new one.  Jimmy Eat World is current writing a new CD and these songs will probably be on it.  Both songs were very quick paced and reminiscent of older Jimmy Eat World material.  In a recent interview with lead singer, Jim Atkins, he told me that the band is moving away from their slower material and towards their older quicker style.  True to form they played a few tunes from their newest fan release “Singles.”


Then keeping up with the quick material they played “Sweetness.”  Sweetness is a song they only perform live and it is famous around emo circles, and Napster where anyone can easily download it. Sweetness sounds good but Jim did both the vocal parts and I had always assumed that Jim sang a line from the song first and then Tom repeated it. Oh well.  It sounded great and I was singing from the top of my lungs.

Then they moved into their radio attempt, “Lucky Denver Mint.” The song sounded great and drummer Zach Lind sounded phenomenal. They did one more and then closed with “Blister” from Clarity, which is one of the only songs Tom sings.

All of the songs I heard were quick paced and very good but next time I want to hear a little more of their slower Clarity classics like “Table for Glasses” and “Ten.” You could tell the band was rocking hard. Jim was sweating like a fat girl (which he often does in concert).  The band sounded really good.  I was happy with the set.


Next Jets to Brazil came out. They rocked through about a 1:20 minute set featuring a bunch of songs off of their newest disc “Four Cornered Night.” I was really impressed by a couple of their slower songs and their fastest song of the night.  The lead singer played guitar about half the set and played piano the other half of the set.  He struggled with some guitar technical problems between songs but managed to do a good job anyway. I am definitely a believer in Jets and am going to get their new CD. Jets to Brazil helped turn around an evening that would have been slighty disappointing due to our late arrival.


As a whole it was a good show.  I would have liked to see Jimmy and Jets play a little longer but hey there’s always next time.


Can you still feel the butterflies? I can.




Rating: ***


By Nathan Cross

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