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Wassup?This is Inner Steel. We are out to destroy bands like Bizkit and Korn. We are also going to bring back the good, heavy metal, like Pantera with a Metallica twist. We are starting out, and will have a demo available soon. Enjoy!
-This is the new news section! I'll put updates, pics, things like that here.

-I finally got a new guitar!!! It's a tranparent red Jackson Kelly and man it's nice. Look at Tom's(my) equipment page to see a picture of it.

-This is the new flash block logo. You need Flash 5 to view it properly though, if you don't, it will just be a still picture. You can get Flash 5 here

-I've also finished the banner for the site! It's all the way at the bottom of this page, so check it out! To see it in Flash (and it's worth it), click here

-Shirts are coming soon, so contact me if you're interested in buying one. --Tom

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