Others Quote on Aerosmith

Here are a few direct quotes from other musicians about Aerosmith.

"Aerosmith is what rock n' roll is all about and has been from its inception to the present day. Steven Tyler's dynamic vocals, Joe Perry's inventive guitar, the craftsmanship employed in the band's material, the powerhouse delivery of their preformances added with the essential ingredients of talent and conviction make the ideal rock n' roll band."  -Jimmy Page


"There's just a very few bands that wang my twang like Aerosmith. Aerosmith's music is so sexy - if it weren't for Aerosmith there wouldn't be such short skirts in America today. I love Aerosmith. It's Joey's thump, Tom's drive, the audacity of Joe and Brad, all literally spat and polished by Steven Tyler. That's Aerofuckingsmith to me." -Ted Nugent

"From The onset, Aerosmith has personified the raw, borderless traits that define rock and roll-the spirit of adventure and sensuality-the spirit that embodies the essence of our music-freedom of expression. On a given night, when the mood of the moment creates that identifiable energy between artists and the public, there are but a handful of groups that can be thought of as the very best rock and roll that exists on this planet. Aerosmith is one of that select few; at least for me."   - Bill Graham 


"I looove Aerosmith. They're one of my favorite rock n' roll bands ever. They're full of filth and full of soul." -Little Richard


"When I first started getting into rock n' roll on my own (outside of my family's influences) what inspired me to play guitar was something that happened when I was thirteen. I chased the most beautiful girl - who was twice my age - for about three months. And when I finally got into her apartment, she played ROCKS for the first time. I listened to it about four or five times, completely forgot about the girl, and split the apartment. That's what Aerosmith means to me."   -Slash, of Guns n' Roses

"Listening to Aerosmith was my inspiration to sing."   -Vince Neil, of Motley Crue


"I always wished I could be half as cool for half as long."   -Jon Bon Jovi


"If  I could have half the talent, originality, influence, and longevity of Aerosmith, I could die a happy man."  -Sebastian Bach of Skid Row


"Aerosmith is the kind of band that reminds me what I loved about rock n' roll in the first place."  -Joni Mitchell


"Aerosmith is one of the last great bands of the seventies that forged a bridge between heavy rock and R&B."   -Vernon Reid of Living Colour

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