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"New single for Clive Burr and the Iron Maiden Rock in Rio cover", January 23 2002, Source:

Clcik to enlarge - Iron Maiden Rock in Rio

From the official site: " ...Following the recent announcement of two special benefit gigs for former drummer, Clive Burr, Iron Maiden are also to release a Special Edition of RUN TO THE HILLS, probably their most famous single featuring Clive. The band will donate all their income from the forthcoming single and the Benefit shows to the Clive Burr Multiple Sclerosis Trust Fund. EMI Records will release the single on Monday 11th March. All formats will be strictly limited edition. The Run To The Hills single will be available in two CD's which will feature the original version of the song as well as a new Live version recorded last January at the Rock in Rio III festival. Both CD singles will also have exclusive material which has never been available before from Clive's era with the band. There will also be a Special Vinyl version available. The Live version of Run To The Hills is taken from their forthcoming live album, ROCK IN RIO, which will be released by EMI Records on Monday 25th March. This double album was recorded at Rio's mammoth festival, January 2001, where the band headlined to 250,000 frenzied fans and a global TV and Web audience of millions... "




"Maiden supports Clive Burr with 2 unexpected gigs", January 9 2002, Source:

- Taken from the Iron Maiden official site: "Iron Maiden have got together from around the world and re-arranged their personal schedules to help ex-drummer and band mate Clive Burr. The band were to have taken a creative break following the huge worldwide success of their last album and Brave New World tour until preparation of their next studio album, due for release in 2003.

However, they unanimously decided to break their 12 month sabbatical when they heard news of Clive Burr's ill health while filming The Classic Album documentary on 'The Number Of The Beast', which was recently released on VHS and DVD.

Clive is suffering from multiple sclerosis - a disease of unknown cause. The disorder is causing him intermittent numbness and can affect his balance. Some days are better than others. At present there is no known cure for MS, although he is helping test new drugs in the hope that his body response may contribute to a cure."... [ READ MORE ]

F*ck, get well Clive, fight!


"Info on the Live in Rio CD", January 6 2002, Source:

- Since this is an american source, i think that March 18 will be the world´s release date for the Cd, the tracklist and more on [ VISIT ]


"Again and Again...", January 3 2002, Source: CDJapan

- Live at Rock in Rio, here´s the new description: "Release Date: 2002/03/20 Price: 3200Yen(24.21 USD)... ... The live album from Iron Maiden with Bruce Dickinson and Adrian Smith, back where they belong with the best classic metal band! This was recorded during their "Brave New World" Tour, First Press : a bonus expected" and the link is [here]


"New date for the delayed, Live in Rio, CD", December 15, Source: IM A.V.S", December 17, Source: CDJapan

- Release date: 2 /16 / 2001, here´s their cd review: "A live album compiling recordings done mainly at the ROCK IN RIO this February (2001) in Brazil. Fans around the world have been waiting for a release from the now 6-piece band with the return of former members (incl. vocalist Bruce Dickinson.) The legendary heavy metal band has a strong fan base in Japan, and the live album is recommended for hard-core fans. Initial pressing only special feature." more info on CDJapan [Go]

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March 25, 2002

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