By Gayle Fee/Laura Raposa
Aug. 3, 1998

Aerosmith's main men, Joe Perry and Steven Tyler, went swimmin' wid da fishes the other night and lived to tell about it. The Boston Bad Boys, who are known for Living on the Edge, donned their scuba gear and spent 45 minutes hanging out with the sharks in the big tank at the New England Aquarium!
"I spend a lot of time with lawyers, so the shark tank was no big deal," Perry told the Track. "Actually, the fish are so used to having people in there all the time; they were pretty cool about it."
Not so cool were his kids, Tony and Roman, and Steven's Chelsea and Taj, who were freaked out seeing their dads jammed up with "Jaws." "I think they were afraid for them," said Joe's wife, Billie. "When they came out, the kids were screaming 'Daddy! Daddy!' like they hadn't seen them in a year."
The daddys were hooked up at the aquarium by Fin Feather & Fur owner John Blackadar, who asked his celebrity aquarium owners to the private party thrown by Tetra, the tank titans.
In fact, Perry said he's more in awe of his buddy , Blackadar -- head of the Qunicy Underwater Recovery Team -- than his new finned friends in the shark tank. "All these scuba divers volunteer to find bodies in the Quincy quarry," said the rocker. "They're the real heros."