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~Azazaelz Grimoire~



before you trip, know your shit.

my philosophy about drugs is pretty complex. I don't take drugs now. But I have done in the past, among these lsd, magic mushrooms, speed, dope, & amphetamines. They were an experience I refused II deny myself in life. I disagree with hard drugs like Hammer and Coke, I have never and will never inject. I don't find addiction attractive, I merely experimented so that I could form my own opinion of certain substances by myself. I did it for personal reasons, enlightenment and education. I knew what I was taking, Itz effects, itz risks, and how much was enough. Considering LSD is the safest drug you can try, the experience comes highly reccommended.

***WHAT IS LSD?***







Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (LSD) iLSD (d-lysergic acid diethylamide), commonly called "acid" is the most powerful known hallucinogen - a drug that radically changes a person's mental state by distorting the perception of reality to the point where, at high doses, hallucinations occur. Although it is derived from a fungus that grows on rye and other grains, LSD is semi-synthetic. It is chemically manufactured in illicit laboratories, except for a small amount which is produced legally for research. It is usually found absorbed into tiny squares of blotting paper called Tabs, Trips, or T's, but is sometimes found as a pure liquid, gelatine sheets, absorbed into a sugar cube, or formed into tablets or capsules (a tablet form is acid is the 'microdot', a small pill that is usually very strong). It is almost always swallowed or placed in the mouth on the tongue and left to dissolve. The strength of all these preparations is uncertain and so the effects can be unpredictable. Often substances sold as LSD contain none at all. On the other hand, even though it may be labelled a trip, be very wary when buying LSD from any source, it is impossible to know exactly what you are buying, where it, came from, who made it, or what is in it, (Unless of course, U manufactured it yourself.) LSD is tasteless, odourless and invisible, thus you can never tell if it actually is a trip you are getting, or something stronger like PCP. LSD in Australia costs about $15 for a trip & is more often than not decorated with a symbol or design indicating the name of the trip. (For example, one of the tripz I took had a small picture of a Red Dragon on it). but the name, strength, and effects of a trip vary greatly & the Red Dragon you have on Sunday, may not be the same Red Dragon you have tomorrow. Also, most trips come from a larger sheet that has been dipped in LSD and hung to dry, which means that some trips on the same sheet may be stronger than others because the acid runs down the page giving a thicker coating to the tabs at the bottom.


Highly debatable and wrapped in many myths, I used II belong II the drug culture, And half the shit you're being told about acid is bullshit. I have excluded writing about the myths and misinformation, and gotten right to the fucking point.

Effects depend very much on your mood (So try to be in a good one), where you are (Itz important that you feel both safe & comfortable with your surroundingz), who you are with, (If itz first trip I strongly advise you do it with an experienced user who knows what to do if your trip getz out of control, and try to be around friendz or people you trust), as well as the dose taken, and you yourself as an Individual. Effects often include stronger more vibrant colours and distortion of vision and hearing, sensations often swapping place. Surroundings may take on a rippling effect where the ground seems like water, drops away, or caves in. True hallucinations, believing something is there when it's not, are rare, although they become more common on higher doses. Emotional reactions may include increased self-awareness and mystical or ecstatic experiences. A feeling of being outside your own body is commonly reported. Physical effects are generally insignificant, but LSD causes the pupils of your eyes to dilate rapidly (enlarge and/or shrink) Usually to a massive size.

Unpleasant reactions ('BAD TRIPS') may include depression, dizziness, disorientation, fear, paranoia and panic. Whether these effects are due to the user being unstable, anxious, depressed or in hostile or unsuitable surroundings is still uncertain. However, a bad trip is not predictable and may happen at any time when LSD is taken, although a bad trip is less likely than a pleasurable experience.


The LSD experience is usually described as a "trip" because it is like a journey to another place.This experience may be broken up into four 'phases':

The ONSET - Approximately 30 minutes after ingestion, colors appear sharper, moving objects leave "trails" behind them, and flat surfaces may appear to "breathe."

The PLATEAU - Over the second hour, the effects become more intense. Imaginary visions can appear from nowhere--from shapes in smoke, to lines on the palms of the hand.

The PEAK - Time is slowed almost to a standstill. Users may feel like they are in a different world, or a movie. For some this is profound and mystical, but it can be very frightening for others.

The COMEDOWN - 5 or 6 hours after taking the drug the sensations begin to subside. After 8 hours, the trip is usually over, although residual effects may last until after sleep. A 'trip' begins half to one hour after taking LSD, peaks at about 2 to 6 hours, (depending on the dose), and fades after about 12 hours. Because such tiny amounts are needed for a trip, it can be difficult to fully control the amount taken, and therefore, the length and intensity of the trip Experiences are hard to describe, partly because they vary, but also because they can differ from the normal way of seeing and experiencing things.


Take the person to quiet surroundings where they feel comfortable.

Find a friend who can reassure them. Stress to them that their panic is caused by the drug, and will wear off in a few hours, if not sooner.

If they become uncontrollable or hysterical and you cannot calm them down, you may want to call your local poison control center. They can provide you with "triage" information to help you decide whether the person needs to be hospitalized.


LSD can trigger underlying mental problems and produce delusions, paranoia and schizophrenia-like symptoms. It can also produce extreme anxiety states or panic attacks, not only while under the influence of the drug, but for some time after. (flashbacks). LSD can impair judgement. Users should not drive or operate machinery under the influence of LSD.

LSD is illegal and possession can result in long prison terms.Supplying LSD to someone else (whether or not money was exchanged) carries even longer sentences. Deaths due to suicide, although much publicised, are rare. There is only one known case of death attributed to LSD overdose.

There is no reliable evidence of physical damage from repeated use of LSD, the main hazards tend to be psychological (affecting the mind). Serious anxiety or brief 'psychotic reactions' may occur, but can usually be dealt with by friendly reassurance. Prolonged serious disorders are rare and are most likely to occur with people who have already existing mental health problems.

Users build up a tolerance (needing more and more for the same effect) to LSD relatively quickly. LSD does not cause physical dependence although some users may have a psychological dependence on the drug, however this is extremely rare.

Brief but vivid re-experiences of part of a previous trip ('flashbacks') have been reported especially after frequent use. These have occurred between two weeks and two years after the last dose and can leave the user feeling disorientated and distressed but are rarely dangerous.

It is difficult to perform tasks requiring concentration whilst on a 'trip', and driving ability is certainly reduced. LSD and other hallucinogens are Class A drugs, making it illegal to produce supply or possess them except under a special home office licence. (Where can I get one?) It is also an offence to allow premises to be used for its production or supply.


Back in 1996 I was attending a college in Auckland and met this guy heavily into metal : name of Paxton. Turnz out the guy was into more than just metal, in fact we had quite a bit in common. We were talking this one day and he asked me if I'd ever taken acid. I said "nup. But I'd love to trip". So Paxton set up the whole thing the same day. 4:00pm and $25 later and we're staring at a lump of tinfoil sitting on the power junction box out the front of the college. Paxton unwraps it and reveals a small (we're talking fucking tiny) square of white-yellow paper. You can imagine that I was pretty pissed having put in $15 for what seemed like a complete rip-off. Nevertheless, I inspected the square and was suddenly growled at by 3-4 mates and told that touching the square made the LSD the square was soaked in stick to fingertips and so, lessen the trip. I was also told never to expose the tab to sunlight because it does the same thing.

An hour later, together with a number of friendz we left the college and walked to the bus stop in Mt Eden. There were lots of thoughts running thru my head while we walked, how long would it take to kick in, what would happen, what would I feel etc… & Paxton, explained most of this. The trip would last anywhere from 5-12 hours (In actual fact, it lasted around 12! It was very good acid), it would start to take effect or 'come on' after about half an hour to an hour after taking it in which time I would start laughing uncontrollably, and begin to 'see' things, then the trip would slowly get stronger over the next hour or two and then 'peak' (reach full effect) in about 5 hours time.

We took the trip while on the bus. I stared at the little triangle (it had been cut in half, and incidentally I was given the half I touched) & I was told to place it on my tongue and let it dissolve. It looked like cardboard, felt like cardboard, and fuck me if it didn't taste like cardboard. But cardboard with a distinct flavour, the bitter taste of LSD, a flavour all of its own, I can't describe it. It was about a quarter past four. 15 minutes in the arcade at the bottom of Queens st I watched Paxton/Tristan thrashing each other at Ultimate Mortal Kombat. In between fatalities Paxton lets me know I can stay at his house (Good, cause I missed my bus). Then Paxton tells me we have to WALK to his house, a good 2 hours along the waterfront! Anyway we leave the arcade and 25 minutes later I'm staring up at the massive yellow bars on the fence along the docks while we walk. A few minutes later I begin to notice sumthing is up… there are little fuzzy 'ABC's' starting to appear in front of my eyes, or to be more exact, ON my eyes. They're like sunspots, but they cover both eyes like a wallpaper pattern. The 'ABC's' continue to grow and get more intense over the next few minutes and my eyes feel wet. Still walking I am suddenly pissing myself laughing for no reason. Then while laughing I suddenly get a fright and crouch down in surprise as a huge crane passes us on the inside of the fence, and the muthafucka looks Huuuuuge. (I am tripping.)

30 mins pass. 5 years on I cannot piece together how we got to the Bp station. It all gets a little strange from here. Sort of like clear photographic momentz etched on a dense mist of swirly half-memories. Behind the Bp station, Chris lit up a J and we took turns toking it. After the j, Paxton found $5. I think it was mine. With the money, we caught a bus the rest of the way. Chris was looking totally smashed but on the other hand Paxton was complaining that he felt nothing. Chris jumped off at his stop looking very green. I started laughing like a maniac. There was this BIG guy sitting 2 seats in front of us, I remember this well. The BIG guy was giving shit to some weedy little dude, and y'know what? I hate that. You know how you talk really loudly about someone but not to them? I was doing that..& what I said went sumthin like this -

"Ahahahahah! Look at his head! Ahhahahahha! Its like, its, its an octagon! Aahahahahah! Look man, he's got an octagonical shaped head! Aahahahah! (etc)"

When I started calling him a Gorilla, this BIG guy turns round. Now, yeah, im expecting trouble, but this guy turns round goes to say sumthin, and then notices our eyes, the poor dude looks really uncomfortable and turns back around. Paxton is sighing while I'm in hysterics. It's our stop. It's also the guys stop. By the way, it was day time when we got ON the bus. When I got OFF, it was night time and there was a full moon. Anyway, this BIG guy, walked in front of us with his girlfriend, while we followed (cause thatz the way we're goin too), for some reason the poor muthafucka looks totally nervous, says sumthing to his girly, then all of a sudden he takes off! Yep, just leaves his missus standing there and sprintz down an alley. What a freak, he's built like a brick shithouse and he's running from us? ~shrug~ Paxton & I were doing edward scissor handz impressions with our hands in the moonlight against a corrugated iron fence. Anyway, we got near his house, and he said that I could stay but to please not show that I was tripping to his mum. She knew he tripped but hey, me acting normal, thatz just manners. O.k. So we got there and eventually Paxton's mum is talking II me about my art and shit and I'm trying really hard not to just crack up laughing in her face. My handz feel really big, and my state of mind is one of basic wonderment, everything seems new and fresh. His mum's face started melting. Paxton thank god called me into his kitchen so we could burn the ass off some chips. You're gonna have to focus from here…We left the house after the chips.

On the way out I see the 'Celestine prophecy' book on a shelf. We left with the intention of going back into Auckland to hang out. Paxton took a look at my eyes and told me they were almost completely black. I'm in agreement. He also told me to put my bus pass back in my pocket, (itz a reflective one) because I'll lose it. If I lost it I wouldn't be catching my bus back home tomorrow and I wasn't up for a 50k walk back to Waitoki. I didn't even know I had it in my hand until he said sumthing. Because apparently when you're on acid you can get really attached to one thing, and just look at it for hours. I was laughing like crazy again, and Paxton told me to be a little quieter, (We were in a rich area by the way) but it just made it worse. He told me to put the bus pass back again. Didn't even know I had it in my hand. Again, 5 minutes later, bus pass. And again. All the while Paxton was angry cause he wasn't feeling anything, yet I was off my face. Then it happened… Paxton and I were sitting at the bus stop. Just chatting casually he leaned over and said, "whatz the time on your wodge? (he meant watch) All of a sudden he started laughing. Quietly at first, then suddenly we're rolling on the ground in tears. The bus comes, & Paxton tells me his trip is coming on. While on the bus I'm looking at Paxtons head. I get the sensation it is like an axis, and the world feels like it is revolving like a merry go round all around it. He noticed me staring at him and asked me to focus on something else. Out comes the bus pass.

The bus got to downtown Auckland and we jumped off. We headed straight for the spacies arcade but saw a snack machine on the way. We bought every packet of burger ringz in it. Must have been about 12 packs. We tore them open like psycho's, stuffing the ringz into our mouths while pissing ourselves laughing. After the feed, we made our way over II the Street fighter Alpha games. (Paxton was the best fucking player of this I have ever seen). While Paxton played streetfighter, I sat on a stool munching out on all the ringz. My hearing was distorting & I was only catching fragmentz of the noise around us. Suddenly my attention travelled to the Alpha game, just as Ken (one of the streetfighter characters) put his handz together to do a fireball, the handz came right out of the screen, grew huge and tried to grab me! I fell right off the stool, scattering burger ringz fuckin everywhere. Paxtonz going, "whatz wrong, whatz wrong?" I'm going "The fuckin game grabbed me man!" - At this point Paxton wisely decides itz time for us to go back to his joint. You don't wanna be advertising you're off your face downtown. So we caught another bus, Oh I forgot to mention, it is daylight again. (Obviously everything progressed from day to night as normal but being on acid the trip scrambled the sequence of events, so day and night kept swapping places) We left the arcade about 7pm.

We got back to paxton's stop but he said in my condition he's not going to take me to his home, so we walked along the beach. Everything looked strange, everything seemed funny. - It getz harder to remember what came in what order from here. I know we went for a 2 hour walk waiting for his mum to go out. We were sitting on the beach after the walk when Paxton starts talking about swimming to Mt Rangitoto (dormant island volcano). Suddenly he jumps up and starts taking off his shoes and shit, and im like "Dude! What the fuck you doin???" He's heading towards the water, im peaking! Just as I officially freak the fuck out, he turns around with a grin on his face and says "Gotcha" . It was all very funny. When we stopped laughing he says we should go for another walk, to a secret park even, so we do. Somehow, I end up in this park and have no idea how I got there, even though I obviously walked all the way there. Paxton doesn't tell me either so I just shrug my shoulders and watch some woman in white climb a tree. On the way back we got some blue powerade. We saw the cops to, and they saw us. But don't worry, even though in hysterics both me and paxton made a sweet getaway. Sittin down by the beach at around 8-9pm I reached the peak of the trip. While staring out to sea I saw these massive shadows, swimming underneath the surface… like 50ft sharks with no fin. Paxton had disappeared. He'd climbed over the concrete wall barrier to stop cars from going in the drink and was crouched on the bottom of the steep slope staring at the water. O shit! But when I got there, It was really cool cause I could see the fish too. At least that’s what I told him. There were sentences, words made out of rock formations under the water, and the ground around me was totally rippling like liquid. Paxton had disappeared. Out comes the bus pass. I get back over the barrier and Paxton is trying to run up the opposite side of the road, a very steep bank. I try it to. It got boring, but back at the pier (I think itz near kelly tarltons?) I watched the entire ocean lift up and reveal dry sand underneath. Eventually we cruised back to Paxtons. Can't remember much about it though, I remember playing bongo drums while standing on my head while Paxton was trying to sleep. I remember throwing lit matches at him too, vaguely. He was talking to Jo, some chick from the college on the phone, and after he got off he started telling me about nutmeg. Apparently you can get high off the shit… Paxton complained he was coming down but didn't have any weed. So he got right into telling me about this nutmeg right, I told him to try it, so he did. ~laugh~ He was in the kitchen for ages deciding how much to take. In the end he just jammed a whole clove in his mouth and started chewing. I was on the floor in tears. He was making faces. A second later he bolted off to the toilet for a chuck. He made himself so sick he told me he was going to go to sleep. I asked him if he felt high and he complained about a headache and the fact that his eyes were cross-eyed… Anyway it wasn't long after him I crashed out, & that was about 3 in the morning, END of the trip. Whatz left to say, cept it was WICKED! Fucking wicked! I've since moved onto magic mushrooms..

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