Unreleased Songs

 Here is a list of some of the songs Aerosmith recorded but never released.

Permanent Vacation Pump Get A Grip Nine Lives


Permanent Vacation
  Love Me Like A Bird Dog
  Walking On Danger Street
  Sleepy Sickness (or Feel The Pain/Scream In Pain)
  Got To Find A Way
  Take It Easy
  Is Anybody Out There?
  Funky Thing


  Sedona Sunrise
  Sister June   (or 'Sister Jeane')
  Guilty Kilt   (or 'Guilty Kitty')
  News For Ya Baby   (or 'News For Ya')
  Brandit   (or 'Bandit')
  Looking Up Your Old Address
  Buried Alive
  Yer Blues


Get A Grip
  Black Cherry
  Devil's Got A New Disguise
  Dime Store Lover
  Legendary Child
  Lizard Love
  Rocket 88
  Wham Bam
  Yo Mamma
  F.C.K. The Only Thing Missing Is U


Nine Lives
  Bacon Biscuit Blues
  When The Sun Never Shines
  Bridges Are Burning
  Fall Together

A portion of this was taken from Rock This Way.

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