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November 1996
30 the Old Fire House, Redmond, WA ALL AGES (w/ The Vandals, Diesel Boy)

December 1996
21 Velvet Elvis, Seattle, WA ALL AGES (w/Jough Dawn Baker, Instill, Vade)


January 1997
25 Rkcndy, Seattle, WA ALL AGES - PUNK FEST 97 (w/ Poison Idea, The Accused, Whorehouse of Representatives, The Bloodclots, Mark Bruback)

December 1997
20 LaLuna, Portland, OR ALL AGES (w/ Satans Pilgrims and Jr. Sample)


March 1998
11 Satyricon, Portland, OR

April 1998
18 La Luna , Portland, OR (w/ Reverend Horton Heat, Face to Face)
23 Crocodile Cafe, Seattle, WA (w/ Fastbacks)

May 1998
17 LaLuna Balcony, Portland, OR (w/ Nashville Pussy, Gaunt,)

June 1998
17 Graceland, Seattle, WA (w/The Briefs)

July 1998
2 Riverport Amphitheatre, St Louis, MO (w/Pearl Jam)
3 Sandstone Amphitheatre, Kansas City, MO (w/Pearl Jam)
5 Reunion Arena, Dallas, TX(w/Pearl Jam)

August 1998
7 EJ's, Portland, OR
8 Rkcndy, Seattle, WA (w/Karp, 90lb Wuss, Catheters) - SHOW CANCELLED?
12 Velvet Elvis, Seattle, WA (w/ Skull Control, Farewell Bend, At the Drive In)

September 1998 West Coast Record Release Tour
(All shows through OCTOBER 4 w/ Black Market Babies - now Black Halos)

25 EJ's, Portland, OR
26 The PCH Club, 26 Long Beach, CA
27 Club Sucker, Los Angeles, CA
28 Cafe Du Nord, San Francisco, CA

October 1998
1 ???, Olympia, WA
2 KNDD-FM (the End) Live Studio Broadcast, Seattle, WA
2 The Breakroom, Seattle, WA, w/ Heart Drops
3 Double Wide, Bellingham, WA
4 Picadilly, Vancouver, BC
23 Rkcndy, Seattle, WA
24 ???, Seattle, WA
27 Jays Bar, Missoula, MT
28 Pat's Treasures, Williston, ND
29 ???, Fargo, ND
30 400 Club, Minneapolis, MN
31 University of Missouri, Columbia, MO

November 1998
1 The Metro, Chicago, IL (w/ Red Red Meat)
2 Magic Stick, Detroit, MI
3 Speak in Tongues, Cleveland, OH
4 Bug Jar, Rochester, NY
5 Baird College, New York, NY
6 CMJ Music Marathon, New York, NY
7 ???, Boston, MA
8 Brown Production Workspace, Providence, RI
9 The Elvis Room, Portsmouth, NH
10 Wesleyan University's West Co Café, Middletown CT
11 Under Acme, New York, NY
12 Bryn Mawr College, Philadelphia, PA
13 Bernies, Columbus, OH
14 Buzz Coffeeshop, Cincinnati, OH
15 Sound Stik, Jeffersonville, KY
16 House Party, Knoxville, TN
17 Clunk Music, Fayetteville, AR
18 Bayou, Baton Rouge, LA
19 Liberty Lunch, Austin, TX
20 Fitzgeralds, Houston, TX
21 Galaxy Club, Dallas, TX
22 Reverb Lounge, San Antonio, TX
24 Launchpad, Albequerque, NM
25 Tempe Bowl, Phoenix, AZ
26 Al's Bar, Los Angeles, CA (Thanksgiving!)
28 Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco, CA


January 1999
30 Velvet Elvis, Seattle, WA (w/Locust, Young Pioneers, The Blood Brothers) Velvet Elvis Benefit

February 1999
18 ARO SPACE , Seattle WA, 21+ (w/ Weaklings, Spitfires, DJ Lance Rock)

March 1999
5 Rkcndy, Seattle WA, ALL AGES (w/ Botch,Cold Way Walking, The Bangs)
9 Crystal Ballroom, Portland, OR, ALL AGES (w/Supersuckers,Zeke, Hai Karate)
13 The Belly Up, Solana Beach, CA (w/ Supersuckers, Zeke, Hai Karate)
19 Stubbs (SXSW?), Austin, TX

May 1999
8 Brickyard, Vancouver, BC

June 1999
5 Liquid, Olympia, WA (w/Bangs, Tight Bros From Way Back When)
(Canadian Tour with The Black Halos through July 5)
9 Starfish Room, Vancouver, BC
10 Jasper/ or interior BC
11 Edmonton
12 Calgary
13 Lethbridge/Red Deer
14 Banff
15 Saskatoon
16 Regina
17 Winnepeg
18 Thunder Bay
19 Sudbury
20 Waterloo
21 Off
22 London
23 St. Catherines
24 Toronto
25 Ottawa
26 Montreal
27 Quebec City
28 Boston/ New England
29 New York, NY
30 Philadelphia, PA

July 1999
1 Pittsburgh, PA
2 Detroit, MI
3 Madison, WI
4 Fargo/Moorehead, ND
5 Missoula, MT

August 1999
17 Camden Barfly, London, England (w/ The Hellacopters, The Black Halos, Vive Finito)
19 King's Cross Water Rats, London, England (w/The Black Halos, and The Idols)

September 1999
?? Bumbershoot, Seattle, WA
13 Boise State University, Boise, ID
15 ???, Omaha, NB
16 Euclid Tavern, Cleveland, OH
17 Yale University, New Haven, CT (w/Lowercase, Chokebore, Enemymine)
18 CBGB, New York, NY, (w/Hellacopters, Black Halos, Zen Guerilla)
(Following shows though OCTOBER w/ Zeke)
19 ???, Brooklyn, NY , (w/ L7)
20 Cat's Cradle, Carrboro, NC (w/ Pansy Division)
21 Echo Lounge, Atlanta, GA
22 ???, Florida
23 State Palace Theater, New Orleans, LA
24 Club Clearview, Dallas, TX
25 Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX, (w/ Flamin' Hellcats)
26 Emo's, Austin, TX
27 Headquarter Records, El Paso, TX
28 The Green Room, Tempe, AZ
29 Chain Reaction, Anaheim, CA (w/ S.O.B.U.T. and The Locust)
30 The Troubadour, Hollywood, CA (w/ S.O.B.U.T. and Serial Killing 101)

October 1999
1 Cactus Club, San Jose, CA (w/ S.O.B.U.T.)
2 Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco, CA (w/ S.O.B.U.T.)
9 The Breakroom, Seattle, WA (w/ S.O.B.U.T.)

November 1999
5 The Brickyard, Vancouver, BC

December 1999
31 The Showbox, Seattle, WA (w/ MAKTUB & Sources of Labor)


January 2000
8 EJ's, Portland, OR, 21+ (w/ The Spitfires, The Viles)
15 Breakroom, Seattle, WA 4pm ALL AGES (w/ Blood Brothers, Raft of Dead Monkeys)
15 Breakroom, Seattle, WA 9pm 21+
21 ???, Bellingham, WA, ALL AGES (w/ The Catheters)

February 2000
(All shows through APRIL with the Catheters)
10 Pata Palace, N. Lake Tahoe, CA, ALL AGES
11 The Glass House, Pomona, CA ALL AGES (w/The Angoras)
12 The Troubador, Los Angeles, CA, ALL AGES (w/ The Angoras)
13 Linda's Doll Hut, Long Beach, CA (w/ The Angoras)
14 Che Café, San Diego, CA, ALL AGES (w/ The Locust)
15 ???, Santa Cruz, CA
16 Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco, CA, ALL AGES (w/ American Steel)
17 Blue Room, Chico, CA , ALL AGES
18 Portland, OR , ALL AGES (w/ Tight Bros.) (Originally scheduled but didn't happen)
26 Black Box, Mercer Island, WA, (w/Tight Bros.)

March 2000
4 Crystal Ballroom, Portland, OR, ALL AGES (w/ Zeke, Valentine Killers, Catheters)
8 ???, Boise, ID
9 DV8, Salt Lake City, UT
10 15th St. Tavern, Denver, CO (w/ The Speed Holes, The Down and Outs)
11 Starlight, Fort Collins, CO
12 Launchpad, Albequerque, NM
13 Headquarter Records, El Paso, TX
14 ???
15 Club Clearview, Dallas, TX
16 ???, Houston, TX
17 Emo's, Austin, TX (SXSW???)
18, Clunk Music Hall, Fayetteville, AR (w/ Mr T Experience, Groovie Ghoulies, Gluecifer
19 ???
20 Euclid Tavern, Cleveland, OH
21 ???, Columbus, OH
22 ???, Columbus, OH
23 ???, Detroit, MI
24 ???, Indianapolis, IN
25 Fireside Bowl, Chicago, IL (w/Hot Water Music) (2 Shows)
26 O'Cayz Corral, Madison, WI
27 ???, Minneapolis, MN
28 ???, Fargo, ND
29 ???, Winnepeg, MB, Canada
30 ???, Regina, SK, Canada
31 ???, Calgary, AB, Canada

April 2000
1 ??? Calgary, AB, Canada
2 ??? Kamloops, BC, Canada
3 ??? Whistler, BC, Canada
4 ??? Namino, BC, Canada
5 ??? Duncan, BC, Canada
6 Icehouse Victoria, BC, Canada
7 Brickyard Vancouver, BC, Canada
8 The Java Joint, Surrey, BC, Canada (w The Status, Hell Caminos)
9 SUB POP Anniversary Party, Seattle, WA
28 Den Bosch, Netherlands Willem II w/ Zeke
29 Sneek, Netherlands Het Bolwerk w/ Zeke
30 Amsterdam Melweg w/ Zeke

May 2000
2 Newport, Wales TJ's w/ Zeke
3 Glawgow, Scotland 13th Note w/ Zeke *Derek broke his leg
4 Nottingham, England Boat Club w/ Zeke *Jeff from Zeke plays bass. Derek and gabe in Scotland
5 London The Garage w/ Zeke *Jeff from Zeke plays bass. Derek and gabe in Scotland
6 Kontich, Belguim Lintfabrik w/ Cellophane Suckers, The La-Donnas, Zeke *Jeff from Zeke plays bass. Derek and gabe return to tour.
7 Rennes, France Antipode w/ Zeke *Derek back to bass.
9 Hamburg, Germany LOGO w/ Zeke
10 Munster, Germany Gleis 22 w/ Zeke
11 Essen, Germany Zeche Carl w/ Cellophane Suckers, Zeke, New Bomb Turks
12 Eindhoven, Netherlands Effenear
13 Frankfurt, Germany AU w/ Zeke
14 Munich, Germany Backstage w/ Zeke
15 Stuttgart, Germany Limelight w/ Zeke
16 Paris no show *Derek leaves tour
17 Clermont, France La Coop de Mai w/ Zeke *Nate plays bass
18 Barcelona, Spain Mephisto w/ Zeke *Nate plays bass
19 Madrid, Spain Alien w/ Zeke *Nate plays bass
20 Bergara, Spain Go Jam w/ Zeke *Nate plays bass
21 Bordeaux, France Le Jimmy w/ Zeke *Nate plays bass
23 Torino, Italy Fabrik w/ Zeke *Nate plays bass
24 Marlon, Italy Magic Bus w/ Zeke *Nate plays bass
25 Ljublyana, SLO Klub 4 w/ Zeke *Nate plays bass
26 Vienna, Austria Arena w/ Zeke *Nate plays bass
27 Dresden, Germany Groovestation w/ Zeke *Nate plays bass
29 Oslo, Norway So What w/ Zeke *Nate plays bass
30 Stockholm, Sweden Tantogarden w/ Zeke *Nate plays bass
31 Coppenhagen, Denmark Loppen w/ Zeke *Nate plays bass

June 2000
1 Pool Club, Berlin, Germany (w/ Zeke) *Nate plays bass
2 Underground, Koln, Germany (w/ Zeke) *Nate plays bass
10 Graceland, Seattle, WA 21+ w/
11 Graceland, Seattle, WA ALL AGES w/
29 Satyricon, Portland, OR, 21+ (w/ The Catheters)

July 2000
18 Shim Sham Club, New Orleans, LA (w/ Amazing Crowns, Catheters, Yo-Yo's)
20 New World Brewery, Tampa FL

August 2000
3 Pandemonium Arcade, ?? (w/Yo-Yo's, Catheters, Body Hammer)
?? Endfest (w/ a bunch of crappy bands)
25 Brickyard, Vancouver, BC
26 Brickyard, Vancouver, BC
28 3B Tavern, Bellingham, WA

September 2000
3 Bumbershoot Bumberclub, Seattle, WA
4 Bumbershoot Main Stage, Seattle, WA (w/ Motorhead)

October 2000
2 Brickworks. Chico, CA
4 Glasshouse. Pomona, CA (w/ At The Drive In, 400 Blows )
5 Nile Theater. Mesa, AZ (w/ At The Drive In, 400 Blows )
6 Club 21/E9 Niteclub. El Paso, TX (w/ At The Drive-In, 400 Blows)
8 Trees. Dallas, TX (w/ At The Drive-In, 400 Blows)
9 Emo's. Austin, TX (w/ At The Drive-In, 400 Blows)
10 Engine Room. Houston, TX (w/ At The Drive-In, 400 Blows)
11 Shim Sham Club. New Orleans, LA (w/ At The Drive-In, 400 Blows)
12 Ark Warehouse, Gainesville, FL, (w/ Sissies, Hello Shitty People)
13 Cow Haus. Tallahassee, FL (w/ At The Drive-In, Sunshine)
14 Sapphire Supper Club. Orlando, FL (w/ At The Drive-In, Sunshine)
15 Cotton Club. Atlanta, GA (w/ At The Drive-In, Sunshine)
16 Cat's Cradle. Carraboro, NC (w/ At The Drive-In, Sunshine)
18 Theater of the Arts. Philadelphia, PA (w/ At The Drive-In, Sunshine)
19 Black Cat. Washington, DC (w/ At The Drive-In, Sunshine)
20 Wetlands (CMJ). New York, NY (w/ International Noise Conspiracy and others)
21 Axis. Boston, MA (w/ At The Drive-In, Sunshine, International Noise Conspiracy)
23 Club Soda Montreal. Montreal, QUE (w/ At The Drive-In, International Noise
24 Reverb. Toronto, ONT (w/ At The Drive-In, International Noise Conspiracy)
25 Showplace. Buffalo, NY (w/ At The Drive-In, Blue Tip)
27 Chameleon Club, Lancaster, PA (w/ At The Drive-In, Blue Tip)
28 Bowery Ballroom. New York, NY (w/ At The Drive-In, Blue Tip)
29 Lupos. Providence, RI (w/ At The Drive-In, Blue Tip)
30 Maxwell's. Hoboken, NJ (NO ATDI)

November 2000
1 Oberlin College. Oberlin, OH (w/ At The Drive-In, Blue Tip)
2 St. Andrew's Hall. Detroit, MI (w/ At The Drive-In, Blue Tip)
3 Agora Theater. Cleveland, OH (w/ At The Drive-In, Blue Tip)
4 Metro. Chicago, IL (w/ At The Drive-In, Blue Tip)
5 Concert Cafe, Green Bay, WI (w/ At The Drive-In, Cursive)
6 Concert Café, Green Bay, WI (*ATDI didn't play)
7 First Ave. Minneapolis, MN (w/ At The Drive-In, Cursive)
8 Hairy Mary's. Des Moines, IA (w/ At The Drive-In, Curvise)
9 The Sokol Underground, Omaha, NE (w/ At The Drive-In, Cursive)
11 Ogden Theater. Denver, CO (w/ At The Drive-In, Cursive)
12 DV8, Salt Lake City, UT, (Show Canceled)
14 Showbox. Seattle, WA (w/ At The Drive-In, Eastern Youth)
15 Richard's on Richard's. Vancouver, BC (w/ At The Drive-In, Eastern Youth)
16 Pine Street Theater. Portland, OR (At the Drive In, w/ Eastern Youth)
18 Great American Music Hall. San Francisco, CA (w/ At The Drive-In, Eastern Youth)
19 Great American Music Hall. San Francisco, CA (w/ At The Drive-In, Eastern Youth)
20 The Palace, Hollywood, CA (w/ At The Drive-In, Eastern Youth)


January 2001
24 Chilkoot Charlies, AK (w/ Born Losers, Tall Cool Ones)
27 Local 46 Union Hall, Seattle, WA (w/ Botch, Blood Brothers)

March 2001
7 EJ's Portland, OR (w/ American Steel)
8 Neurolux Boise, ID (w/ American Steel)
9 DV8, Salt Lake City, UT (w/ American Steel)
10 15th St Tavern, Denver, CO (w/ American Steel)
11 The Starlight, Fort Collins, CO (w/ American Steel)
12 Launch Pad, Albuquerque, NM (w/ American Steel)
13 Peanut Gallery, El Paso, TX (w/ American Steel)
14 Reverb Lounge, San Antonio, TX (w/ American Steel)
15 Clearview Club, Dallas, TX (w/ American Steel)
16 Atomic Café, Austin, TX (w/ TSOL, Icarus Line, Universal Recovered, LonelyKings, Zeke
17 Emo's, Austin, TX (w/ TSOL, Icarus Line, Dillinger Escape Plan, Recover 1-6pm
19 Club 101, El Paso, TX (w/ TSOL)

April 2001
6 Pine Street Theatre, Portland, OR (w/ Natrons,Scared of Chaka, and Selby Tigers)
8 Showbox, Seattle, WA (w/ Shane McGowan, Watery Graves)
9 Showbox, Seattle, WA (w/ Shane McGowan, Droo Church)
29 Graceland, Seattle, WA All Ages (w/ Himsa, Super Magnificent Action Trio)

August 2001
4 Globe, Milwaukie, WI (w/ Dillinger 4, Urchin, Toys that Kill)
5 Gabes Oasis, IA (w Dillinger 4, Urchin, Toys that Kill)
8 TLA, Philadelphia, PA (w/ TSOL)

October 2001
1 Pomona, Calif.; Glasshouse
2 Tempe, Ariz.; Bash on Ash
3 El Paso, Texas; E9
5 Emo's, Austin, TX, (w/ Sparta, American Steel, Thursday)
6 Dallas, Texas; Trees
7 St. Louis, Mo.; Club Z
8 Louisville, Ky.; Brycc House
10 Washington D.C.; Black Cat
11 Trocadero, Philadelphia, Pa (w/ Grade/ American Steel)
12 Newark, N.J.; Maxwell's
13 Boston, Mass.; Middle East
14 New York, N.Y.; Bowery Ballroom
16 Chicago, Ill.; Metro
17 Detroit, Mich.; St. Andrews
18 Cleveland, Ohio; Beachland
19 Minneapolis, Minn.; 1st Avenue
20 Iowa City, Iowa; Gabe's
21 Denver, Colo.; Bluebird
22 Salt Lake City, Utah; DV8
24 San Diego, Calif.; Cane's
25 Los Angeles, Calif.; El Rey
26 Los Angeles, Calif.; El Rey
27 San Francisco, Calif.; Great American Music Hall
29 Chico, Calif.; Brickworks
30 Portland, Ore.; Crystal Ballroom
31 Seattle, Wash.; The Showbox - LAST SHOW EVER AS MURDER CITY DEVILS!!!