A Beginning

This is in no way a comprehensive website. What it is, is one fan's attempt to pay homage to the most wonderful musical group ever. It is an ongoing project in which I will offer my critiques on (by my count) 281 legendary songs and allow you to do the same if you choose to do so.

All I've Got to Do

At this site, I have listed a page for each individual Beatles song. And here is my definition of a Beatles song. (Some will disagree with my criteria, but of course I had to draw the line somewhere.)

* Every song recorded by The Beatles that is now available on a Capitol/Apple CD.

* For historic purposes, I have also included the recordings from Capitol's 1977 album release The Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl. Now that The Beatles have control over their own material, there's probably no chance that this recording will officially be released on CD. However, in the drought-stricken 1970's, this record was almost the only "new" Beatles recording to be found, so it occupies a special place in my heart. And as other websites have indicated, "unofficial" CD versions of this recording abound, so it's really not that hard to find.

* This criteria includes the following pre- and post-breakup CDs (including some "mini-album" CDs): Please Please Me, With the Beatles, A Hard Day's Night, Beatles for Sale, Help!, Rubber Soul, Revolver, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, Magical Mystery Tour, The Beatles (The White Album), Yellow Submarine (official movie soundtrack), Abbey Road, Let It Be, 1962-1966, 1967-1970, The Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl, Past Masters (Volumes 1 and 2), Live at the BBC, Anthology 1, Free As a Bird, Anthology 2, Real Love, Anthology 3, Yellow Submarine Songtrack, and Beatles 1. None of the "Americanized" Beatles albums (e.g., Yesterday...and Today) are considered here. Nor are more recent "compilations" such as Let It Be...Naked and LOVE which, while worthwhile CDs on their own, feature only variations on songs already compiled within the above-listed albums.

For each entry, I have listed the CD(s) where the song can be found. (The obvious exception is Hollywood Bowl, which has not been officially released on CD.) Wherever possible, I have also included my own critique of the given song as recorded. I will add to these pages in the coming months. In the meantime, each song which I have already critiqued is marked with an asterisk (*).

Got to Get You Into My Life

Even if I haven't posted my own critique of the song, this is where you come in. Each page has a posting section where you can E-mail me your take on the song. Give me your opinion, your name and/or E-mail address (if you so choose), send it to me, and I'll post it as soon as possible on that song page. Your participation will be most appreciated!

When you are finished reading an entry on a particular song, click on the "Back" button on the computer to return to this site's home page and to look up your next entry.

Getting Better

This website is still not 100% complete, but the only missing critiques are for a few selections from the Live at the BBC double-CD set, which I will critique as time permits.

The Fool on the Hill

I recently received an E-mail from a website visitor who said most of my commentary is "a drag" (e.g., somewhat negative). As I said above, The Beatles were a wonderful group, and I would listen to their weakest album any time of day. However, to put it in cinematic terms, I do not subscribe to the auteur theory which says that anything an artist does is great just because the artist is great. (A few years ago, the "Beatles at About.com" website recently took a poll asking readers for their choices as to which song on each Beatles album is the worst. This proves that even the most fervent Beatles fan can easily find weak spots no matter where he/she looks.) Even The Beatles themselves would probably agree with this. Caveat emptor!

I Want to Tell You

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about this site, please E-mail me at TheLoveNest95@gmail.com.

Please Please Me

And now, click on the appropriate link below, and...we hope you will enjoy the show!

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