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About the Blues on Fire Aero-tribute:

The Blues On Fire series was created with the purpose of celebrating the influence of that mysterious and pervasive art form, the blues, on major rock figures." This is an excellent tribute album, and a must have for Aerosmith Fans!

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Aerosmith in Driver's Seat

By KIERAN GRANT -- Toronto Sun

Considering they've spent most of this year on the road, it's fitting that Aerosmith are doing it with Dodge.

The U.S. auto-maker is the exclusive sponsor for the band's tour, which returns to Toronto for a second time since July at the Air Canada Centre Monday.

The multi-year, multi-million dollar endorsement deal has also put the title track from Aerosmith's Just Push Play album in TV ads, and members of the group will ride in the first five Dodge Vipers to roll off the line for next year.

But while his band mates remain sports car enthusiasts, Steven Tyler would just as soon take his station wagon, thank you very much.

"I have a Mercedes wagon, you know, for the family," Tyler told The Toronto Sun during a recent phone interview. "A ride from heaven and it never breaks down."

Just don't tell the folks at Dodge.

As for Just Push Play, Aerosmith's first self-produced album, Tyler described making it as "sitting in a room and promising ourselves we weren't leaving until either the song was finished or our stink drove us out."

Source: Toronto Sun

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Special Appearance by Nugent and Kid Rock on the 25th!

When performing in Auburn Hills, MI on the 25th, Aerosmith were joined on stage by two Detroit based friends, Ted Nugent and Kid Rock, for Walk This Way! Both of these have of course performed with the band before, but never at the same time.

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Just Push 'Patriotic' for a New Attitude

October 25, 2001


If you don't believe America is a different place these days, just chat with Steven Tyler.

The Aerosmith vocalist -- certifiably one of the 1970s' most decadent rock 'n' roll wild men -- has wrapped himself in the red, white and blue. And he has some unexpected pronouncements to make.

Like this one: "We need to go back to the way it was 30 years ago, when everybody had Grandma and Grandpa, and we were willing to pass moral judgments about right and wrong."

Or this: "We may need to change the way we think. As in Israel, I think there should be a mandatory draft, where you go away for the service of your country for three years."

Tyler, 53, relishes the idea of " 'America the Beautiful,' flags in school, children respecting their hometown." He's all for sky marshals on airplanes, and he has some choice, non-newspaper words for terrorists. No pacifist counterculture sentiments here.

Tyler -- who quit drugs and alcohol several years ago -- talked with the Free Press as Aerosmith headed to its third Detroit show this year. The group played a pair of sold-out dates at DTE Energy Music Theatre in July.

Some readers may be startled to hear such conservative-sounding ideas coming from somebody like you.

Well, there's the American thinking: "How can he be saying this? He was a drug addict!" But (Sept. 11) brought me to my knees. It made me change. When that second airplane hit the building, we all changed. We need to get back to some serious thinking.

Does your music maintain a vital role amid all this?

Well, I'm still also "Steven Tyler from Aerosmith," a guy who needs to celebrate that when the music plays, the channels change. It's that whole idea of "been working hard, now it's Friday night." Aerosmith is the fountain of youth. It's a time machine.

I was really concerned that Tuesday (Sept. 11) that we were supposed to play that Friday in Washington, D.C. We talked about it and finally canceled that weekend. Did we really want to go back in and play songs like "Mama Kin" and "Dude Looks Like a Lady" while people were burying their dead? But we did get on with business as usual, which is to rock out and forget about everything else.

Your latest album ("Just Push Play") failed to match the sales success of other recent Aerosmith releases. Should we put much stock in that?

Nothing is ever a barometer. Nothing is ever for sure except that this band has been around forever. (Laughs) . . . We wanted to produce the record ourselves, so we did. And it only sold 2.5 million around the world. That's not bad, but it's not great.

You've managed to maintain your upper range and projection well beyond the age most rock vocalists lose their potency.

It's very simple. We used to be on tour for a year-and-a-half, never taking time off. When we felt tired, bored, we'd take a little coke, have a drink. But you pay for it the next day onstage. The interesting thing is that I was never really singing. Yeah, I got it right on the records, in the studio, but you listen back to the live stuff, and it was god awful.

Now it's the dream tour. One day on, one day off. We're still going for a year-and-half stretch, but we get a day to recuperate. . . . Now that I'm in it with my eyes open, it's rejuvenating. I sweat my ass off, and I'm in better shape than ever. And it's still so beautiful to look out and know that a song you wrote in your basement is moving all these people.

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Aerosmith Hanging out with Alice Cooper

When Aerosmith was in Chicago on the 23rd, Alice Cooper was in town as well. After Aerosmith finished their show, they boogied downtown to see Alice Cooper's show at the House of Blues! All but Joe showed up, Rick Nielsen didn't go either. People expected that Aerosmith and Alice would party afterwards, and they were right!

Source: rock this way

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Cheap Trick guitarist guest on the 23rd!

'Rick Nielsen?' you say? Yes, I guess I forgot to mention that yesterday. Cheap Trick's Rick Nielsen joined Aerosmith for their last two encore numbers, I'm Down and Train Kept A Rollin', in Rosemont, IL!

Steven told the crowd they had a guest in the house tonight. It was none other than Rockford's own Rick Nielsen, the lead guitarist for the band Cheap Trick... Steven said they brought him out because he was ripping on Aerosmith...

Source: rock this way

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Young Lust: The Aerosmith Anthology Track List

The Young Lust: An Aerosmith Anthology is a collection of all their material over all Geffen album releases (I expect all remastered) but does include a few of those hard to get tracks that were on CD singles (Head First, Don't Stop, Ain't Enough, orchestral version of Amazing) or soundtracks (Love Me Two Times, Rockin' Pneumonia And The Boogie Woogie Flu) during the Geffen period.
Also woth noting is the inclusion of the Run-DMC version of Walk This Way, a track not included on the US version of GAG (Can't Stop Messin') and three tracks that will make Big Ones a future unnecessary purchase (Deuces Are Wild, Walk On Water, Blind Man)

Tower records has now published the following track list of "Young Lust: The Aerosmith Anthology":

Let The Music Do The Talking
My Fist Your Face
Shame On You
Rockin' Pneumonia And The Boogie Woogie Flu
Rag Doll
Dude (Looks Like A Lady)
Hangman Jury
Permanent Vacation
Young Lust
The Other Side
What It Takes
Monkey On My Back
Love In An Elevator
Janie's Got A Gun
Ain't Enough
Walk This Way - (with Run-DMC)

Eat The Rich
Love Me Two Times
Head First
Livin' On The Edge
Don't Stop
Can't Stop Messin'
Amazing - (orchestral version)
Shut Up And Dance
Deuces Are Wild
Walk On Water
Blind Man
Falling In Love (Is Hard On The Knees) - (live)
Dream On - (live)
Hole In My Soul - (live)
Sweet Emotion - (live)

They also list the following info:

YOUNG LUST: THE AEROSMITH ANTHOLOGY contains tracks recorded for Geffen between 1985 and 1998.
Includes liner notes by Gerri Miller.

Release date: 11/20/2001
Original release year: 2001
Label: Geffen Records
Catalog#: 493 119

Source: rock this way

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The Pink Album

New Pink album to feature Aerosmith's Steven Tyler and Bon Jovi's Richie Sambora

Pink has recorded old and new style songs for her new album "Missundaztood," which is due to be released on November 20. The new album features guest appearances by Aerosmith's Steven Tyler and Bon Jovi's Richie Sambora. Apparently, the album will reveal more of Pink's rock background, with former 4 Non Blondes singer Linda Perry lending a writing or producing 7 tracks. The rest of Pink's new tracks still are R&B and dance, produced by Dallas Austin, amongst others. The album's first single is "Get the Party Started."


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Aerosmith Japan Tour

Oct 22, "UDO artists" announced the "Aerosmith Japan tour 2002" dates.

Jan 25, Fri, PM 7:00 / Osaka Dome
Jan 29, Tue, PM 7:00 / Fukuoka Dome
Jan 31, Thu, PM 7:00 / Nagoya Dome
Feb 2, Sat, PM 5:00 / Tokyo Dome
Feb 3, Sun, PM 5:00 / Tokyo Dome
also Jan 27, Sun / Osaka Dome, TBA (to be announced)

There was also a PR AD for the Tokyo Dome concert in ASAHI SHINBUN (ASAHI news paper)

International Plans Impacted By September 11 Attacks

Friday October 19 04:57 PM EDT

(10/19/01, 5 p.m. ET) -- Like most touring acts, Aerosmith has found that the aftermath of the September 11 terrorist attacks has affected its working life. Besides canceling or postponing shows scheduled for immediately after the tragedy, guitarist Brad Whitford tells LAUNCH that the group will now probably curtail some of its international touring plans in support of its latest album, Just Push Play.

"Not that we had a tremendous amount of overseas plans anyways in the near future, " he said, "but I think there's parts of the world that I thought I might see in the next couple of years, which (I) probably won't ever see in my lifetime. Over the past few years, there've been talks of us playing lots of places we've never been to, and in light of what's gone on, I don't see us ever going to some of these places--ever--with the way the world has changed. It's unfortunate."

Source: Launch

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United We Stand

Aerosmith took the stage in Washington DC at the United We Stand benefit, which raised over $14 million dollars for the Sept 11th tragedy. Going on much later than anyone expected, Aerosmith took the stage, and the set list was as follows:

America The Beautiful/Livin' On The Edge
I Don't Want To Miss A Thing
Just Push Play
Walk This Way

After this set, the band jumped on some helicopters and headed west to Indianapolis to continue the JPP World Tour. This meant that Aerosmith played two gigs in two separate time zones this evening. Picking up an hour in the time zone change really helped the band to make both gigs. The last time they played two gigs on the same day was way back to June 9 1994 when they played two concerts in Madrid on the same day - an Acoustic mini set and then a proper GAG set.

ABC will broadcast a special edited 2 hour version of the United We Stand concert on Nov 1st at 8pm with John Stamos hosting. 

About United We Stand: Backstreet Boys, Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey, Destiny's Child, Aerosmith, Rod Stewart, Ricky Martin, Carole King, P. Diddy, James Brown and Train top a star-studded lineup of many of the world's greatest musical performers to be showcased on "United We Stand," a spectacular two-hour special celebrating the nation's united spirit for the future, as well as paying tribute to those involved in the recovery efforts since September 11. Hosted by John Stamos, star of ABC's new drama series "Thieves". Michael Jackson also will be performing his new song, "What More Can I Give," with many of the artists in an all-star finale. Performances featured on ABC's "United We Stand" special are a part of an eight-hour live concert which is taking place October 21 at RFK Stadium in Washington, D.C. Proceeds from the sold-out event, which is being produced by Clear Channel Entertainment, will benefit the American Red Cross Liberty Relief Fund, the Salvation Army Relief Fund and the Pentagon Relief Fund.

Source: rock this way

And here is more about United We Stand:

Aerosmith Enjoys the Ride

Band's journey moves from '70s party sound to a respectability that includes benefit gig.

By David Lindquist
Indianapolis Star
October 19, 2001

Life may be a permanent vacation for the members of Aerosmith, but they'll get down to business on Sunday.

The rock band plans to execute a rare daily double, with performances scheduled in both Washington, D.C., and Indianapolis.

First stop is the all-star "United We Stand" benefit at RFK Stadium, to be followed by a headlining appearance at Conseco Fieldhouse.

During a recent telephone interview, Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry said he expects the band to play early on the daylong Washington bill -- which includes Michael Jackson, 'N Sync and the Backstreet Boys.

"We'll work our way back from our onstage time in Indianapolis, and try to leave at least a 15-minute margin for error," Perry said. "It's really going to be a logistical nightmare for our road manager, but that's what he gets paid for."

The "United We Stand" event will benefit Sept. 11 relief funds organized by the American Red Cross and Salvation Army. After Aerosmith postponed its concerts on the day of the terrorist attacks and Sept. 13, Perry says he returned to the road with mixed emotions.

"I certainly didn't want to do something as trivial as making noise on an electric guitar," he said. "Everybody's still really torn up about it. The sense of grief was overwhelming."

Perry and fellow Aerosmith guitarist Brad Whitford made a late-September visit to the Pentagon crash site, where they shook hands and took photographs with recovery workers.

"I was just honored to meet those people," said Perry, who turned 51 on Sept. 10. "They're doing incredibly hard and heroic work."

Although Aerosmith was known as a volatile, hard-partying outfit in the 1970s, the band has cultivated respectability since a career resurrection in the mid-1980s.

The 1993 hit Livin' On the Edge -- written by Perry and vocalist Steven Tyler in response to the Rodney King beating and Los Angeles riots -- stands as a notable piece of social commentary.

Perry, who refers to the attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon as "the big wake-up call," says Americans should pay attention to world events and how they relate to the United States.

"I think we've been a little behind the times," he said. "If you look back in history, there were a lot of people who just wanted to ignore what was going on in Europe and the Far East in 1939. There were isolationists who didn't want to get in the war."

Perry goes on to cite the 2000 attack on the USS Cole in Yemen as well as 1998 bombings of U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania -- all linked to Osama bin Laden.

"They've been out there blowing (things) up for years," Perry said. "We didn't do anything about it. Now we're going to have to live the way the rest of the world is living. Maybe in the end, we'll be more secure because of it."

Tyler will be singing in Indianapolis for the third time this year. The second was an Aerosmith date at Verizon Wireless Music Center in July, and the first was his controversial rendition of The Star-Spangled Banner at the 500-Mile Race.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway officials fielded a flurry of complaints after Tyler substituted the words "Indianapolis 500" for "brave" in the national anthem's final line.

Perry is quick to defend his bandmate.

"He's an American, too, and he's a rock 'n' roller," Perry said. "What did they expect? I thought he delivered it with as much patriotic spirit as he knew how. We were all really proud of him. Of course, there's going to be a little flak. But he poured his heart into it. He put a lot of thought into it and let it rip."

Tyler and Perry, informally known as "the Toxic Twins," guided the Boston-based Aerosmith to hard-rock stardom. Dream On (1973), Same Old Song and Dance (1974) and Walk This Way (1975) were major hits before excessive drug use and interpersonal friction led to Perry's departure in 1979.

During the first half of the 1980s, the guitarist issued three Joe Perry Project albums, and Aerosmith limped along with little commercial or critical acclaim.

"I always knew they were out there," Perry said of Tyler and Co. "When you go in a haunted house, you may not see the ghost, but you sure can feel it. I had this attitude, 'Well, I know they're out there, but I'm not going to acknowledge them.' But there was a feeling. It's like having a brother you're (upset with). You know you're going to talk to him sometime."

Perry said he left Aerosmith because the band had become "a big machine that was going through the motions." He doesn't specifically revisit the well-documented cocaine habits of Tyler or himself.

"If we had been a little saner and a little more in touch with what we were, we probably would have just taken a vacation," Perry said. "But there's always been this feeling that if we stopped, we would sink."

Tyler and Perry patched up personal differences in 1985, and they completed rehabilitation programs after the release of studio album Done With Mirrors.

When Run-DMC enlisted the pair for a high-profile cover of Walk This Way in 1986, it cracked open the most incredible comeback of rock era. Aerosmith's "second half" hits include Dude (Looks Like a Lady), Cryin', Janie's Got a Gun and I Don't Want to Miss a Thing.

Current release Just Push Play peaked at No. 2 on the Billboard albums chart. The band's summer visit to VWMC was a sell-out, and it featured a three-song set played on a small satellite stage on the amphitheater's lawn.

"One of the reasons I wanted to do the 'B stage' was to give people a chance to see what the band was like in 1973," Perry said. "We stood up with a couple of amps and drums and the bare minimum of whatever. That's pretty much what Dream On sounded like in 1973."

While Dream On was a B-stage fixture throughout the tour, Perry admits to some debate about performing one of Aerosmith's trademark songs without "all the bells and whistles."

"The bottom line is, people want to hear Steven hit those notes," Perry says. "And he does. There's no better way to hear Dream On than in that stripped-down form."

Source: Indianapolis star

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Tom Hamilton Interview

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Aerosmith still going strong, hits paydirt with Dodge sponsorship

Edmonton Sun
Friday, October 12, 2001

So the Dodge company gave a humongous pile of money to Aerosmith. Can we expect to hear a stirring rendition of Janie's Got a Gun Rack in her Dodge Ram Truck at the concert in Skyreach Centre tomorrow night?

No. And for those people screaming "sellout!" just consider what the band is selling. It's fun. Cars are fun. Aerosmith is fun. It's not as if the band is endorsing drugs. Or worse - drug treatment centres.

Everyone loves cars. Aerosmith loves cars. Lead guitarist Joe Perry owns a "tweaked up" Jeep Wrangler, a Lotus 7 two-seater, a Jaguar XJR and his baby, an Aston Martin DB7 Vantage.

"My wife drives the Jag," he says.

Joe's first car was his mom's Chevy Nova station wagon, which he says was helpful for hauling gear around to the bars in Boston, where the band got its start in the '70s.

Guitarist Brad Whitford is into NASCAR racing and in fact is part owner of a racing car. If you're looking for drummer Joey Kramer on his day off, he's likely to be driving. Singer Steven Tyler is proud of showing off his custom-made Lotus. And each band member will get one of the first five Dodge Vipers off the line in 2002. Vroom.

Automobiles are an American institution. Aerosmith is an American institution. See how it all works out?

This is no ordinary endorsement deal, no one-off Gap ad. Dodge is the exclusive sponsor of Aerosmith's Just Push Play tour and the relationship is expected to continue for years. You may have already seen the commercials featuring the title track from Just Push Play. Aerosmith will even appear in one of the ads.

That's just fine with Perry.

"It's still our music and it's no different to me than music videos, which are basically commercials for our music," he says, down the line from a tour stop in Florida. "It's about getting our music out to people who wouldn't normally hear it. They want to use the rock songs on the record and a lot of them haven't been played on the radio yet. And I think they're great. I think this is a chance for people who are sitting at home watching TV to hear some great Aerosmith music."

Hey, it worked for Moby.

It must feel good to get that giant pile of money, too, although Perry won't reveal how much. "Millions annually" is the best estimate.

"It does feel nice. They obviously have some faith that you're going to reach some fans. It feels good, just as it did when Disney came along and said they wouldn't mind having our name on a roller coaster down in Disneyworld."

Anything with wheels - but since this is The Edmonton Sun and not Car & Driver magazine, maybe we should get around to talking about music.

Fans may notice something different about Just Push Play. Sure, it's got all the excess, sex, swagger and silliness fans have come to know and love. Aerosmith is not known for Vietnam War protest songs and thus not vulnerable to the wave of indignation that followed the use of John Fogerty's Fortunate Son in a jeans commercial.

Aerosmith music is aimed a little bit lower than the brain. Just a little lower. Lower. OK, there, that's got it. As Tyler puts it, "Yeeeoww, smokin' up the ganja, damned if you do, yeah, but don't get any on ya, kickin' off the cashmere, puttin' on the kasbah, walk this way, just push play ..." You can't very well drive slow in your Chevy Nova station wagon with that blasting on your stereo.

Anyway, Just Push Play reveals more freedom, more playfulness than we've heard in at least 10 years of Aerosmith albums. The reason? They produced it themselves. They'd wanted Bruce Fairbairn, but he passed away in 1999. Southern rock impresario Matt Serletic was called in, but family matters prevailed. That left Perry, Tyler and the boys on their own, with no big shot producer to tell them where to put their toys.

"We felt really comfortable about doing it ourselves," Perry says. "There are no demos for this. With this record, we took that energy and that freshness that you capture when you first write a song and just built on that. The original guitar parts for the song are what you're hearing."

This interview's just about over and we still haven't talked about drugs. We were warned against bringing it up. Aerosmith has been on this horse before, so to speak, and beaten it to death in interviews. Yes, they used to take a lot of drugs. Now they're clean and sober and still going strong to help to sell cool cars. Even so, what's with the drug references on Just Push Play?

Perry explains, "You sing about what you know - and even though you haven't been there sitting in the room for 15 years it doesn't mean you don't have memories about it. We sank to the depths, so to speak, but we're still alive to tell about it."

Tickets are going fast for the show, featuring the Cult as the opening act. Call Ticketmaster (451-8000) for details and be sure to watch for the custom-built Aerosmith Dodge truck parked outside the arena. Janie would love it.

Source: Edmonton Sun

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Aerosmith to be featured in XBOX Game, "Dead or Alive 3"

TORRANCE, Calif.--(ENTERTAINMENT WIRE)--Oct. 11, 2001--Tecmo, Inc. announced today that its highly-anticipated video game Dead or Alive 3(TM) will feature licensed music from the rock band Aerosmith.

Tecmo has licensed the use of three songs, "Amazing," "Nine Lives" and "Home Tonight," for inclusion in Dead or Alive 3 which is exclusive to the Xbox(TM) video game system from Microsoft.

Isamu Fukada, President of Tecmo, Inc., was excited about the participation of Aerosmith in Dead or Alive 3. "Many of us, both young and old, have grown up listening to songs by Aerosmith, and it's an honor for us to feature their music in our biggest game of the year. Aerosmith is one of the great American rock bands, and their popularity further adds to the mainstream appeal of DOA3. Also, gamers with a surround sound system will be able to fully enjoy the sounds and music of DOA3."

Source: rock this way

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Aerosmith kicks out the Ram Jams

 The futuristic commercial is out. So is the custom 2002 Dodge Ram with a Viper V10 engine, Viper bucket seats, custom Budneck wheels with the Aerosmith logo on the center cap, and a crushed metal finish interior with a rock n’ roll motif featuring guitar picks and drum sticks. The exterior color scheme? Black and hot pink, of course.


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MTV's review of the Sunshine Video

     Aerosmith Go Down The Rabbit Hole For 'Sunshine' Clip

10.09.2001 7:04 PM EDT

Since the opening line of the new Aerosmith single, "Sunshine," goes, "I sold my soul for a one-night stand/ I followed Alice into Wonderland," for the song's video the band decided to create a hallucinatory world inspired by Lewis Carroll's most popular work.

To helm the clip, Aerosmith recruited director Samuel Bayer, who has worked on major vids by Nirvana, the Rolling Stones, Marilyn Manson and Garbage.

The video, which was shot August 22 and 23 and debuts this week, begins with a young blond girl — presumably Alice — walking lost through the woods. She encounters a white rabbit, a bedraggled lion and a garishly dressed queen of hearts before bumping into Tyler, who is wearing a top hat, black nail polish and red lipstick, and shaking his head violently from side to side like a ghastly demon from Clive Barker's "Hellraiser."

As the chorus kicks in, the scene shifts to Aerosmith performing onstage. Then it's back to Spookytown, and we enter a dilapidated shack where Tyler is rubbing his face and massaging a candelabra, and guitarist Joe Perry is rocking out in a rickety chair.

At one point in the video, Alice pulls open the queen's dress, causing a flock of doves to soar into the horizon, Madonna-style.

As with many of his videos, Bayer floods the shots with saturated colors and high-contrast images, resulting in a look that's more sinister than you might expect from a song called "Sunshine."

—Jon Wiederhorn


More on the Sunshine video:

AF1 have 6 exclusive behind the scenes photos of our boys shooting their newest video for the song Sunshine!!

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Aerosmith Sell Out 32,000 Arena in 30 minutes!

I was told that the Manchester, NH Aerosmith concert (11/17/01) will be played at a 32,000 arena. Aerosmith are the first band to play there ever and they sold out in 30 minutes! Considering the tour so far is all 15-22,000 arenas that's pretty unbelievable!

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VH1 "My Music Awards"

VH1 is currently accepting votes for their "2001 My Music Awards" to be held in LA on Dec 2nd. Aerosmith are up for several of these awards. Head on over to and vote now!

Must Have Album
Aerosmith - Just Push Play

Your Song Kicked Ass but Was Played Too Damn Much?
Aerosmith - "Jaded"

Damn I Wish I Wrote That! (song of the year)
Aerosmith - "Jaded"

My Favorite Group

Hottest Live Show

My Favorite Video
Aerosmith - "Jaded"

Best Actor in a Video
Mila Kunis (Aerosmith - "Jaded")

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Joe Perry Rocks Nelly's New Video

Three photos from the shooting of the video can be found at:

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Joe Perry Gets Inked in Atlanta

Yes, you fans were not seeing things and no it’s not a rub on! In Atlanta on Tuesday Joe did in fact get a new tattoo!

The tattoo was done by a famous artist who’s work is forever embedded on the likes of Ozzy and most recently all the guys from the Stone Temple Pilots.
We can’t describe his latest creative creation, so you’ll just have to see it for yourselves.


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