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bedlam: lyrics

like i said before... bedlam has a unique way in writing and performing our songs. pretty much everyone in the band contributes to the writing of lyrics and singing in some way. as of now we have about 3 songs written, and a cover of an old Deftones song in out set. Soon we'll be perfecting these beginnings and recording demo-tapes so come back and let us know what you think... the first song is'Canary' and it was written by Jake, Jake says about the song "It's about political oppression in other countries mostly. And their needing to get out but they can't. It's like a Canary in a cage who can't get out. Hence the name 'Canary'".. and then he explains, "...if we did this in some other countries... we'd be shot":


Sometimes I think I'm flying
Sometimes I think I'm dying
Sometimes I feel like hoping
That I will be on high

We are all trying to fly
You can't keep me caged forever
Who says Canaries don't cry (cry!)
You thought it was clever
To try to make me cough
So just get the Fuck off!

Please take your hands off me
Before I get violent
If you don't release these bonds
I will be forced to action

I wish we could all have freedom
But I know that won't be
If there is ignorance
Still left in our country


What is wrong with your mind
Thinking that you are better
But we are all the same kind
If you want to talk, write a letter

How 'bout you let us be
We aren't hurting you
How 'bout you stop lookin at me
I'll get my revenge, soon

The other song we've begun to set lyrics to is called 'Silverdrop' by Jake. "This is about doing stuff while your young, doing stuff you know your parents won't like so you can have something to remember when your older. What else are you going to remember? 'Silverdrop' means the goodlife according to you, not to popular stereotypes."

and i get sick when i
see the masses
obeying all the
things they don't have to do

and why should the government
be scared of us youths
when all we do is
scuff up their property

i don't need your propaganda
and i don't want your politics
and i don't need your stupid laws
that confiscate my life
and i don't care about driving age
and i don't care about drinking age
and i don't care about smoking age
is it my life or yours?!


we all want to
grow old with good thoughts
but how can we grow old (old!)
without things to remember?

we all want to reminisce
about our youthful past
but will we remember
about ours, cuz it sucked


(silverdrop!) x 4


This is our newest song as of 10/29/00. It's called Smoking Guns... Jake says "This songs about how there is no more religion in america and how society is degrading... some degradation is good though."

In the howling wind
Comes a stinging rain
You see it driving the nails
Into the soul of the cloud of pain

From these starry skies
You see a blue, purple glow
You see the face of fear
Running scared in the valley Below! (Below!)

Smoking gun!
Scalding fear!
Freezing pain!
Frosted Face!

In the bloody wind
There's a crying church
Their church is empty
Because no-one believes in them anymore
From the concrete plains
On the road to Sparta
You look around you
And you realize it's america! (america!)


My god, My god, why have you deserted me? why are you so far away? Why won't you listen to my groans and come to my rescue? I cry out day and night, but you don't answer. And I can never rest.


Our ancestors trusted you, and you rescued them. When they cried out for help, you saved them, and you did not let them down when they depended on you. ...

2000 bedlam