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January 31, 2001


A few days ago my computer crashed and so news updates have been a little behind. but I am working on a back up computer until my pc is repaired. From here on out this WON'T affect this news page.

January 30, 2001

The Super Bowl performance in Realmedia

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Berkshire Hills Music Academy

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Superbowl Ratings

USA Today Article

'NSync and Aerosmith both said they wouldn't have wanted to be anywhere else on Super Bowl Sunday than on the 50-yard line at Raymond James Stadium, guitars blaring, hips gyrating and pyrotechnics blazing.

First and foremost, sharing the halftime bill was a valuable learning experience. For both bands.

"It's incredible, truly incredible," said Justin Timberlake, one of 'NSync's 20-something band members. "I can't tell you how much we've learned. That comes from mileage."

Steven Tyler, Aerosmith's legendary lead singer, shot up out of his chair.

"What are you saying?" the 50-something Tyler asked. "Hey, Lance (Bass). What about those naked surfers you showed us on the Internet? Hey, these guys aren't what they look like on the outside. And that's a good thing."

So, what did Tyler's 20-something actress daughter, Liv, think of about her dear old dad playing at the Super Bowl?

"Well, if I didn't take this gig, she threatened to run the family cat through a blender," Tyler said.

January 29, 2001

Halftime Show Offers Own Highlights

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January 27, 2001

Jaded Single Track listing



Jaded on the charts!

Billboard 100 Hot Singles: #37 (last week #58)
Billboard Mainstream Rock Tracks: #4 (debut)
Radio & Record Online Chart:


January 25, 2001

Aerosmith At Super Bowl & this weekends agenda

01.24.2001 3:26 PM EST

Britney Spears live from TRL

Britney Spears, Nelly and Mary J. Blige will walk the way of Run-D.M.C. Sunday when they perform with Aerosmith during the finale of the Super Bowl halftime show.

The chart-topping pop acts, announced Wednesday as performers, and 'NSYNC will sing and rap along with the rock band to its 1976 hit, "Walk This Way," which was remade as a rap-rock hit with Run-D.M.C. in 1986. The ending number will follow alternating songs by 'NSYNC and Aerosmith, coordinating producer Greg Choa said.

'NSYNC will perform "Bye Bye Bye" and "It's Gonna Be Me," while Aerosmith will do "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" and their upcoming single, "Jaded." The songs are subject to change, Choa added, as rehearsals are just getting under way.

Past Super Bowl halftime shows have featured a variety of acts from Michael Jackson to Big Bad Voodoo Daddy.

A top-notch list of performers that includes Bon Jovi, Sting and the Backstreet Boys is also lined up for the pregame show this year (see "Bon Jovi, Sting, Styx In Super Bowl Pregame Show").

The Backstreet Boys will sing "The Star-Spangled Banner," and legendary soul singer Ray Charles will sing "America the Beautiful."

Bon Jovi will perform at a televised tailgate party, and Sting will sing his latest hit, "Desert Rose," and the classic Police tune "Roxanne" during the pregame stadium show, titled "Life's Super in Central Florida."

Styx will perform "Come Sail Away" as pirates enter the stadium on a mock ship during a portion of the show that won't be televised. Tampa, Florida, pop group PYT also will perform, and Kevin James of "King of Queens" will host.

The Super Bowl will be held at Tampa, Florida's Raymond James Stadium and will air Sunday on CBS. MTV is producing the halftime show.

Corey Moss

To sum it up here is the tentative schedule in order.

Sunday- Noon EST on CBS. TRL at the Superbowl. Aerosmith and NSync join Carson Daly for TRL.
Sunday- 6:18 pm EST on CBS. Kickoff of Superbowl XXXV between The New York Giants and the Baltimore Ravens.
Sunday- Halftime on MTV- MTV will be showing a special 10 minute skit just as the 1st half ends. Tune over to MTV just as the gun sounds ending the 1st half. This skit will feature Adam Sandler and Ben Stiller with Chris Rock, Aerosmith and N'Sync.
ETRADE SUPERBOWL HALFTIME SHOW (tentative schedule and order):
NSync: "Its Gonna Be Me (w Britney?)"
Aerosmith "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing"
NSync: "Bye Bye Bye"
Aerosmith: "Jaded".
Aerosmith, NSync, Britney Spears, Mary J Blige, and Nelly: "Walk This Way"



Aerosmith Chooses to Provide Exclusive 3D Internet Web Site and to
Redesign Official '' Site

AerosmithWorld Interactive Virtual World Planned to be Available on the New Aerosmith CD 'Just Push Play" to be Released in March (OTC/BB:WDDD) today announced that it has signed a revenue sharing
agreement with Aerosmith to develop and host a 3D web site to be called
AerosmithWorld, utilizing Worlds' three-dimensional (3D) virtual reality
Internet technology.

Aerosmith has been one of the top selling and highest grossing musical groups
for the past three decades, having surpassed 100 million album sales. The
group will also appear live on the CBS Television halftime broadcast of this
year's Super Bowl on Sunday, January 28. Their performance will include
"Jaded," the first track from the group's forthcoming album, JUST PUSH PLAY,
due out in March.

Worlds will also redesign Aerosmith's official web site, currently available
at The site will be customized, hosted and maintained by

The creation, AerosmithWorld, will be available for download from and is planned to be included on the forthcoming Aerosmith CD
where the band kick-starts its own engine and "just pushes play."

Aerosmith World will include 3D environments for Aerosmith fans to enter,
explore, meet and greet one another in visually rich 3D environments
specially designed for Aerosmith by

According to Thom Kidrin, president and CEO of Worlds, "For more than 30
years, Aerosmith has been a major international force in music, consistent
with and always a part of popular American culture. Our agreement will propel
the group to the next level of the Internet with the same creative foresight
that the group demonstrated with cutting edge videos for MTV.

"By continuing to establish the continuity among music, videos and online
virtual communities," Kidrin said, "Aerosmith will clearly demonstrate its
creativity across multiple media platforms. Fans will be able to step into
the world of Aerosmith as if they were stepping into their videos."

The group, said, "We've always been in our own world. Now, we get to share it
with everybody."

About, the Internet's premier 3D virtual reality entertainment portal,
leverages its proprietary technology to offer visitors a network of virtual,
multi-user environments that have rich media graphics, text chat,
voice-to-voice chat, streaming video and e-commerce. The environments are
focused around entertainment interests and targeted communities such as
music, sports, and general entertainment environments. In the Worlds' Avatar
Gallery, visitors select an avatar (3D character), and customize it into a
personal virtual representation of themselves. The avatar is used to travel
in and through the various virtual environments and participate in
interactive activities involving entertainment, promotions, or e-commerce.
Avatars can chat with one another, dance in a nightclub, e-shop, watch video
clips and participate in other activities.

About Aerosmith

As America's premiere rock 'n roll band of all time, AEROSMITH are truly a
unique force in contemporary music. They've already sold over 100 million
albums around the world and earned an array of accolades (including Grammys
and MTV awards) and still continue to achieve new milestones in their career.
In 1998, the band's smash single "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing" became the
group's first-ever #1 Billboard pop hit and landed them an Academy Award
nomination. AEROSMITH'S 1997-99 "Nine Lives" tour was the biggest and most
successful trek of their career. In the U.S., the band performed a total of
160 shows in front of 3 million fans. Overseas, their trip to the UK and
Europe also marked their most successful international tour yet (including a
sold-out show at London's Wembley Stadium). Over the course of 20 overseas
JOEY KRAMER -- played to 600,000 wildly enthusiastic fans. AEROSMITH --
hailed by USA TODAY'S Edna Gundersen (12/15/00) as the "rare exception in a
field of stunted careers" -- will release a new studio album, JUST PUSH PLAY,
on Columbia in March 2001. is headquartered in Old Greenwich, CT. For more information on, please contact Gary P. Tobin at 203-409-2107.

January 21, 2001

New Album "Just Push Play Update" 

Sony (global) are start to detail the various release dates.
The recent Jaded promo CD (being played on US radio) detailed Just Push Play will be out March 20th in the USA. No date is being detailed as to the release of the single Jaded but expect either Feb 20 or Feb 27.

In Europe, Jaded is out March 5th and the album out March 19th.

In Japan, Jaded is out Feb 28 with the album out the earliest place with March 14. Hard to say if it will contain additional tracks (smart money is yes) but ensuring given some breathing space before the cheaper US imports appear. The retai price of the new album in Japan is equivalent to $21 (US) - just a little more than it will be in the UK.

Aerosmith have completed recording their new studio album and are currently mixing it with John Kalodner in New York. The album is due for release in March, with Japan already nominating the 14th as their release date. The Japanese version gets a bonus track and sticker in the first pressings of the new CD. A few titles to be included on the album are: Jaded, Angel's Eyes, Beyond Beautiful, Under The Skin & Avant Garden.


This is from Tom Hamiltion's news from the road

News From The Road
Can't believe we've already been to the AMA's and back. It seems like two days ago that we were in our little creative cocoon, cruising along just working on the record. Now it's already time to start throwing it out into the street. It's a good one. I'm sure it'll survive just fine.

So we're suddenly making the transition to "do it in public" mode.

We all got our asses to the airport all together for the first time in months. As we took off I got a familiar feeling that I've had on and off since the very beginning. It feels great to be together with your fellow comrades in arms and just dig that "WE BAAD" feeling. The first order of business was rehearsal. We had decided to use a really weird circus look including snakes, contortionists, and acrobats. There's a word you don't use that often. Acrobats. "Excuse me, are the acrobats here yet?" "Which way to the acrobats". I wonder if it says acrobat on their driver's license. It's a dilemma for us too. Putting "bass player" or "singer"doesn't really say it. Maybe next time we'll try "guy in a band" or "dancing bear".

So rehearsing was great. It was our first time hearing 'Jaded' live and I could start to imagine what it was going to feel like when we take it on the road.

When we first got to the studio for rehearsal it was one of those situations where we're eyeing them and they're sizing us up but before too long we started to interact and go through the song. It was cool watching the whole thing come together. In back, there were four silk strips hanging down from the ceiling. On each one was a person hanging there and on cue doing a tumbling maneuver down to the bottom. It was a little scary because you always imagine someone falling. Dangerous makes it cool. There's no two ways about it. On stage left near Joe were two women on stilts who would sneak up behind him and steal his cigar. In front of them were two girls with Boa Constrictors. Funny, but just a few days before that I happened to be looking at pictures of a snake killing and eating a rat. What a way to go. I wonder if maybe they're still alive..a bit..and down in there..y'know...buggin'. BOGUS!

Okay back to the subject. There was a girl with a long piece of gold cloth simulating a whip. She would make these snarling faces and spin it around and snap it. The torn black stockings helped make it look EXTRA special. I looked around the room to see if anybody was staring a little extra long. Over near me and Brad was a girl who do I describe this..Well, imagine a girl lying on a table the way someone would look, say, lying on the floor watching TV. Then imagine her feet coming up off the floor backwards and coming to rest in front of her face. What a spine. There were also a couple of people to generally hang out and look beautiful and arrogant.

Rehearsal was pretty much framed in by meetings with video directors and art directors. I'll tell you, the real work on a project comes when you have to make zillions of little detailed decisions on the booklet, which picture to use and the endless work of getting the special thanks list together.

I just realized I don't have time to finish this in one piece. I have to get to a meeting to decide which pictures to use... More later,



Aerosmith Commercials on MTV

They are playing commericals for the superbowl w/ Aerosmith in them. Theres one where there is a football team huddled in the locker room and the announcer is saying you have to be a great team to get into the super bowl or a great set of pipes! They pan over to the whole band and steven w/ his mouth wide open!

Another one w/ Ben Stiller and Adam Sandler...Pregame mini-movie seems those 2 are acting as teachers on how to put on a great performance....They are teaching the boys and N'Sync. Should be funny to see.

January 19, 2001

Win a Trip to the Superbowl to meet Aerosmith! Plus...

It really looks like is promoting the whole superbowl thing with Aerosmith as the headlining act. You can even win "a trip to the E-Trade Super Bowl Halftime Show and watch live performances from *NSYNC and Aerosmith in Florida. Besides attending the show, the winner will receive round-trip airfare and hotel accommodations, a backstage pass to Aerosmith's rehearsal, and $10,000. One of their stipulations is you must be from the ages 18-34 to be eligible.

Click here to Enter to win



January 17, 2001

Yet another Aerosmith tribute album...

rock this way

January 11, 2001 Article

Aerosmith Appear Anything But 'Jaded' In Performance

Hard rockers debut new single from spring release, Just Push Play, expected to be followed by world tour.

Teri vanHorn reports:

Contrary to the title of their new single, Aerosmith appeared anything but "Jaded" when they debuted the song from the imminent Just Push Play at the American Music Awards on Monday night.

The jangly number, featuring a sing-along chorus with keyboards and delay-effect guitars, is leaner and more rocking than recent pop forays la "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" (RealAudio excerpt).

"Hey ... ja-ja-jaded/ You got your mama's style/ But you're yesterday's child to me/ So jaded," Steven Tyler sings in the opening verse.

As the song dives into the chorus, the flamboyant, 52-year-old singer croons: "My my baby blue/ Yeah I been thinkin' 'bout you/ My my baby blue/ Yeah you're so jaded/ And I'm the one that jaded you."

Complete with circus acrobats, cigars and snakes, the band's performance commanded one of the few standing ovations of the night.

At the ceremony, Aerosmith received the pre-announced Award of Achievement, which has been given only three times previously to Michael Jackson, Prince and Mariah Carey.

Though it has not been officially released to radio, "Jaded" has already turned up on the airwaves and is available via the file-sharing service Napster. A video for the song will be shot later this week.

Just Push Play, which follows 1997's Nine Lives, is due in the spring. Tyler and Perry are writing and producing the album with Marti Frederiksen and Mark Hudson, marking the first time members of Aerosmith have taken control as producers.

Aerosmith will play the halftime show for Super Bowl XXXV on January 28 in Tampa, Florida, sharing the field with 'NSYNC. The 30-year-old band will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in March, along with Michael Jackson, Queen, Paul Simon and Steely Dan.

January 9, 2001

Aerosmith Live @ the American Music Awards

Last night Aerosmith performed their new single "Jaded" at the American Music Awards. Just moments before they performed, they were awarded the "International Artist Award" This award has only given out to 4 other Artists. has a few more pictures from the performance : Click the link to go view them!

January 7, 2001

Jaded! Steven & Joe on the Radio

The Lyrics to Jaded
(as transcribed by Travis Lawrence)

rock this way

Steven on E!

rock this way

January 6, 2001

Jaded Sound Clip!

I now have a sound clip of Jaded in  the audio sound clips section. It's A great tune. Not really a hard rocker like Angels Eye. 
A little more on the lines of Deuces are Wild.

Click here to listen to the sound clip!


January 4, 2001

Jaded on the radio!

rock this way

Aerosmith gets 'N Sync for Super Bowl


January 3, 2001

Jaded Video Shoot!!

Aerosmith Laser Show at Museum of Science in Boston

rock this way

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