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Before applying for your e-mail address, read the information in the white box below.

The e-mail address you are applying for doesn't work by itself. This new e-mail address actually forwards to your existing e-mail.

Let's say for example your primary e-mail right now is and you're given the e-mail address

When someone sends an e-mail to you at your new address, ( it actually gets forwarded to your existing e-mail address ( In other words you will need to keep your primary e-mail account for your new e-mail address to work.

If your primary e-mail address changes down the road, you will have to notify the webmaster of (with your original e-mail address)

Example: Let's say your primary e-mail address is If you are changing your primary e-mail  to You must notify the webmaster that your primary e-mail address is changing so that your e-mail address will forward to your new, and correct primary e-mail address.

Please note that the webmaster will only make the change, if you send thechange e-mail request using the e-mail address that your e-mail address currently forwards to.

Example: If your address forwards to, and your changing your primary e-mail address to, and you wish to have your e-mail forward to the new juno e-mail account, you MUST send an e-mail to the webmaster of using your original e-mail address ( If this change e-mail request comes from an outside or new e-mail address the webmaster will ignore the request.

This is so no one can steal anyone's e-mail address name from them.

You must give accurate information in the form below!

 This is especially critical when you enter e-mail address. If you do not, your new e-mail address will not work.

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