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A touch of a tear is
soft and carefree,
A tear comes without knowing for me,
A tear is part of the inner soul
breaking free,
For this tear that falls is
just for me,
A tear shines with the soul
that it holds,
A tear lights up my eyes so bold,

A tear lets me know something
inside is wrong,
For this is a process that is not long,
A tear can be the sign of my
inner self to be,
Free among the rest of the
souls of me,

So I hold on my cheek a
tear or my soul,
This is something that I do know,
My tears are a part of me
that needs to be free,
It can not stay and just let me be,
It has problems to let me know
that are there,
For this, I say good bye
my little tearů

{written by RoXie}
All rights reserved

November 2000

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