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name Amanda
age 22
email viciousGCgirl@antisocial.com
sreen name vicious GC girl
location Saunderstown, RI
site Joel Babes and GC Rawks My World
favorite member like them all
favorite song I Heard You
seen GC 17 times
Joel rocks because he is so nice and he has a great voice.
other bands Rancid, NFG, MXPX, Videodrone, Mest, Incubus, Sum 41, etc...
comments Thanx for checking out the Joel Babes.

name Eileen
age 15
email evilgclimabean@aol.com
screen name evilgclimabean
location boston mass
site Good Charlotte
favorite member i love them all, but benji!!
favorite song i heard u, screamer and click
seen GC 4 or 5 times PHILLY IS NEXT BABY!!
Joel rocks because he is so sweet and so kool not to mention cute but that doesnt really matter because benji is cuter but that really doesnt matter either
other bands nfg, green day, sum41, blink, LUCKY BOYS CONFUSION sex pistols rancid fenix tx

name Kristin
age 21
email mobygrl@aol.com
screen name mobygrl, svensgirly13
location Rhode Island
site Utter Svendimonium
favorite member Billy
favorite song screamer, the click
seen GC god, i don't know, i think like 7 or 8 times ????
Joel rocks because he is a sweetheart and takes time to talk to his fans
other bands blink, mxpx, moby, everything

name Caitlin (The New Queen of Evolution)
age 18
email DigitalDreamer69@aol.com, XHardyzGirl@aol.com
screen name DigitalDreamer69, XHardyzGirlX
location Providence, RI
site N/A
favorite member Joel!!!
favorite song Change
seen GC 4 or 5
Joel rocks because He's really nice to me each time that I meet him and he remembers me. Plus, he wrote *I love you* on the back of my picture. Now if only that were true...;-)
other bands Orgy, Linkin Park, Crazy Town, Disturbed, Spineshank, Poison, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Eve 6, SR-71, Fuel, Ten Times Over, Turning Blue, Julianna Theory, Alkaline Trio, Reggie and The Full Effect, Dashboard Confessionals, the Weakerthans, Buckcherry, The Jazz June, Guns N Roses, Warrant, Skid Row, K-Ci and JoJo, Blue Cantrell, Rammstein

name amy
age 15
email tangerinex44@aol.com
screen name tangerinex44, neptune2386
location philly
site punk up the volume
favorite member i can't pick!
favorite song i heard you, walk by, superman can't walk, can't go on
seen GC 7 times
Joel rocks because he's really sweet. and he sings. and he writes songs. even though he said he's 5'9" on the gc site but he's shorter than me and i'm 5'6" at the tallest
other bands mxpx, mtx, juliana theory, osker, nofx, blink, g. love, 37 slurp, ataris, millencolin, mest, gc of course, ltj, fenix tx, etc etc etc

name Val Waller
age 17...almost 18...and legal! (just wait a little longer Joel haha)
email BigVeal486@aol.com
screen name BigVeal486
location Manassas, Va
site In the making...!
favorite member Joel, of course!
favorite song ugh it's impossible for me to choose just one. i literally love all of them...but i'll just pick a couple that have meaning for me...Festival Song cuz i was there when the video was filmed, Waldorf Worldwide cuz i too am representing the east coast, and yes, wish to kick the welfare...., Seasons cuz i remember them playing it at HFStival and everyone was waving lighters and Joel was cracking jokes and it was beautiful, and Change, because it's lyrics just get me! (deep, i know)
seen GC never met them (not yet anyway...*crosses fingers*)...but i'm going to see them at Warped Tour, and i saw them at HFStival and they were amazing
Joel rocks because every time i catch him on tv he cracks me up, his lyrics/music are completely unique, he sounds so good live, and frankly, he's damn good looking (that can't be denied)...he's just incredibly talented, and doesn't seem like some conceited foul-mouthed jerk, he just seems *real*...which is pretty refreshing other bands 3eb, coldplay, guster, sum 41, eve 6, our lady peace, lifehouse, fiona apple, blink182, green day, treble charger, 311, dmb, incubus, elvis, nat king cole, vertical horizon, weezer, staind, lit...i dunno i love everything

name sandra but peeple call me sic chic
age 14
email gcxxjoelxxchic@aol.com
screen name gcxxjoelxxchic
location jerzee
site ~
favorite member i dun have a fav talent-wise, but joels a hottie
favorite song i heard u
seen GC twice and met them both times.. they rocked as usual
Joel rocks because he has an awesome voice and personality
other bands sum41, sublime, goldfinger, nfg, slipknot, rbf, fenixtx, nirvana, jcs, save ferris, led zep, ozzy, etc...

name Jalynn Starr
age Old enough
email GenericRockStar@aol.com
screen name GenericRockStar
location Sacramento,Ca
site http://bashfullbombshells.tripod.com/soon.html
favorite member *Joel*
favorite song Heard you
seen GC 1 time In sacramento at the crest theatre
Joel rocks because HEs Rockabilly.. and my shoes are cooler than his.. But he trys so i give him credit for that.
other bands Incubus,onelinedrawing,Get Up Kids, Vandals,rancid,Ataris,misfits,the distillers,6west

name Chelsea (Chesy...PunkAss)
age Enough...
email Chesy42088@aol.com
screen name Chesy42088
location South Point, Ohio
site Don't have one...
favorite member Joel...or Paul...
favorite song "The Click"
seen GC Nope :(
Joel rocks because Well...because...he does! There's way too many reasons...I'd run out of room.
other bands MxPx, Green Day, A New Found Glory, Sum41, Nirvana, The Sex Pistols, The Ramones, A lil' bit of Blink's stuff, NoFX...etc..

name Devon
age 17
email pebblegrl@hotmail.com
screen name rockschik02
location manassas, va
site none yet-one in the works
favorite member the twins
favorite song change, waldorf worldwide,festival song
seen GC 2 times
Joel rocks because he has an awesome voice, he's really devoted to his fans, he puts alot of energy into each show
other bands mxpx, beastie boys, lifehouse, dave matthews band, linkin park, limp bizkit, staind, sum 41, alien ant farm, the list goes on!

name Melita "Meli Mel"
age 17
email RockStarChic@aol.com
screen name RockStarChic5
location San Antonio, TX
favorite member Paul, but they're all really, really nice!
favorite song Screamer, Overcome
seen GC 1, and I'm gonna see them again on the 21st
Joel rocks because He has an amazing voice, very caring, he's a very cool person to talk to, he's such a sweetie....
other bands Protein Shake, Defekt, FUSE(all 3 local), SUM 41, New Found Glory, Allister, Blink 182.... and alot more.

name shelley
age 16
email gcgirlx@aol.com
screen name gcgirlx
location cali
site none
favorite member benji
favorite song the click
seen GC on tv! lol
Joel rocks because hes got talent and hes willing to share it with us
other bands too many...umm..alternative, punk, hip hop and yeah..

name Amanda
age 14
email minnieme2106@yahoo.com
screen name manads
location Bay Point, CA
favorite member cant choose one
favorite song Waldorf worldwide
seen GC yes
Joel rocks because he is buff,he has nice tattoos, and he is nice
other bands ataris,alien ant farm, orgy, incubus, 311, wheatus, papa roach, mxpx, pennywise and many more

name Sandra
age 16
email Vballbeach7@aol.com
screen name Vballbeach7
location CALIFORNIA!
site none =(
favorite member JOEL! but all them boys ROCK!
favorite song Motivation Procalmation, Seasons, I Heard You...all of them
seen GC NONE ......but i will next time thats 4 sure....=)
Joel rocks because From what i've herd from people or seen in interviews and stuff he just seems like a really cool guy, a normal person, someone that could be like your friend that u can realate to someone "real". And it seems that he and the rest of the guys are always appreciative of there fans whenever they meet them and thats really cool cause u rarly see that anymore, Also we cant forget that boys got it going ON!!!....SO there's so much more i could say about how tight i think he is but u all know neways so, talk to u all later... SEE u AT THe ShoW!
other bands The Juliana Theory, Ataris, NFG, MxPx, Lucky Boys Confusion, NoDoubt, sum-41, Rancid, Weezer, Green Day, Vertical Horizon, blink, wheatus, papa roach (sometimes) anything else thats good..GC of course!

name kelliann
age 13
email katze_111@hotmail.com
screen name kelliann111
location Homer, Alaska
site www.gurlpages.com/good_charlotte1
favorite member Joel, who else?
favorite song The Click, Screamer, Dont Want To Stop
seen GC never, i live in Alaska...
Joel rocks because come on! just look at the boy! lol no i really think he is an awesome person
other bands Sugar Ray, Blink182, Pennywise, BodyJar, SR-71

name Jen
age 17
email calichica8@aol.com
screen name CaliChica8 or JoelsEvilQueenGC
location San Diego, CA
site my personal site is called Love Yours Truly no GC site YET
favorite member love them all, but I'm partial to Joel
favorite song impossible for me to choose just one
seen GC once
Joel rocks because he's got great stage presence, he's a talented writer, and he's just awesome.
other bands No Doubt, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Everclear, Lit, 311, Kittie, Incubus, New Found Glory, Blink 182, The Beatles, The Monkees, The Doors, lots more

name Kelly
age 15
email good_charlotte_motivates_me@yahoo.com
screen name mestuphotelroom (aim)
location PA! :)
site dont have one...
favorite member all of em! lol
favorite song cant go on, festival song, n screamer
seen GC yeeeeeeeees! hehe gonna see em again at FEZ!
Joel rocks because hes joel
other bands r cool as well lol ummm aw i gots too many to list...but ULTIMATE FAKEBOOK DOES KICK ASS! haha

name shannon
age 14
email SP x GC x Fan@aol.com
screen name SP x GC x Fan
location ohio ::gagging noises::
site http://www.envy.nu/gcgirlsohio/index.html... my best friend and i run it. it's not finished.
favorite member joel
favorite song "time after time", "change", "seasons", "festival song", "the motivation proclimation" and most likely every one of their songs.
seen GC not until 8.8...rock & roll hall of fame!!!!
Joel rocks because i heard he's really sweet, he's irish, he has a nice personality, he's got the cutest ears, and a really, really nice ass!
other bands blink-182, sum41, sex pistols, weezer, lifehouse, eve6, limp bizkit, korn, orgy, incubus, downside up, jimmie's chicken shack, green day, the clash, among many more.

age 18
screen name MOONEGRL
favorite member EVERYONE
favorite song SEASONS

name Amanda Renner
age 15
email Sccrchick534@hotmail.com
screen name CoOkEmOnStEr55
location Peoria, IL
site none
favorite member joel
favorite song complicated
seen GC i wish
Joel rocks because hes hot and i love his voice
other bands sum 41, nsync, blink 182....i listen to everything

name carolyn
age 15
email carrot_len@hotmail.com
screen name carrot3len
location westlake
site none
favorite member joel (of course, hehe)
favorite song complicated
seen GC i will be on Aug. 8th at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Joel rocks because he's sooo cute, not hot, but cute, like cuddly cute (hehe)
other bands sr 71, blink 182, no doubt, sum 41, american hi fi, lit

name Allison
age 15
screen name coolchik402
location california
favorite member joel
favorite song changes
seen GC 6 times
Joel rocks because they all rock but joels my favorite because I have talked to him the most and hes just so awesome
other bands sugar cult, lefty, mxpx, less then jake, no ones heroes,zerodown, rancid

name Lauren
age 14
email SlurpeeGod@aol.com
screen name SlurpeeGod
location Pennsauken, NJ
site The GC Makeout Girls
favorite member Billy but they all rock
favorite song The Click
seen GC 8 times
Joel rocks because he's joel! lol
other bands mxpx, wakefield, otis punk, nfg, blink182, mest, oleander

name Bri, Bri-be, Sparky...
age 16
email Starlit413@aol.com
screen name Starlit413
location MN
favorite member Benji!
favorite song "Time After Time"
seen GC 6 times
Joel rocks because he's got an incredible voice
other bands Silverchair, MxPx, Rancid, Fenix Tx, NFG, Linkin Park, Blink 182, Sum 41...

name Brittany
age 14
screen name
location SoCal - San Diego
favorite member Joel
favorite song Waldorf Worldwide & The Click
seen GC yes at warped tour on june 27th in chula vista, california
Joel rocks because he's sooo freakin hot!!! and i love his voice!!! and because he was sooo nice and extra hot in person!!!
other bands blink-182, h20, ataris, sum-41, new found glory, finch, green day, mxpx, fenix*tx, zebrahead, 311

name Monika W
age 14
email hardygirl_lita13@hotmail.com
screen name dont have one
location Washington State
site n/a
favorite member Joel!!!
seen GC no, but i would die to!
Joel rocks because he's hot, a good singer, hot! lol, great voice, tight tattoos and he's hot! sizzle!!
other bands blink 182, the donnas, limp bizkit, sum 41, green day, beasty boys

name Samantha Matthews
age 14
email sickboy_gc_chic@hotmail.com
screen name sammykm12 or gcgirl2240
location MI
site http://gcgirl2240.homestead.com/index.html
favorite member I love 'em all.....but I guess Joel
favorite song I can't decide....they all kick arse
seen GC not yet
Joel rocks because He's really hott and he writes awesome songs
other bands Incubus, Linkin Park, Foo Fighters, Creed, Nine Days, Matchbox 20, Eve 6, Bon Jovi, New Found Glory, Sum 41, No Doubt, Blink 182, etc etc

name Amanda
age 14
email punkette0182@aol.com and ellie 3612@aol.com
screen name punkette0182 and ellie3612
location Duryea,Pa
favorite member Joel!
favorite song The Click and Seasons
seen GC umm..about 3 times
Joel rocks because He has the most incredible voice I have ever heard..He is a very unique person and I think thats what it takes to make it as a punk band..oh ya he's so hott!
other bands Blink 182, NFG, BodyJar, Sum 41, Mxpx, 311, Sr-71

name Elainer..eLAinA
age 15
email glowbuddy@aol.com
screen name Glowbuddy
location tejas..tx
favorite member joel
favorite song all the songs
seen GC thats a dream
Joel rocks because he has kick ass personality and hes a stud
other bands anti-flag..less than jake..sex pistols..rancid..pennywise..vandals..n other stuff

name andrea medina
age 17
email lilangel763@aol.com
screen name lilangel763,gcgurl7,sickgirlgc7all
location cali
favorite member -:-jOeL-:- without a doubt
favorite song it varies everyday
seen GC ...at the warped tour...the kicked ass
Joel rocks because he is the BEST singer in the world and when i met him he was oh so sweet and he is just so damn perfect....
other bands 311,save ferris,sum 41, thrice,incubus,the juliana theory and so many more.....

name Elizabeth
age 14
email Lizzyzegreat87@aol.com
screen name lizzy ze great87
location Australia
site -
fave member Joel
fave song thankyou mom and motivation proclamation
seen GC Hopefully soon!!
Joel Rocks b'cos he's extremely cute and his got the best voice!

name Michelle
age 17
email mishi402@aol.com
screen name mishi402
location royal oak, mi
site n/a
favorite member JOEL!!!!!
favorite song seasons, the click
seen GC not nearly enough!
Joel rocks because hes got an awesome voice...and hes pretty hot!!!!!
other bands blink, sum 41, nfg, fenix tx, mxpx, everything!!!!

name Samantha
age 19
email BenjiGCLover@aol.com
screen name BenjiGCLover
location New York
site None
favorite member Benji+ Joel
favorite song Complicated
seen GC 3 times
Joel rocks because He SO damn funny
other bands Sum 41, Living End, Staind, Fuel

name Jacy
age 23
email partyfingers@aol.com
screen name partyfingers
location Northern VA
favorite member All of em i guess
favorite song Motivation P
seen GC Once 2 days ago
Joel rocks because he is smiley yay
other bands wu tang, frodus, weezer, nsync, 112, warren G, lil kim, foxy brown, alien ant farm, reggie and the full effect, madball, outkast, did i mention WEEZER

name jennifer
age 16
email jgoodcharlotte86@hotmail.com
screen name jgoodcharlotte86
location yucaa valley, cali
favorite member joel
favorite song change
seen GC yes twice at warped tour
Joel rocks because hes a sweet, hott guy who sings really good and who is great to his fans
other bands distillers, rancid, incubus, orgy, no doubt,.....

name jasmine
age 13 almost 14!!!
email PuNkprincess134@aol.com
screen name PuNkprincess134
location canton mi~its very small~
site ~
favorite member joel and benji~of coures~
favorite song little things~seasons~i heard you~festival song
seen GC i havent seen them yet but hoping to one day!!!
Joel rocks because he has a good singing voice and he really cute!!!
other bands blink~alien ant farm~nodoubt~greenday~sum41~limkin park~limp bizkit~p.o.d~

name Rachel Dominguez
age 13
emial Rachel411224808@cs.com
screenname Queenie
location Baldwinpark/California
fav member Joel
fav song Let Me Go and Seasons
Joel rocks because He's so cute,seems sweet,is very talented,seems to have a great personality and just rocks

name Kristin
age 14
email KristinTR13@aol.com
screen name Kristintr13
location Georgia
favorite member JOEL!!!!!!! hes the hottest man on earth
favorite song complicated
seen GC No:(
Joel rocks because he's sweet hes hot and he has an awsome voice
other bands sum41 blink182 matchbox twenty sugar ray

name Daniella
age 15
email doughd@ssc.nsw.edu.au
screen name Dannie
location Sydney, AUSTRALIA!
fave member ummmmmm.....Joel??
fave song Thank you mom
seen GC if they could come down under that would RoCk!
Joel rocks because don't ask hard questions. He just does, ok!
other bands Blink 182, Offspring, Green Day, Incubus

name Laura
age 14
email LD2006@hotmail.com
screen name LD2006, RockAngelLD2, Everlife221, take your pick :)
location MARYLAND! hehe, East Coast, man
site ~
favorite member i love them all so much, honestly, but I'd have to say that it's a tie between Joel and Benji. Joel because he's so real and really really sweet, and Benji because he's crazy and hilarious, and if we were the same age I swear he'd be my best friend.
favorite song aw man..i can't choose! all of their songs hit so close to home..but i guess i'll have to say "Screamer", "Complicated", & "Motivation Proclamation"
seen GC 1 time, @ the HFStival (AWESOME show, man, it was crazy)
Joel rocks because he's soo amazingly nice, and he's willing to get out there and share his talent with the world (which by God, I appreciate!). He's famous but yet he stays so down-to-earth, and he's so fan-oriented, it's great
other bands Linkin Park, NFG, Blink, Incubus, Green Day, Sum 41, Nirvana, Alien Ant Farm, Everclear, Lifehouse, Matchbox Twenty, FenixTX, MxPx, NoFx, Rancid, the Ataris..hehe i love old stuff too: The Doors, The Beatles, Alice Cooper, the Monkees, KISS, whatever :)

name Jadey
age 13
email Jadeybaby143@aol.com
screen name Jadeybaby143
location New York
site http://www.hometown.aol.com/jadnicole
favorite member Joel
favorite song all of em
seen GC i wish i could see them
Joel rocks because he has an awesome voice&hez hott
other bands new found glory...mostly GC, etc...

name **amanda**
age 18
email blinsk8er311@hotmail.com
screen name blink311eve6
location middle of nowhere, ohio
site n/a
favorite member they all rule
favorite song the motivation proclamation, screamer, complicated
seen GC 2ice
Joel rocks because he's a sweetie and a cutie...and because he's a punk who thinks tupac rules =)
other bands blink, nfg, fenix, 311, eve6, linkin park, sum 41, weezer, zebrahead, incubus, stp, green day, no doubt, sublime, nirvana, beasties, mxpx, lit, korn....alright, i think that covers the basics....

name larisa
age 14
email GC g i R L 0x@aol.com
screen name GCgirl0x
location rockville, md
site none yet
favorite member joel, of course!
favorite song east coast anthem
seen GC only twice so far (HFStival & warped)
Joel rocks because he was soo sweet when i met him, he's an awesome singer, he's funny, and him&benji write the best lyrics!
other bands pennywise, goldfinger, mest, midtown, linkin park, nfg, sum 41, incubus, fenix tx, american hi-fi, alien ant farm, jimmy eat world, cold, orgy, nirvana, stp, blink, etc.

name Jessica
age 14
email GCpunkgirl105@aol.com
screen name ^^^^^^^
location Virginia
site i dont have one
favorite member uh i really dont have one cuz i like them for their music.....but if i gotta chose one i guess joel because hes got a really good voice....yet so does benji cuz they are twins....betcha didnt know that...jk
favorite song my fav. song changes like every week or day....today my fav. is dont wanna stop
seen GC 2 times at the vans warped tour....i met benji there
Joel rocks because he was nice enough to sign autographs after the show.
other bands woooweee....lets see now.....i like 311, Fenix TX, Mest, Sum 41, Blink 182, Stroke 9, Nine Days, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, the Vandals, and a lot of other bands. but no sucky pop groups or ne thing like that.

name Vicki
age 14
email evil_sorceress_maleficent@yahoo.com
screen name BizzyJoelBeHott8
location Wisconsin
favorite member Joel
favorite song Festival Song
seen GC
Joel rocks because He just does!
other bands Sum 41 and GC are the greatest bands out there.

name Kaylea
age 15 (im gonna be 16 in October 17th)
email gc_punkchick@bolt.com, or tomorrows-spotlight@yahoo.com
screen name RipMeJoRdAN
location Dallas, TX
site http://www.angelfire.com/punk2/littlecoupon
favorite member Joel, billy, benji, paul (in order..)
favorite song seasons,acoustic waldorf.. oh but acoustic eyesore(nfg) is amazing!!!
seen GC never *sniff* I know i know its tought but they have been to dallas like twice BOTH times i couldnt go!!
Joel rocks because hes a good frontman!
other bands New Found Glory, MxPx, Blink 182, Jimmy Eat world, Wakefield, um..the list goes on and on....

Name Michele
Age 19
E-mail michele_superstar_1@hotmail.com
Screen name gc_gurlie1, GC_Gurl00
Location Connecticut
Site none
Favorite Member Well I love all of them but Joel leaves me speachless everytime im around him.
Favorite song Its so hard to chose just one, I have to say Click, Waldorf World Wide, Change, Time after Time, I love all they're songs.
Seen GC I've seen GC 5 times. And they ROCKED!!!!!!!!!!!! each time
Joel rocks because He has a lot of talent, He has a great voice and hes such a nice guy overall, plus hes really hott.
Other bands I also like New Found Glory, Sum41, Alien Ant Farm, Blink182

name Naddie
age 16
email naddie@antisocial.com
screen name BENJiLiCiOUSx or punkladyx
location b-more...not too far from waldorf + napptown
site http://gcpunks.cjb.net
favorite member the ghetto punk, of course
favorite song hmm, uh, Screamer or Superman Can't Walk
seen GC only 1ce ::pouts::
Joel rocks because of his amazing voice and his personality.
other bands Rancid, W*F, Fuel, Silverchair, *NSYNC (if you wanna call them a band), LiNKiN PARK, Ataris, Blink, MxPx, etc.

name stacy
age 15
email ditzy4dorough@hotmail.com
screen name crazy4bam911
location north carolina
site www.maxpages.com/ktjapa
favorite member joel
favorite song complicated
seen GC not yet but i am on 9/15/01
Joel rocks because he's jut awesome!
other bands blink 182, new found glory, sum 41

name Julia Paoli
age 16
email j_am_paoli@yahoo.com
screen name gc_jules
location Toronto
favorite member Joel
favorite song Waldorf Worldwide
seen GC twice
Joel rocks because he's got an amazing voice!
other bands new found glory, nofx, blink182, good riddance, reel big fish, less than jake

name Amanda Putzke
age 14(i'll se 15 soon)
email joelnessfreak@yahoo.com
screen name joelnessfreak
location The bay area, ca
site dont got one
favorite member cant choose one
favorite song cant go on, time after time, superman cant walk, overcome, waldorf worldwide...all of them cant choose one
seen GC i saw them at warped but we talk a lot
Joel rocks because he nice and sweet, he has a beautiful voice, is funny, he cheers me up everytime i get an e mail from him and hes hot as hell!!!!
other bands The ataris, g2k, mxpx,mest,me first and the gimmie gimmies, afi, rancid, 311, the clash, the sex pistols, aaf, ben lee, pixies, the smiths, blink 182, system of a down, linkin pak,orgy, korn, jackson 5, incubus, sum 41, disturbed,beastie boys and many many many more!!!!

name stef
age 16
email flameprincess585@aol.com
screen name gcchick1000
location amherst
site n/a
favorite member joel
favorite song i like all of them
seen GC yes
Joel rocks because he is so awesome and he is so hott and i don't just like him cuz he is hott i like him cuz he seems like the kinda person u could talk to
other bands sex pistols the clash beastie boys minor threat drowning pool godsmack less than jake stained and stuff like that o yea sum 41 and blink-182 too

name Misfit Rachel
age 18
email LittleRottenGirl@aol.com
screen name LittleRottenGirl and RainbowBrytGoth
location NEPA
site www.onetimegroupie.isevil.com and the official Benji's Misfits is coming soon
favorite member Always will be Cashdog
favorite song "Time After Time" and the old version of "Change"
seen GC never...my life is too complicated
Joel rocks because Joel Rocks because he's Joel and he will always be Joel
other bands The Misfits, Rancid, Minor Threat, Social Distortion, Linkin Park, The Donnas, The Queers, The Vandals, NFG, No Doubt, Save Ferris, Kittie, One Time Groupie, Blink 182, Sum 41, Government Issue, Green Day, Sex Pistols, Public Image Limited, Korn, Mudwayn, Marilyn Manson, Bif Naked, The Clash, Incubus, Deftones, Jepetto, Riddlin' Kids, Runaway Orange, and a whole lot more

name Amber Treece
age 15
email sickgirl68@yahoo.com
screen name sickgirl68
location michagan
favorite member joel
favorite song waldorf worldwide
seen GC yep
Joel rocks because he can sing mygod and he's a cutie
other bands mxpx,alien ant farm,new found glory,blink-182,incubus etc

name Krystle
age 19
email Good_Charlotte_N_Sum41_Fan@yahoo.com
screen name SumShmuck41 (AIM)
location Atlanta, GA.
site NONE
favorite member Joel!
favorite song "Change", "Festival Song", "East Coast Anthem"!!!!!
seen GC 18 times!!! (so far)
Joel rocks because He is sooo sweet (and real cuddly too ;) ) and him being hot is a total bonus! He got good taste too...haha. He grabbed my face and pecked me on the lips (14 times at 12 different shows)! GO ME!
other bands STAIND! STAIND! STAIND!, Sum41, Pennywise, Incubus, AAF, 311, Linkin Park, Adema, Puddle of Mud and STAIND! STAIND! STAIND!

name Katy
age 16
email LilActingDiva@aol.com
screen name LilActingDiva
location Orlando,Fl
site n/a
favorite member <3 JOEL <3
favorite song Moviate Me
seen GC not yet ::cries::
Joel rocks because He's hot,talented,and why wouldn't he...he's the better twin...j/k!
other bands No Doubt and Audio Adrenline are my other 2 favs beside GC!

name Nicole
age 13
email N2j2c3@aol.com
screen name N2j2c3, Colie288
location New York(Joel Loves NY)....EAST COAST
site ~NaDa~
favorite member I LOVE THEM ALL <3
favorite song Change, Festival Song, and East Coast Anthem I can relate to them ALL. Whenever I hear Change, and Thank You Mom(which is THE sweetest song I have EVER heard) I get tears in my eyes......it true.......I can't get enough of their self titled CD.......I listen to it as much as possible!! THEY ROCK!!!!
seen GC NOT ONCE.......but I am gonna try to get tickets to all their concerts around where I live!! I need to see them to survive!! I would die if I met them....it would be a dream come true! Joel rocks because He is sooo down to earth.....everytime I see him on TV my heart screams "I LOVE YOU!!" He writes (along with Benji) AWESOME songs that have all this meaning to them....you can't deny it, they are NOT fake. I LOVE his voice! It soothes the soul(hehehe). Joel is sooooo unbelievably gorgeous (but then again, so is Benj), and their songs.....oh their songs, what can I say, but they are REAL, just like them.
other bands Blink182, System Of A Down, Sum41, FenixTX, Linkin Park, NFG, 311, Staind, Eve6, Green Day, Sublime, Slipknot, Incubus, Limp Bizkit, AAF, Nickleback, SR-71, No Doubt, Mxpx ect......oh yea *GC*

name Melissa aKa Kittey Vicious
age 17
email Kitteyvicious@aol.com
screen name kitteyvicious, benjizchickgc, paulspixies
location maryland baby whoo hoo!
site www.geocities.com/sickkittey/Paul.html
favorite member benji...altho i do love joel and paul heh heh
favorite song cant go on
seen GC lots of times!!!!!!!
Joel rocks because hes the coolest...he's cute... he's nice! and he's benjis bro yo!
other bands rancid, minor threat, misfits, sex pistols, smiths, clash, AFI, anti flag, casualties, us bombs, midtown, the * ataris, black flag, wakefield, dead kennedy's, government issue, operation ivy, mudvayne, kittie etc....

name Ali
age 17
email alicat200269@aol.com
screen name alicat200269
location akron, ny
favorite member Joel and Benji
favorite song Seasons, The Click., and Superman Can't Walk
seen GC nah, but I'm shooting for Oct. 20th
Joel rocks because of his star tattoos and his voice is so perfect
other bands ah...The*Ataris, New Found Glory, POD, blink182, Sum41, U2, 311,Incubus, Lifehouse, Sugar Ray....

name Hailie Jade
age 15
email roxyred_punk@hotmail.com
screen name RoXyReD
location Toronto Ont. / San Diego California
site Dont have one but bout to make one as soon as i can
favorite member Joel a.k.a. sickboy
favorite song The Little Things
seen GC Cant wait to as soon as they go to San Diego. Last time i went to get tickets they were sold out.
Joel rocks because He has an amazing voice and i love his attitude and who can forget he's HOTT!!!!
other bands To me there really isnt n e other band that could be better than GC but heres some that come a lil close......MxPx, Beasty Boys, Green Day, Cash Money Millionairs, Blink 182, Sum 41, Project Wyze, Treble Charger, No Doubt, American HiFi, and GC!!! ( i had to add that) hehe!!

name name Kerry O'Connell
age 17
email Kerber02@aol.com
screen name Kerber02
location Baltimore, MD
site dont have one
favorite member joel
favorite song screamer, change, time after time
seen GC not yet but will be going october 21st
Joel rocks because he is awesome
other bands new found glory, mxpx, wakefield, linkin park, incubus, mest, goldinger, nofx, etc

name jess
age almost 14
email MotivateMeGC55@aol.com
screen name MotivateMeGC55
location north carolina
site htp://pub94.ezboard/bsupermancantwalk
favorite member joel,but i luv'em all to pieces
favorite song superman cant walk,the cick,east coast anthem,motivation proclamation,the festival song,i heard u
seen GC unfortunetly no =-( i think theyve ony come to NC once and that was warped tour(2001) but i couldnt go
Joel rocks because hes seems so sweet and i heard that he always takes time out to hang w/ fans -i think thats cool.and he can sing and write very well.
other bands MxPx,sum 41,rancid,anti-flag,the ataris,alien ant farm,linkin park,incubus,and others.

name Shannon
age 16
email smiles622@hotmail.com
screen name sab685
location Cragsmoor, NY
site none
favorite member Joel
favorite song Changes
seen GC 10/19 will be my first time seeing them!
Joel rocks because he's so hot, and has an awesome voice
other bands Limp Bizkit, Eve6, Blink 182, Sum 41, Dexter Freebish, Staind, Lit, No Doubt, Papa Roach, Linkin Park, Corey(local band)

name Elisa
age 15
email Iresistiblyelisa@aol.com
screen name xGcBaBe143x, xBiZzYsBaBe41x
location Staten Island, New York
favorite member Joel & Benji
favorite song The Innocent *about the tragedy on sept. 11th*, Change, Overcome
seen GC my 1st time is gunna be on october 20th!!
Joel rocks because he's so damn sexy....so talented...great performer...loves his fans other bands...Sum 41, Blink 182, Mest, Incubus, POD

name Melissa Nicole
age 15
email benjisgurl4ever@aol.com
screen name benjisgurl4ever
location Miami
site n/a
favorite member Benji
favorite song The Festival Song
seen GC Yeah
Benji rocks because He just does!
other bands Mest, Sum 41, MxPx, Sex Pistols....etc.

name Sarah
age 15
email gc_rocks_69@hotmail.com
screen name gc_rocks
location Australia
favorite member Joel
favorite song Don't wanna stop
seen GC unfortunatly no damn +21 concerts
Joel rocks because he is so hot and has a really good voice
other bands Blink 182 and everything else

name Dawn
age 15
email XO GC BABY OX@aol.com
screen name XO GC BABY OX
locaton Old Bridge ,NJ
site I dunt have one
favorite member JOEL!!!
favorite song waldorf worldwide/i heard you/seasons
seen GC i am goin to see them in NY
Joel rocks because he has the sexiest voice i have ever heard,he's so gorgous,he's talented... there is so much about him i love !!! he's just perfect
other bands i like Sum41,The Living End,Nickelback,Puddle Of Mudd,Adema,311, etc.

name Alissa
age 16
email Punkgrlgc41311@yahoo.com
screen name Punkgrlgc41311
location Long Island,NY
favorite member JOEL
favorite song Seasons/Festival Song
seen GC Nope i wanted to but Warped was sold out at Randall's Island
Joel rocks because He's Talented,sweet, and hott, what more do you want?
other bands NFG,311,Sum41,Blink-182,GreenDay,And Midtown

name Roxanne
age 16
email blue_goodcharlotte_girl@hotmail.com
screen name Lizzy
location Montreal
site ---
favorite member Joel
favorite song Festival song
seen GC no
Joel rocks because He' soo cool,soo sweet
other bands New found glory, Mxpx, Sum 41, Blink 182, Wakefield...

name Maria
age 16
email BabyG1200@aol.com
screen name BabyG1200
location Annapolis, MD! GO NAPTOWN!
favorite member all of them
favorite song "Motivation Proclamation" and "Thank you note to mom"
seen GC three times, once at the mall, but i didn't go up to them, once at the hfsteval, but I didn't get a chance to talk to them, i finally got to met them and talk to them at hfs studio, when they were there.
Joel rocks because He is real, the whole band is, his voice rocks, and they are all down to earth!
other bands Lifehouse, the calling, Linkin Park, Staind, Sum 41, Blink 182, New Found Glory, Jepetto (local) Puddle of mud, disturbed, godsmack, from zero and so many more...

name Rachel
age 16
email WackyChick27@aol.com
screen name WackyChick27
location Maryland baby! Home of GC!!!
site hmmm dont have one but how about goodcharlotte.com
favorite member JOEL
favorite song acoustic version of change
seen GC @ hfstival and seeing them tomorrow night in towson--they dont come around here alot!
Joel rocks because he is fking hot and has such a great voice---him and benji can get great harmony--joel rocks just because hes joel
other bands jimmy eat world, incubus, blink 182, 3 doors down, puddle of mudd, nickelback, linkin park, fuel, silverchair, creed, limp bizkit, tori amos, deftones, crazytown, third eye blind, orgy, etc etc

name Jess
age 15 ~6.9.86~
email Good2Charlotte@aol.com
screen name Good82Charlotte & SRsPiDeR05
location Windber, PA
site **Rockin' With Good Charlotte**
favorite member They all are awesome but I must say that Joel stands out to me for some reason!
favorite song East Coast Anthem! seen GC: At the Warped Tour on Aug. 2nd in Pittsburgh!
Joel rocks because He is the perfect lead singer for Good Charlotte, he treats his fans awesome, and he all around kicks ass!
other bands Blink 182, H2O, NFG, Linkin Park, Sum 41, Yellowcard, the Ataris, LTJ, Green Day, Sugarcult, Jimmy Eat World, & Midtown

name Stephanie
age 16
email PreciousOne245@aol.com
screen name PreciousOne245
location Frederick, MD
favorite member Joel
favorite song This is tough... Motivation Proclamation, Change, Thank You Mom.... Waldorf Worldwide, Screamer, East Coast Anthem, I Heard You, Complicated, Don't Wanna Stop, Let Me Go... hmm that's about the whole CD huh.... well the CD is awesome, I love it!
seen GC 2 times
Joel rocks because well he's hot, he's awesome, he is really sweet and I love him!
other bands Mest, Goldfinger, Blink 182, Linkin Park, Sum 41

name april
age 17
email gclilpunkrocker@aol.com
screen name gclilpunkrocker
favorite member joel
favorite song festival song
seen GC not yet but going to
Joel rocks because he's just so hot and he seems like a totaly nice guy
other bands H20,A.F.I,Rancid,PennyWise,Lit,Weezer

name Diana
age 16
email EvilXDiana@aol.com
screen name evilxdiana and gettindownwithGC
location Chicago,IL
site N/A I have an AOL zine called ARDENT though
favorite member Joel
favorite song Screamer and Click
seen GC going to this month...!
Joel rocks because he's awesome! he's a good artist.
other bands Alkaline Trio, Weezer, Jimmy Eat World, Less Than Jake, Blink182, Sublime, The Beatles and 3 Doors Down

name Danielle Charlton
age 15
email hockeypunk22@hotmail.com
screen name xxxstevesdorkxxx
location Columbus, Ohio
site None!
favorite member Billy & Joel! :)
favorite song Motivation proclamation
seen GC yes, have pictures with them too! :)
Joel rocks because he is SUPER sweet, and totally adorable!
other bands Sum 41, linkin park, mest, movielife, incubus, fuel, filter,goo goo dolls, blink 182, disturbed, drowning pool, green day, lifehouse, eve6, static-x, etc...
name kelli AKA Kel kel
age 18
email yzf250f@juno.com
screen name yzf250f@juno.com
location cape coral florida (hell)
site wha?
favorite member Benji
favorite song The Click
seen GC is this a yes or no question?
Joel rocks because hes got nice eyes,and a really nice voice
other bands

Name Laura Knight
Age 16
Email sugar4jacob@hotmail.com
Screen name sugakiss16 or lphybridtheory7
Location Dale City, VA
Site none
Favorite member JOEL of course..
Favorite song Seasons
Seen GC none yet but DEC 16!!
Joel Rocks Because Hes got it all. Hes just perfect and he knows how to rock! Hes funny and talented as hell! He's just the BEST!
Other Bands OF COURSE GOOD CHARLOTTE! New Found Glory, H2O, Fenix TX, Linkin Park, Adema, Incubus.
name aLex
age 14
email Groovyali@aol.com
screen name Groovyali
location Long Island, New York
site still under construction
favorite member Joel
favorite song Screamer
seen GC yeah
Joel rocks because he is gorgeous, kick ass singer, sweetest guy ever
other bands Less Than Jake, Jimmy Eat World, MxPx, New Found Glory, Fenix Tx, Dashboard Confessional, Goldfinger, Mest, Midtown, Movielife, AFI, 311, Our Lady Peace, Bouncing Souls, Sublime, Impossibles, Saves the Day, Green Day, etc.

age 15
email pip_nz@hotmail.com
screen name errr.... just pip i guess
site -
favorite member ALL (ESP BENJI AND JOEL)
other bands NONE AS GOOD AS GC

name jackie
age 13
email icecreamy24@verizonmail.com
screen name icecreamy24
location wakefield, ma
site none
favorite member joel
favorite song the innocent
seen GC
Joel rocks because why doesnt he rock?
other bands mest, rancid, nfg, saves the day, blink 182, sum 41, linkin park, ect.

name Stephanie
age 15
email DayDreamer2208@hotmail.com
screen name ShortButSweet208
location GB
site i dont have a site
favorite member well, Joel of course!
favorite song Seasons!!
seen GC OMG i almost went on my bday and i almost died when i found they were sold out !
Joel rocks because his voice makes the lyrics come alive and he really sings to my heart. Hehe! Truly! Not to mention... he's a hottie!!!
other bands ummm... what other bands? hehe!

name Saria
age 20
email MysticGirl133@aol.com
screen name Black_Cat133
location Capitola, CA
site gcgoddessca.tripod.com/goodcharlotte
favorite member Joel
favorite song Seasons and Change
seen GC November 23, 2001 @ Slim's in San Francisco, CA
Joel rocks because he is hella cool and know how to rock it
other bands Next In Line, Mest, Triple Seven, and Eve 6

name Chrissy aka A Living Dead Girl
age 18.5
email GcsFuctUpGothGirl@TeenWiccan.zzn.com
screen name LittleRottenGirl and GCsEcilQueen666
location Scranton,Pennsylvania
site www.envy.nu/benjimisfits
favorite member Dusty
favorite song "Time After Time"
seen GC seeing em on Dec 18th
Joel rocks because because hes just Joel and nothing else
other bands Rancid, Narcoleptic Dreems, Jepetto, Cactus Patch,AFI, The Clash, Social Distortion, Mest, Midtown, Goldfinger, Korn, Marilyn Manson,Misfits, Joy Division, Killing Heidi, Poe, Billy Idol, No Doubt, Silverchair, ect

name Eileen
age 16
email lil_billie@start.com.au
screen name BiLLie
location Sydney Australia
site www.geocities.com/australiagcgirls
favorite member they're all gorgeous but i like Billy the best!
favorite song thank you mum
seen GC yeah! only once in October when they came to Oz.. went to a gig at Channel [v] and it was awesome!
Joel rocks because hes so cute! when we were waiting for gc to arrive backstage at their gig they rocked up in a silver van.. Joel was in the front seat and waved to us, how cute!
name Brittney Warren
age 16
email ladykitten69@hotmail.com
screen name taysbear69
location Louisville KY
site www.angelfire.com/rock3/GCGKY its not much yet
favorite member Joel
favorite song Can't Go On, Screamer, Superman Can't Walk, Another Loser's Anthem seen GC once
Joel rocks because great voice and his personality stands out from the others
other bands SugarCult, Hanson, Adema, Korn, Flaw, Lit, Incubus, Disturbed, Godsmack, Dashboard Confessionals, Finch, APC, TOOL, and so much more

name BB
age 19
email BB92KS@excite.com
screen name 2Evil2Know (Yahoo and MSN)
location Stupid Kansas
site goodcharlotte.arecool.net Representen GC in KS
favorite member Don't have one
favorite song Complicated, Motivation, Don't Wanna Stop, Screamer, Change, Festival Song,=20= I=20 Heard You
seen GC GRRRR I was supposed to but I am broke so I couldn't get the ticket (HOW fucken embarrassing!)
Joel rocks because Well he can sing and he shares his life experiences with kids like me who are fucked in the head and he makes it alright to be an individual, and he stands for alot of stuff that I've dealt with... other bands: Blink 182, Twiztid, ICP, Bizarre, Rancid, Sum 41, Nickel Back, Disturbed, Tool, System of a Down, Rob Zombie, Ozzy, Beastie Boys, Drowning Pool... etc etc...

name Kayla Seyber
age 14
email Softballsensation25@hotmail.com
screen name GCchica2525
location Ohio
site www.expage.com/goodcharlotteheaven
favorite member Joel
favorite song Seasons
seen GC 1
Joel rocks because He has an incredible voice, hes cute, nice and has been through so much in his life its amazing that he has the courage to be where he is today, and to keep a level head
other bands mest, mxpx, jimmy eat world, weezer, new found glory,chomsky, blink, goldfinger,linkin park,ect

name lexie
age 16
email lexela189@hotmail.com
screen name lexela189
location philly!
favorite member joel
favorite song east coast anthem
seen GC once :(
Joel rocks because well theres way too many reasons...joels just amazing!
other bands blink 182

age 14
email chels_luvs_gc@hotmail.com
screen name EastCoastGirl143
location Connecticut BABY *EAST COASTER*
site www.geocities.com/eastcoast143/chels.html [Yes its about GC Though]
favorite member JOEL

name Sarah
age 12
email CurlySC@aol.com
screen name xg0odcharl0tte
location NY
site http://gc95.cjb.net/
favorite song Festival Song
seen GC i wish lol
Joel rocks because he just basically does.. haha he's awesome.. i heard hes really nice and i think hes a good singer
other bands i like New Found Glory, Linkin Park, Mest, MXPX, NOFX, Jimmy Eat World, Sum41, Blink 182.. and thats all i can think of at the moment..

name Lia
age 15
email xiheartsickboyx@aol.com
screen name xiheartsickboyx
location Maryland....worldwide what?
site http://gcfans.areawesome.net
favorite member I love them all
favorite song Can't go on
seen GC Yup
Joel rocks because hes super sexxxi and hes so extremly nice
other bands nfg, opposite of right (local band), wakefield, blink 182, rancid, nofx, bouncing sould, etc

name Amanda
age 14
email rbanti@snet.net
screen name Sickboyzsickgurl
location Northford conneticut
site dont have one
favorite member Joel
favorite song Seasons
seen GC never but i really want to
Joel rocks because He can totally sing and rock out,hes a hottie ,and hes benjis twin!
other bands Fenix TX,Mest,Middtown,MXPX,NOFX,The Calling,Puddle of mudd,Incubus,Staind,Linkin park,Jimmy Eat world,Blink182,Adema

name Whitney
age 15
email Breens5ivegrrl@excite.com
screen name AIM: iLuvNglshScrPlrs
location St. Peters, MO
site www.geocities.com/confuzinglyamusing
favorite member Joel
favorite song Screamer
seen GC None yet. :(
Joel rocks because His voice is great and his lyrical talents are amazing.
other bands New Found Glory, Tantric, Linkin Park, Incubus, Silverchair.

name michelle
age 14
email GjoelC@yahoo.com
screen name GjoelC (AIM???)
location Ches.VA..EAST COAST BABY YEA!!!!
site www.expage.com/hotchicky69
favorite member JOEL
favorite song East coast anthem
seen GC 2X
Joel rocks because hes so HOT! and a great singer
other bands blink182 and belvedere.. lefty

name Andrea
age 14
email punkrckgrL123@aol.com, babygyrl10714@hotmail.com
screen name babyandi0714, punkrckgrL123
location Charlotte, NC
site not done yet
favorite member Joel
favorite song Change, but im attached to all of them
seen GC yep!! and they rocked!
Joel rocks because hes hott, he has a good voice, him, and his bro, write thier own music, he has star tattoos, he rocks because he just everything!!!
other bands mest, rival schools, midtown, minor threat, afi, ben folds, and a bunch others...

name Lauren
age 15
email gc_punks@yahoo.com
screen name -
location Sydney, Australia
favorite member BENJI!!!!!!!!!!!
favorite song Festival song, The click, the innocent, east coast anthem
seen GC once in sydney, fox studios
Joel rocks because he's the twin of Benji and hes hot
other bands GC, Mest, Papa roach, Rancid, Minor Threat, Greenday, Nirvana, Sum 41

name corrine
age 13
email sw33ty_pie@hotmail.com
screen name LiL^m|z_Qt and bAbY_DoLL
location australia,vic
site =(
favorite member Joel and Benji(but pretty much all of em)
favorite song Waldorfworldwide
seen GC =( I so totally wish they would come bak 2 australia!!)
Joel rocks because He is a total babe!! n has the cutest voice, n his sooo nice!!
other bands Sum 41, Blink 182, Limp Bizket, Green Day, 28 Days, No Doubt, Linken Park, 3 Doors Down, Eminem & D12, Pink and all that kinda stuff.......!!!!

name lannette
age 17
email JoshsNet03@cs.com
screen name above^^^
location Belleville
site geocities.com/weak_knees
favorite member Joel!!
favorite song Change, motivation proclamation
seen GC no! :*(
Joel rocks because he seems really sweet and down to earth, and like a normal nice guy. he is also really cute and i love his voice
other bands Blink, New found Glory, Garth Brooks... too many

name Minh
age 16
email ariesfirebaybee@hotmail.com
screen name sLuRpEr101
location RI
site http://celebritychaos.cjb.net
favorite member Joel and Benji
favorite song East Coast Anthem
seen GC never
Joel rocks because he is hot and has an awesome voice
other bands 2 many 2 name

name Elizzabeth (Two z's)
age 19
email moms afi phreak@aol.com
screen name Moms afi phreak
location Carroll County Maryland
favorite member Joel... But all of 'em are pretty awesome
favorite song Thank you mom (How sweet is that song?)
seen GC 9 times
Joel rocks because He is so great to all the GC fans and is so sweet and **innocent**
other bands AFI, The Faint, Sex Pistols, Son of Sam, MxPx, The Misfits, Bad Religion, The Ataris, Godsmack, The Aquabats

Name *@LaUrEn ReNeE SePuLvEdA@*
Age 17
Email sickgcgirl@hotmail.com
Screen name AOL: panthergrrl2003 MSN: SiCkGCGiRL
Location *wEsLaCo, TeXaS* (Yeehah!)
Favorite Member *Joel Madden*
Favorite Song "Change" It's sooo beautiful
Seen GC Never:( But I'm going to see them on my B-day in SA.
Joel rocks because His voice is killer! He's in the hottest band in the world! He's the new icon for all of us that have been through life and made it! And he's super hot!
Other bands Vally Lemmons, Broken Down, NFG, Tsunami Bomb, Jimmy Eat World, Simple Plan, Fenix TX, Midtown, Dynamite Boy, Goldfinger, Mest

name Sylvia
age 15
email KittyLoverGirl@msn.com
screen name Sum_Chick_223
location Cudahy, WI
site None :(
favorite member Joel!
favorite song Little Things
seen GC Not yet, but I am this summer!
Joel rocks because he is cute and he can sing!
other bands Sum 41, Blink 182, Linkin Park, AAF, New Found Glory......

name Amanda
age 19
email GcPunkStar@msn.com
screen name DunstereotypeMe
location Arizona
site www.geocities.com/gcpunkstar3/EastCoastAnthem-AgoodcharlottePage.html
favorite member Joel of Course, then Benji cause you cant like Joel and not Benji, the whole twin things come into play
favorite song Change,Let Me Go,Screamer,I dont wanna stop, I could go on in order...
seen GC Gonna..at WARPED TOUR! YAY!
Joel rocks because hes so sweet and funny and everyone tells me hes so nice to fans and hes just him and he rocks.
other bands Saves The Day, Linkin Park, AFI, Mudvayne,Incubus,Mest,Goldfinger,Dashboard confessional, that list can go on and a bunch of local bands.

age 17
favorite member ALL EVEN DUSTY AND AARON
favorite song OVERCOME
seen GC 9 TIMES

name allison
age 14
email acbc14@yahoo.com
screen name on yahoo gcgurl31 on msn x's & o's
location california
favorite member joel
favorite song all
seen GC yes
Joel rocks because he's sweet he has a great voice hes hot
other bands sugarcult new found glory mest

Name Danielle AKA Mrs Madden
Age 14
Email girlydudett_008@hotmail.com
Screen name xxspookykittenxx
Location Bakersfield Ca
Site None
Favorite member Joel of course!! He's Dead Sexy
Favorite song Change & Little Things
Seen GC Once But Ill meet them more than that ( I gave joel a braclet that he wore right away!!!)
Joel rocks because hes so hot & I Love his style how its just laid back...also hes so sweet
Other bands Mest, New Found Glory, Hoobastank, Blink 182, Our Lady Peace

name Mary
age 14
email xhipchikkenx@aol.com
screen name xhipchikkenx
location st. louis
site: www,geocities.com/maryssaiscoolest/Good_charlotte_love
favorite member Joel!!!!
favorite song waldorf worldwide..or change
seen GC yeah at warped tour 2002!! and im goin to their tour this fall..i got benji n joels autographs n hugged joel!
Joel rocks because hes just so awesome and talented
other bands mest, goldfinger, big blue monkey, blink 182, greenday, rancid, the brewes

name lannette
age 17
email emptyhands4ever@aol.com
screen name joshsnet03
location il
site www.geocities.com/waldorf_dc
favorite member joel
favorite song change
seen GC not yet :(
Joel rocks because he is funny, talented, a good wrtier and cute
other bands dashboard confessional, new found glory

name LiZz Mohin
age 14
email punkcess182@yahoo.com
screen name prettynpink18241
location Colls NJ but a lot of bands call me Philly chick cos i'm right near philly :)
site communities.msn.com/unluckieprincezz
favorite member hmm i love them all.. joel's the cutest.. benji's funny n cute.. billy's shy type cute.. and paul's cute as a button. and they all rock the house
favorite song ahhh.. ok cant go on, gravity girl, i dont wanna stop, change, thank you mom, superman cant walk, if you leave, put your hands on my shoulder, i want candy, and their whole entiiiiireee self-titled album. hehe
seen GC dec 29th show @ TLA yay!! n warped last year n soon to be this year
Joel rocks because hes nice in person and a great singer. especially when his voice squeaks. i love it
other bands mest, wakefield, blink182, dashboard, tbod, fon, std, punk/emo/ska

name allison
age 14
email acbc12@aol.com
screen name 4 yahoo its gcgurl31
location california
site dont have one
favorite member JOEL
favorite song dont have one love them all
seen GC yes at a mxpx concert
Joel rocks because he's a great singer he's nice and he's soooooo hot!
other bands sugarcult. mest, nfg, unwritten law

Name Christine
Age 17
Email XlEatMorChikinlX@aol.com
Screenname XlEatMorChikinlX
Location Orlando
Site no
Favorite Member Joel
Favorite Song Motivation Proc.
Seen GC 1, almost 2
Joel rocks because Great voice, foxy as hell.
Other Bands Linkin Park, Sum 41, Prodigy, The Vines

name laura or iza
age 13
email Gurlkix@cs.com
screen name hmmm... lets see GCrox
location San Diego
site none
favorite member this is very hard, I guess Benji and Joel
favorite song all of them
seen GC I wish maybe next time
Joel rocks because he just does (I sound like an Apple Jack commercial :) But really, I've been a fan since 2000.
other bands to many to count

name Erica
age 13
email GoodCharlotteLover@msn.com
screen name GCPUNK4EVR
location maryland
site yet to come
favorite member joel of course
favorite song i cant pick a favorite but i guess i like i dont wanna stop a little bit more
seen GC yes once
Joel rocks because Hes so sweet and nice, and hes so hot ;)
other bands Mest, NFG, Simple plan, Sum 41, Rancid, Lit, Midtown, Unwritten Law, ok if i name them all ill be here forever

name Taylor Myers
age 17
email SoccerStar14T@cs.com
screen name PunkGC4 or Punk81601
location Burke, Virginia
site coming soon
favorite member Joel! Duh!
favorite song Thanks Mom, Waldorf Worldwide, and East Coast Anthem
seen GC Twice. once at the Z4All, HFStival 2002, and going to see them on the Warped Tour.
Joel rocks because He's a kick ass singer, and so damn hot!
other bands Sum 41, Hoobastank, Our Lady Peace, Mest, Goldfinger

name andrea
age 15
email dreafish@msn.com
screen name gcsugarush
location kenowhere
site none
favorite member currently benji but i love um all SOOOOOOOOOO much
favorite song seasons or day that i die
seen GC warped tour july 24th '02 Joel rocks because he's hot, has an awesome voice, and has a kickass song writing talent!
other bands fenix*tx, never heard of it, staring back, F.o.N., Reel Big Fish, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Off By One, Knockout, Plain White T's, Boxcar Racer, Blink-182, MxPx, Simple Plan, Sugarcult, the Ataris, New Found Glory, ETC. cuz I like tons of them...

name Rossy
age 16
email dreaminpark@yahoo.com
AIM screen name XGcdreamerX
location Miami,Florida
site i don't have one yet but when i finish i will send it to u
favorite member joel.
favorite song i love all them the same
seen GC going to see them on NOV.17 2002.
Joel rocks because he is so talented and a sweet person.His voice rocks !!!! i think he is one of the best singer out there.And he did not even take lessons. So he rocks !!!!!

name Em ~or~ sickgirl
age 13
email shutupyouruglyface@yahoo.com screen name bL0oOdYvALeNTiNe
location SF, Cali
site none
favorite member i love them all
favorite song can't go on
seen GC 3 times and NSSN is next! so 4!
Joel rocks because he's talented, sweet, nice (when i met him), great voice, and cute!
other bands incubus, stone temple pilots, the white stripes, mxpx, hoobastank, staticx, staind, linkin park, taproot, the vines, nfg, blink,box car racer, 311,sugarcult, greenwheel, tupac+nelly (not bands but whatever), bowling for soup, sublime,jew, greenday, all american rejects...TONS more!

Name April
Age 20
E-mail TiGGerGirl22909@aol.com
Screenname TiGGerGirl22909
Location Indiana
Favorite member Joel
Favorite Song Emotionless
Seen GC nope but I will soon
Joel rocks because he went through alot of crap in high school and with his family and he still was professional with what he wanted to to in his music and he made it. and he also just plan rocks as a singeand he is MAD funny!
other bands MXPX, Simple Plan, New Foound Glory, Bluflame (my friend Johns band) Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Chevelle, and Relient K

name hallie
age 15
email >a href="mailto:nypunkbayb@aol.com">nypunkbayb@aol.com
screen name punkbayb211
location NH
site www.geocities.com/violethorse
favorite member i love them all!
favorite song seasons or the anthem but i love emotionless too lol
seen GC twice
Joel rocks because hes individual and he has major talent [not to mention hes hot]
other bands homegrown~sum41~nofx~mxpx~something corporate~simple plan...etc. (any pop punk and hardcore punk rock alternative i love)