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7-25-02 - Untouchables Rocks the Charts
~It's now official. Billboard has declared that Untouchables has gone platinum with sales over one million (1,000,000). Not as much as Issues has sold yet, but more than Follow the Leader has.
7-20-02 - Blame to Be Next Single
~There is rumor that the song Blame will be Korn's next single off of Untouchables. The rumor has it that the song should recieve massive airplay in early September.
7-5-02 - Thoughtless Video Premiere
~Be sure to tune into MTV's Total Request Live this Monday, July 8 to see the premiere of the video for the second single off of Untouchables, Thoughtless.

7-7-02 - New Fan Submission
~Recently submitted are pictures of a bedroom loaded with Korn merchandise. Check the new ones submitted by Sam in the Korny Bedrooms section.
6-28-02 - Section of Buddy Icons
~I added a section to the Goodies section devoted to the distribution of Korn AIM Buddy Icons. Go to it by clicking here.
6-21-02 - Exclusive Deuce Secrets
~I'm pretty sure that this is the first site to have posted codes for the new Korn DVD, Deuce. I'll be sure to add more as/if they come. Check them out here.

LyЯik of the Month : July
Lately things won't go my way
Lately everything is gray
It feels like something
It feels like nothing
So I came too far
To end up this way
Feeling like I'm God
Feeling is no way

So I'm angry for today
Anger's the only thing I've made
It feels like something
No it's nothing

[No Way, Issues]

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