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October 30, 2000

Billboard Charts

October 29, 2000


Joe Perry guitar at Museum of Fine Arts

October 27, 2000

Aerosmith stands out on new soundtrack

Read this review from wall of sound regarding the Charlie's Angels soundtrack

The gist of this soundtrack is difficult to determine. Who's the target audience for this disc of '70s, '80s, and '90s tuneage? The same folks who see the film? If the people who see the film are the same folks who grew up with the TV show of the same name and there's a strong whiff of nostalgia circling the promo campaign then the choice of highlighting Destiny's Child, a brand-new R&B act, is a strange one. Sure, the band is a chart-topper, but including its two tracks here with more credible fare like Fatboy Slim's "Ya Mama" or Heart's "Barracuda" is suspect.

Continuing that train of thought, it's difficult to see the logic of uniting cheesy gunk like Leo Sayer's "You Make Me Feel Like Dancing," the Vapors' masturbation anthem "Turning Japanese," and Sir Mix-A-Lot's "Baby Got Back" on the same disc as Marvin Gaye's "Got to Give It Up (Part 1)" and Deee-Lite's breezy dance gem "Groove Is in the Heart." Have their audiences suddenly become one? And then there's Caviar's funny lounge ditty "Tangerine Speedo" in the same listening experience as Tavares' "Heaven Must Be Missing an Angel" and Spandau Ballet's sore-thumb ballad "True." Explanation, please. Only Apollo 440's reworking of the Charlie's Angel theme and the impressive new Aerosmith track, "Angel's Eyes," make any remote sort of sense as logical inclusions here. The whole thing smells of an overly complicated marketing plan.

Without having seen the film, it's hard to understand the context into which these songs fit. But then, since the CD is available separately, you shouldn't need to see the movie to appreciate a soundtrack. So why the hodgepodge of styles? The inscrutable mix makes for a messy listening experience, which, in light of the film's rocky buzz, might make sense after all. Bob Gulla


October 26, 2000

Charlie's Angels Sound Track

Here is the album cover to the soundtrack for the movie Charle's Angels. Which includes Aerosmith's new song Angel's Eye. You can order it from Amazon by clicking on the album cover below.  It is also located in my Aerosmith Store.


October 23, 2000

What's it called? ANGEL'S EYE

Evidently the Aeroforceone article regarding the new song on Charlie's Angels soundtrack  was incorrect the song is not called Through an Angel's Eye. According to Aeroforceone Angel's Eye was officially called (Through an Angel's Eye). They then updated their news with this article: 

Lucky 7 - Angel's Eye
The track listing to the Charlie's Angels soundtrack has been released and Aerosmith has landed the #7 slot on the upcoming album! "Angel's Eye" will be joining Destiny's Child, Spandau Ballet, Heart, Marvin Gaye and others for the action-packed movie soundtrack.

**Please note that it was reported in an industry trade magazine as "Through An Angel's Eye." However, according to reports published online and offline, the track is called "Angel's Eye."


Just a reminder:

The soundtrack for the new movie Charlie's Angels will be on sale in stores tomorrow (Oct. 24th)



October 20, 2000

Lucky 7 - Through An Angel's Eye

The track listing to the Charlie's Angels soundtrack has been released and Aerosmith has landed the #7 slot on the upcoming album! "Through An Angel's Eyes," as it is officially called - AF1 has been reporting it to be "Angel's Eye" - will be joining Destiny's Child, Spandau Ballet, Heart, Marvin Gaye and others for the action-packed movie soundtrack.



October 18, 2000

Steven Remembers Lennon

Steven took part in celebrating the late John Lennon's 60th Birthday. In this week's Rolling Stone (November 9, 2000 issue Al Gore cover), Steven joins a caliber of artists and musicians in "John Lennon Remembered," where thirty-four artists talk about the life and work and where they were when they heard the news of John's death.

"I remember going to write alone up in New Hampshire - to get in touch with my insides. Then, when I heard the news, it was almost too much for my insides to handle. It ripped out a piece of me - I don't know how to say it any other way. I was so angry for so long - I was physically angry for years after that f*cker shot him. It felt good to have a cry because I was so f*ckin' pissed off.

As a kid, I used to go down to [Greenwich] Village all the time and fantasize I was going to bump into one of the Beatles or Stones. I never got to meet John, but I always felt like I knew him anyway. The Beatles taught us to fly, and John taught us to free-fall back to earth. All songwriters ever want to do is crawl inside other people's souls and psyches, and somehow change everything. Jesus, what part of John or the Beatles did not get inside every one of us?"

-Steven Tyler
Rolling Stone
November 9, 2000 (Al Gore cover)

Steven and Joe Visit Harvard

Steven, Joe, Marti Frederiksen and Mark Hudson crept out of the studio to visit Harvard University as uber-producer and "fifth Beatle," Sir George Martin, delivered a 90 minute lecture on Sgt. Peppers Lonely Heart Club Band and how he made it with the Beatles. Sir George spoke inside of Sanders Theatre as a part of Harvard's continued tradition of the Revels, a celebration of changing seasons. After the intuitive lecture, Steven and Joe, switched roles for a moment - going to the green room for an artist meet and greet!


Contest:  "Once Upon An AeroTime..."

Aerosmith, without a doubt, is the greatest band of all time. Aerosmith's music has created many memories down the lane - whether it was the first concert that rocked your world, your first glimpse of the guys on the tube, the first time you heard the fiery five on the radio, or the first time you met Steven, Joe, Tom, Brad and/or Joey! There's always that special Aerosmith moment you tell time and time again; and this month, AF1 wants you to tell your tale.

In AF1 latest contest, They would like you to tell  your story of how you first got hooked on Aerosmith. AF1 would like to know whether it was the first time you heard "Dream On" or maybe when you saw them in concert during the Get A Grip tour. No matter how you got your first taste of Aerosmith, AF1 would love to read about it!

Submit your entry and you could win one of two time capsules of Aerosmith Memorabilia!  Due to the great volume of entries there office receives for AF1 contests, they request that your entry be a maximum of 500 words. THANK YOU! Find out how to enter @

AeroFest 2000

AeroFest is an annual fanfare event for charity to celebrate the music of Aerosmith and raise money for the children. It's your chance to see old Aero-friends and make new Aero-friends, share your stories, memories and memorabilia with devoted and loyal fans of Aerosmith.

AeroFest 2000 is quickly approaching - (November 11th) so if you haven't signed up yet, visit to find out about the annual Aerosmith fan bash!  Besides meeting some of the coolest fans in the world, you can relax and have a few laughs during the lip sync contest, AeroInspired dress contest, raffle and much more!  Find out more information @

October 16, 2000

Aerosmith Song in the top ten in AOL Poll

Here is a poll just released by AOL shown in the Lifeline of the Life "D" section in the USA Today:

Top ten breakup songs as selected by 163,412 America Online Users:

  1. Garth Brooks, The Dance
  2. Gloria Gaynor, I Will Survive
  3. Pink, There You Go
  4. 'N Sync, Bye Bye Bye
  5. Bonnie Raitt, I Can't Make You Love Me
  6. Phil Collins, Against All Odds
  7. 2Gether, The Hardest Part of Breaking Up
  8. Alanis Morissette, You Oughta Know
  9. Bon Jovi, Always
10.  Aerosmith, What It Takes


October 14, 2000

Angel's Eye for download

rock this way


Charlie's Angel Track listing

Upcoming Aero-Related Releases!

rock this way


October 13, 2000

Angel's Eye

Angel's Eye Aerosmith's new song off the soundtrack of Charlie's Angels is now being played on radio stations everywhere! If you haven't heard it on the radio it can be downloaded off of Napster. The album is not out yet. So the Mp3 you download off the internet is only radio quality, but it sounds fairly clear.

October 9, 2000

Angel's Eye: No Ballad Here

I  just recently heard the new song Angels Eye. It's definitely not a ballad! It a rocker! It's reminds me of something off the Nine Lives album. Have you heard it yet? What do you think? e-mail me


October 8, 2000

Photos from Joe's 50th Birthday party

October 6, 2000

October 4, 2000

October 3, 2000

Angel's Eye released to the radio?


Aerosmith to record cover of an old Rock N Roll song?


A Steven Tyler quote

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