Boston Herald -- Inside Track
Sunday, April 9, 2000
By Gayle Fee and Laura Raposa

Our favorite Bad Boys of Boston haven't put the brakes on since coming off tour in January, but Aerosmith will get really revving this week when their producer comes to town to get the show on the road!
   Bassist Tom Hamilton reports the band, led by songsmiths Steven Tyler and Joe Perry, has hammered out five or six songs for a new album that - they hope - will be released early next year.
   ``We're going to really start getting into it in an organized way,'' said Hamilton, who starred in Banned in Boston, a hilarious musical benefit at Avalon the other night. ``When we were talking about doing this album, we all agreed we don't want to spend two years on it like the last two.''
   In other words, not the Same Ol Song and Dance. This time out, the boys have tapped producer Matt Serletic, the man behind the Grammy-winning Rob Thomas/Carlos Santana megahit ``Smooth,'' to head up their project. We assume the boys hope Matt has the Midas touch!
   Hamilton also said that the Bad Boys want to make this album in Boston, something they haven't done since Rocks, their fourth album, which came out in 1976.
   ``We want to record in Boston and don't see any reason why we can't,'' he said, adding that they've camped out for months in Miami, Vancouver, Los Angeles and New York during their last recording sessions.
   ``Our last two albums had to be recorded twice,'' he said. ``We'd get the whole thing done and realize that we don't have what we need and have to go back in the studio. It's excruciating. But I don't think it will happen this time. Recording close to home helps. And also, according to Tom, technology is on their side.
   ``These days, if you really wanted to, you could make an album in your basement,'' said the bassist. ``Who knows? Maybe we'll wind up doing some of it like that.''
   The Aerosmith Basement Tapes?
``That used to mean real funky and scratchy sounding, but now it can be a really great sounding album,'' he said.

They could be onto something here . . .