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The pasture...

"I'm goin' down to Cowtown, the cow's a friend to me...."
-They Might Be Giants-

Welcome to Cowtown

Hello, folks. Welcome to the NEW Cowtown FAQ. It is, of course, still "designed to explain the little quirks and inside jokes of the They Might Be Giants message board and weekly chat room on America On-Line ...," it just looks kind of different.

Before going further, I'd like to give a little shout out to the guys who previously ran this page. The first was known as Mikewyz. He is also known simply as Mike... or Wyz. And sometimes Chuck, but NEVER to his face. He did a wonderful job of keeping up with the happenings and goings on of Cowtown, and I can but dream of doing as good a job of it as he. After Mikewyz came the incomparable Monotreme3, known to friends as Carey. Singlehandedly (or perhaps with some help from Uncle Allotheria?) he changed the face of the Cowtown FAQ forever, lending his own unique visual stylings and bringing joy to the hearts of millions. The poor bum who just got lucky has also retired though we all thank jared for his comtributions he will be missed because was was of the old school. And now it is in my hands and i hope i can keep up the work those before me have laid the groundwork for. Me The Ben mooooo.

Now on with business. Yes, we call ourselves Cows. And yes, we were all "brought together by two guys named John." However, because everyone loved the "Me Generation," the focus of this FAQ is not Them, it's Me. Or rather Us. The Cows. There is a suitable
They Might Be Giants FAQ already, and so, no need for another one.


Oh my God, we're back again....

Info about those cows....

More info about Cowtown, TMBG Internet addresses, and other things.

If there is something you would like to add about Cowtown that is not mentioned here, or if you would like to submit your bio, please e-mail The Cowtown FAQ.

This FAQ was compiled by Tkaz, Brooksie2, and Mikewyz. It was established on the WWW on November 8, 1995 and is currently maintained by Ebnindy. The picture at the top of the page was drawn by EWkid.

On July 22, 1998, the counter said 0000000.
Now the counter says . Who am I to Judge?

Oh yes, and while you're here... be good, have fun... and don't litter.