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So peaceful as the moon shines
Within my dreams I see
The glow of your perfection
Always here with me

Upon the stars and moonbeams
Each one that falls from high
I gather them while dreaming
Not one of them gets by

No matter where I go now
While sleeping or awake
We travel to the places
Where angels bring daybreak

Each dream a perfect ending
To happiness we share
My arms are now around you
Love's beauty so aware

See you in the morning
When sun will shine so bright
You'll be right beside me
My heart will just ignite

Dreams are made for sharing
Together we will be
Holding on to treasures
For all eternity.





The painting is by artist, Josephine Wall and used with her permission.  The painting is
a of Ms. Wall.  You may visit her wonderful site HERE,

May 8, 2001