Aerosmith axman learns about Life on the Street

By Gayle Fee and Laura Raposa

Aerosmith hunk Joe Perry, who has proven that he's had Nine Lives, wants to come back as an actor in Life No. 10.
Perry told the Track he'll "never diss actors again" after spending a few days down in Baltimore on the "Homicide: Life on the Street" set playing a disgruntled D.C. narcotics cop.
"It's hard work," said the ex-druggie, who is getting a real kick out of playing a soldier in the nation's drug war. "There were a lot of lines to learn and I'm not even finished yet, but I liked it a lot."
Joe, who returned yesterday from Charm City, scored the gig through a woman in his New York office who knows "Homicide" honcho Tom Fontana.
"I had been asking around about roles for awhile," he said. "I mean, Steven (Tyler) did that part in a movie earlier this year and I figured why should he have all the fun?"
Tyler appears in "Goodnight, Joseph Parker" with Paul Sorvino and Debi Mazar, which may surface at the Toronto Film Festival.)
The plot of Joe's show, which NBC has slated to air on Oct. 16, is based on a true story: Two kids drive to D.C. to cop some coke and one of them gets shot. So instead of getting help at a hospital in Washington, they drive back to Baltimore and the kid bleeds to death in the car.
Enter Crimefighter Joe, who drives over the border to Baltimore to work the case with the local blue crew -- detectives Laura Ballard and Stuart Gharty, played by Lincoln homegal Callie Thorne and Providence homey Peter Gerety. And, of course, trade a few harsh words with Lt. Al Giardello.
"I really don't want the case because the kid really died in Baltimore and we get into it," he said. "It's a great part -- not a walk-on, not a cameo."
It's Must See TV!
Perry, who admits he's only seen "Homicide" a couple of times, heads back down south next week to shoot a few more scenes in the squad room and on the Street.
In the meantime, Joe said he's "bummed out" about the cancelled Aerosmith show at Great Woods in August. But the band, which had to postpone their next leg of the "Nine Lives" tour for a few weeks while drummer Joey Kramer's burned arms healed, has reserved the FleetCenter for a special New Year's Eve show.