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Practice 1 (without bass)  - January 24th, 2002

Run Through The Green Grass (3:14, 128 kbps, mp3 format)   2.96 MB
Search & Destroy
Burning City In The Sky

Practice 2 (with bass)  - January 26th, 2002

Burning City In The Sky  (10:07, 128 kbps, mp3 format)   9.26 MB
Earache My Eye
Search & Destroy
Chunk B
Electric Jesus Casino
Moby Dick
Diamond Road  (7:32, 128 kbps, mp3 format)   6.90 MB
Communication Breakdown

*** Since we don't have enough webspace to upload all the tracks, if anyone wants to hear a certain track just contact me and we can set something up....maybe ***

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