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It is getting close to Christmas and I am making good head way with my T.I removed the body and added 10 inches to the frame of the car. I cut off the front of the body and removed the old floor,then I made a new firewall and 10 inch longer floor out of 5/16 plywood,mounted them and started to frame up the new body.Here I used old tin from hoods that I picked up.Mounted them to the inside of the body with screws,this tin will be removed after the outside has been fiberglassed.The back behind the seats has been raised up 3 inches aswell.In the front there will be a fiberglass hood added to give it that speedster look.other changes that I made are lowering the seat aswell as the rollcage 4 inches.Sitting in the car now you are low and you can stretch your legs out.well I must get the fibergiass work done so I can get it filled and primed.well thanks for dropping by and drop back from time to time and see how I am getting along. fitzee


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