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Welcome to iamaCREEDfan version 2.0

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A note from Mary (06.16.01)

Hey look! Its the new site! And its done early! Amazed? Yeah, me too. I hope you like it, cause I certainly do... Let me know your opinions on the iamaCREEDfan Bulliten Board.

Updates (06.17.01)

The Band Bio is up and new, and the News has been updated, so check it out! And of course, theres a new look lurkin around this place, in the Home page, News, and Bios. So far, only those pages are in the new format... but the rest is coming soon!


(06.15.01) New Creed Due In Fall... Rolling Stone Daily.

(06.15.01) Details on the new album are beginning to be firm...

(06.14.01) Dear Creed Fans:.. Creednet .com.

(05.14.01) Creed have begun molding the follow up...

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