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September 28, 2000

More about the party from Mach Bell...

September 27, 2000

About Joe Perry's Birthday Party 

(from the Boston Herald)

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About Joe Perry's Birthday Party from AF1

Fourteen days after his real birthday, Joe Perry found himself surrounded by his fellow band mates, family and friends at Mount Blue for an amazing celebration, amassed by his wife, Billie! What started out as an intimate party of 50 or so band members, family and close friends in the Perry's back yard, quickly escalated to 150-200 partygoers at Mount Blue on September 24!

The soirée was filled with magicians, Marilyn Monroe look-alikes and Austin Power and Elvis Presley impersonators! There was even rides for the kids, stuffed pigs - everything you can imagine! Aerosmith's friend and cigar maker, Lars Teten, presented Joe with a specialized Joe Perry cigar to mark his 50th Birthday! With all the excitement surrounding the guitarist's 50th, one of his only birthday wishes was for one of his favorite bands, Cheap Trick, to jam onstage! Since the band was on the guest list, Joe's birthday wish became a reality!

Cheap Trick saluted Joe and his guests with two sets; Joe took the stage during the second set, rockin' to tunes including "Hello There," "Big Eyes," "You're All Talk," and "Ain't That A Shame!" After blowing away the guests with that jam session, Joe and Cheap Trick corralled Steven onstage where they rocked out to "I'm Down" and "It's All Over Now" with Joey on drums! And just when you thought it couldn't get any better - the band segued into "Train Kept A Rollin'" and closed the night with a rousing rendition of "Surrender!"

Without a doubt, Joe's 50th Birthday was amazing and all had an unforgettable night.


About Joe Perry's Birthday Party (Mach Bell)

Danny Hargrove, Julia and I made our way back out to the front in time to see the birthday boy arrive. Joe was dressed in black denim jeans and jacket. He has grown his hair long again. Other Perry's in attendance were Joe's wife Billie, his sons Adrian, Tony and Roman, Joe's mom Mary, his sister Anne and his Uncle B. Steven Tyler arrived, dressed in a wildly striped corduroy suit. On his arm was his wife Teresa and his son Taj. Teresa's twin sister Lisa was also there with her husband. - Tom Hamilton, in leather pants, arrived with his son. Brad(in a bright orange shirt) and Karen Whitford brought their youngest boy, Harrison followed by Joey( steel studded leather vest) and Apri Kramer. From the Joe Perry Project we had bass men David Hull and Danny Hargrove- Drummer Joe Pet and his blonde bombshell date Lori and yours truly. Rick Niellsen (sp?) was darting around , his beard in a long braid with price tags tied to the end. Tom Peterson and Bun E. Carlos, both looked healthy. Robin Zander was with his 7 year old son Robin. Boston guitar man Johnny A., Bluesman James Montgomery, WBCN'n Oedipus and Carter Alan, Salem witch Laurie Cabot and her coven, tycoon Lee Kennedy, a bunch of nameless fashion model types and celebrity impersonators Austin Powers, Elvis and Marilyn Monroe added to the scene. I believe Richie Supa (Chip Away the Stone) was there. Ted Nugent, Mark Parenteau, Tommy Mottola and John Kalodner were among the very few no be cont'd

By now the Joe Perry Project players had staked out a couple booths in the corner of the tent. David Hull, who has been gigging with James Montgomery all summer, was in fine shape- all smiles. Joe Pet has just opened up a small recording studio on Boylston st. near Berklee. Hargrove gave up the bottle(!) last May. He has shed about 25 pounds and was looking fantastic. Both he and Pet are gigging around town sporadically. Talk turned to Ronnie Stewart. Nobody has seen him in years. Longtime JPP lightman Woody Bavota rolled in and joined us. He runs a web TV production facility now. Soon Joe Perry drifted into the Project corner, followed by Tyler. I spoke to Joe, caught up on his water skiing activities and his Aston -Martin. Steven interupted - Tyler wanted to get his picture taken with the Joe Perry Project. We obliged. Steven was raving about the new Aero-album. "We did it all in Joe's basement" he claimed. I asked Perry what he thought about the Raven "Best of the JPP" CD. Perry said he thought it was "pretty good" and was glad to see that someone still cared. Joe was also enthused about the latest Aerosmith record. "Mach, you gotta come by the house and hear it". Joe told me they are shooting for an April release. I asked Joe if he sings on the new album - Joe hung his head and said "one song". I also asked Mr. Perry if he had received the "Joe Perry Quilt"(made from dozens of Aerosmith and JPP shirts) from his #1 Texas fan- Renata. "Oh yeah - it's incredible!" Joe enthused. Suddenly a bunch of tuxedoed horn players marched into the tent. They started playing the Olympic fanfare as a huge Les Paul shaped birthday cake was wheeled through the be continued.

As the guests started singing "Happy Birthday to you" Julia and I slipped out of the tent to get some air. I had been snapping a bunch of photos with my digital camera, and we reviewed the results. I was looking forward to photographing the evening jam session. Teresa Tyler joined us. I asked Teresa why she and the Tyler family hadn't visited our house last Halloween. "Oh, Steven got all dressed up as a woman last year, and by the time we got to your hill he had to turn back because his feet were killing him!" As I laughed- Teresa looked down at my camera. "Oh - that's neat. I would love to get one of those , but I have this strange problem with cameras , whenever I use a camera the batteries go completely dead... My twin sister has the same weird problem - we just kill batteries by being around." That's spooky, I thought...hmmm. We all made our way back into the tent where the Chefs were pulling a big pig out of the smoker. I reached for my camera , went to grab a shot and... I swear to you - the camera battery had gone totally dead! I decided to chill out by the beer wagon for a while - Teresa's powers had me a little nervous. A few Coronas mellowed me out. I looked up and saw Hargrove waving me into Mt. Blue. The rock and roll was about to begin.

All together there may have been 150 or 200 guests at Joe’s party. We had all arrived at 3 in the afternoon. Now it was 7pm and the crowd had thinned a bit. It felt very intimate in the Mt. Blue dining room. It was easy to move right to the front of the stage as Cheap Trick blasted off with ON TOP OF THE WORLD TONIGHT.... I had spoken with Robin Zander a bit earlier in the day. His band had just finished up a tour and he was heading back to his home in Florida after this special " Joe Show ". Robin’s blonde 7 year old son (also named Robin) told me he liked Cheap Trick – but he is a bigger fan of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The CT band sounded incredibly tight. The sound crew was showing no mercy tonight, the sound pressure in the small room was massive. Rick told us that Joe Perry himself had penned tonight’s Cheap Trick song list. SOUTHERN GIRLS was the next big hit. Joe Perry and Billie stood smiling just to my right. Finishing up that great tune, Nielsen called Joe up on stage. First Rick presented Joe with a copy of his (Rick's) Guitar Collection Book. All the CT guys had signed it, and Nielsen had written " Joe: Thanks for the guitar lessons!" inside the cover. Rick proceeded to tell the crowd how Perry is well known for his "love of crappy, cheap guitars." Robin Zander then handed Perry a very small vinyl gig bag, out of which plopped a little bronze- colored, single- bout solid body. Perhaps an old Silvertone – also signed by all the Tricksters. Joe looked gleeful as he left the stage with his new treasures. DREAM POLICE was next up and we loved it. Robin Zander, looking handsome and wearing a red sparkle top and black trousers announced the next song, as THAT 70’s SHOW THEME. I’m not too familiar with that show, but the song smoked. Zander strapped on an electro-acoustic guitar. THE FLAME was next. Zander’s voice was just so powerful on this one , amazing. (At this point I started looking for the nacho chips and some Mt. Dew) Neilsen barreled right into "I WANT YOU TO WANT ME" as we roared our approval. Cheap Trick took a short break while a half stack and a Joe Perry model Les Paul were set up on the far right side of the stage…. To be cont’d.

Great so far...If you want to keep up with these stories...go to:

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September 26, 2000

The Doors Tribute Album (with Aerosmith)

Sorry I didn't get to posting this on Monday


September 23, 2000

Aerosmith's New Track "Angel's Eye"

Aerosmith has a new track entitled "Angel's Eye," that will be featured on the soundtrack for the upcoming movie Charlie's Angels!  As AF1 previously reported, Steven and Joe were remixing a new track in New York this past week - turns out, it will be for the flick starring Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu!  Look out for "Angel's Eye" on the soundtrack of Charlie's Angels set to be released on October 17!

Aerosmith on the Doors tribute album

Visit Jason's Aerosmith Page News on Monday for an update on the doors tribute album.


The Road To The Rock Hall

Aerosmith are on the road to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as they have been confirmed as one of 16 artists nominated for possible induction into the Class of 2001! The nomination will be the second for the Boston Bad Boys as they were considered for induction last year. Other artists joining Aerosmith on the ballot include Black Sabbath, New York Dolls, AC/DC, Michael Jackson, Paul Simon, Steely Dan, amongst others. A panel of 800 music industry professionals will cast their votes over the next several weeks with winners to be announced in November or December. We know Aerosmith is long overdue to be honored in Ohio - stay tuned for all the latest updates! For more information on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, visit their Web site @

Tom Hamilton Sighting

Did anyone else catch Tom Hamilton cutting in line for Seussical The Musical in Boston?!? Apparently, Tom was spotted making his way into the theatre to catch the musical based on the works of Dr. Seuss.

Steven Tyler @ VMAs

Steven looked quite dashing at this year's MTV Video Music Awards in New York. The Demon of Screamin' strolled out in a purple and gold ensemble with a purple velvet top hat to match! Sharing the podium with hip-hop mogul Dr. Dre, Steven made a quirky comment about the highly controversial Eminem (whom Dr. Dre produces), referring to a verse in Em's "The Real Slim Shady," in which Eminem rhymes about Carson Daly, Fred Durst and Christina Aguilera. If you missed it, you can check it out during MTV's rebroadcast of the annual awards show. Back to the podium...Steven presented the Best Group Video Moonman to Blink 182 for their teen pop spoof, "All The Small Things."

September 21, 2000

Simon, Jackson lead Hall inductees

NEW YORK (AP) — Michael Jackson and Paul Simon, both seeking solo enshrinement after earlier being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum as group members, lead the latest list of nominees.

Simon was inducted in 1990 as a member of the 1960s folk duo Simon & Garfunkel, while Jackson made it in 1997 as part of the family act he left behind, the Jackson 5.

The list of nominees for the Cleveland hall was released Monday

The 16 other nominees include the Australian hard rockers, AC/DC; punk poet Patti Smith; rocker Bob Seger; the flamboyant cult favorites New York Dolls; Southern rockers Lynyrd Skynyrd; and I'm Sorry singer Brenda Lee.

Eight acts are reappearing on the ballot after failing to win election in the past: rock bands
Aerosmith, Queen and Black Sabbath; New York rocker Lou Reed; jazz-rockers Steely Dan; doo-wop favorites The Flamingoes; soul performer Solomon Burke; and La Bamba singer Ritchie Valens.

Musicians are eligible for nomination to the hall 25 years after the release of their first recording.

Ballots have been mailed to artists, producers, journalists and music industry executives who decide on the inductees. An induction banquet is generally held each March.

September 20, 2000

Cyrinda on Howard Stern

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September 19, 2000

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Nominees

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From The Sound Kings September 2000 Newsletter...

September 16, 2000

Jimmy Crespo news (from Rhythm Junkies to Rough Cutt)

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September 14, 2000

The Joe Perry Project Back Together?

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 September 10, 2000

Joe Perry B-Day

Today is Joe Perry's Birthday. He is 50! Happy Birthday Joe!!

September 8, 2000

Steven Tyler on the MTV Video Music Awards

September 7, 2000

Aerosmith on Top Of The Pops 2

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September 2, 2000

Small mention of Aerosmith in USA Today regarding Godsmack's new album

Godsmack, Awake. This second album was produced by frontman Sully Erna and Mudrock, who helped shape the self-titled debut that spawned four rock hits. They crank the anger and aggression quotient up a notch on tunes that harken to influences like Aerosmith and Led Zeppelin. Oct. 31.


VH1 Sound Affects

Album news... nothing we didn't already know though...

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