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In My Heart

I hold something in my heart
that only you can see,
Something so dear and connected between
you and me,
Ask me not what it is for you
are gone just too long to know,
For as the cold wind blows,
your kisses goes with the gusty blow,

Of the wind as you go down the road
to make a living for me,
It is not only for me but my everlasting love
that I feel for you sometimes makes me blue
For being a lonely wife
I have only one thing I want more than just you,
I want you to be with me, home safe,
within my arms as I think of you,

I close my eyes and
I see your wonderful face,
It is with me and your family,
that is your place,
But now I live with the thoughts of you
running through my mind each day,
Wondering when you call
what I am going to say,
But I treasure each call that
I am blessed of getting from you,
Just hearing your voice and closing my eyes,
I feel you, here with me,

Listen to my words and you will
find what is in my heart for you,
I will not give you a hint
or even a clue,
For you should that my soul
is yours along with my love for you

I love you with all my heart,

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