Working at HomeEver wish you could work at home at your convenience, and without a boss?

More Free Time How about more time with family and friends instead of spending most of your time at work?

Financial Freedom/Earn Extra IncomeThe sky is the limit. The harder you work at your business the more you will succeed. Whether your goal is to make an extra couple hundred dollars a month or $150,000 a year, it can be attained with this business. Whatever your goals are, we will work together to attain them for you. We help you to be successful because when you succeed we succeed.

Tax DeductionsBecause this is your own business, you are able to write off many of your expenses.


1.      10% of your gas and electric bills.

2.      A second phone line (if you have one).

3.      Your computer (if you have one, you can use it as a deduction for up to 2 years).

4.      Your Internet service (if you have it).

5.      Mileage: You’ll be compensated for any driving to and from any business related trips. You’ll get $.35 per mile.

6.      Office supplies/tools you use for your business such as a desk for your office, monthly planners, paper ect…

7.      Any other business related expenses such as business dinners.


    Hey Aerosmith fans! It’s me--Jason from Most of us are unhappy with our jobs or our financial situations. So why not try to do something about it? I did ;-) You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!


    Just remember location means nothing. Whether you live 5 miles away or 5000 miles away, we can help you establish a profitable business. If you want more information regarding this great business opportunity, please feel free to call us at (810) 516-1627. For now this is the phone number to contact us with. Our toll free number will be available within the next couple weeks. If we don't answer please leave your name, phone number or any other information or questions you might have. You can also e-mail us at Either way we will get back with you so that we can answer your questions and show you the business. 


    Visit my business website at You will need to enter a password to enter. The password is: Q.success


Talk to you soon!




JKZ International