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Title:Who Then Now?
Release Date:1997
Length:44 min.
Notes:This entire feature
is also on Deuce.
Title:R U Ready?
Release Date:1999
Length:48 min.
Notes:This is an unauthorized
video with no
realtion to Korn's
Title:Family Values Tour '98
Release Date:1998
Length:80 min.
Notes:Live music from
the tour.
Release Date:2002
Length:150 min.
Notes:Who Then Now can
be found on this
release. There are also
some codes.
Codes:On the DVD version, 2 rooms
to the right of the main one, there
is an electrical box. Codes
may be entered here to unlock
special features.
Career Retrospective: 987655, or 9876444,
or 771969
Band Bios: 771994, or 921969,
or 932969. After the code is entered, select
the right arrow.

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