Here are my collection of awards. 
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AeroPaint's Award of excellence

Just been to your site-VERY NICE!!! I have never, I mean NEVER, seen a homepage with a intro like that! Absolutely Fabulous!! Go to my award page, and apply for the Aerosmith ones I got. Hell, you'd be a shoe-in.

Awarded by Aeropaint 4/19/00



AeroPaint's Absolutely Fabulous Web Design Winner

Your site has won the AeroPaint's Absolutely Fabulous Web Design Award.
These cannot be applied for, I just hand them out. Mind you, they aren't just flying anywhere.

Awarded by Aeropaint 4/21/00



Aerocat's Gold Award

Congratulations!  You've won Aerocat's Gold Award. I can tell you've put a
lot of work into your website and it seems you are constantly adding new
stuff. You certainly deserve this award!

Awarded by Aerocat's Lair 3113 4/25/00


Renee's Mostly Steven Tyler Page Gold Award

Wow. The site's changed a whole hell of a lot since I last saw it. Sweeet. So here's my Gold Award. Truly well deserved I must say.

Awarded by Renee's Mostly Steven Tyler Page 4/26/00



Aerocat's Lair 3113  (Cool page of the month)

Out of all the pages that won awards this month, I liked yours the I'm giving you the Cool Page of the Month for April.  :)

Awarded by Aerocat's Lair 3113 5/01/00



Tekker's Cool Site Award

Awarded By Tekker's Aeroplace 5/03/00


You've just made it to be a 'Real Artist at Work', for the real original design work you've done. Cybernettix just visited your fine pages... and they look great! Nice HTML Design and Graphics made you winner of the Web Design Award. We really liked your your main page and the great info !

Awarded By Cybernettix -  5/30/00



Awarded by Lipsticc - 6/15/00


Your site definitely qualifies for the "Critical Mass Award". A very nice site, excellent design, beautiful original graphics, great photos, and your content is informative, entertaining, presented well and easy to access. A worthy tribute and a positive contribution to the Web.

Thanks for helping make the Web a more interesting,
fun and attractive place to visit. I really enjoyed my
visit to your site and will return again.

Awarded By Critical Mass 6/16/00


Awarded By Jennifer's Aerosmith Page 7/7/00


Awarded By Aerobeki's Aerosmith Zone 9/16/00


Awarded By 9/20/00


Awarded By Aeroswede 3/23/01


Awarded By Daisy 4/7/01


Congrats, you are Aerosmith Web's Site of the Month for June 2001! Keep up
the GREAT AeroWork!

Awarded By 6/1/01



Thank you for signing up for the Aerosmith Web Award of Excellence. Your site is worthy! Aerosmith Web bows down to you. Keep up the kick ass work!

Awarded By 5/22/01


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