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 April 30, 2001

MTV Latin America

This friday Aerosmith's Jaded was at #1 on the top 20 of MTV Latin America. This is in Mexico, and they have been at #1 for two weeks. In Argentina they are at #7.

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April 29, 2001

More backstage revelations from Nitebob

Taken from Revolver Worldwide May/June 2001

    DURING ONE OF THE EIGHTIES AEROSMTTH tours, Steven Tyler decided that there was nothing he hated more than his hair being wet. One day he came in and said, 'I figured it out, man. If it takes me 15 minutes to dry my hair with a 1,500 watt blow dryer, I can do it in five if I use three dryers at once!' So he made this thing that became known as 'The Blowtorch': He attached three Conair blow dryers together; two of the handles faced down and one faced up, and the three power cables were wrapped together. During long songs, like 'Red House; Tyler would run into this little onstage dressing room and yell, 'Dry my hair!' Jay, the guy responsible for doing it, would say, 'Gee, Steven, I think I'm burning your scalp; Steven always answered the same thing: 'Just dry my hair!' One day, they plugged the Blowtorch into the same line that all the amps on stage-right were plugged into. As soon as they fired that fucking thing up, all the power blew out'.

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Pictures from German magazine AMICA

    Pictures from AMICA #2 Pictures from AMICA #1
    Thanks to Petra for sending these!

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April 28, 2001

Just Push Play Totals

This is the latest info from Sound Scan. Aerosmith's "Just Push Play" has been shipped platinum and after 7 weeks of release, it has sold... 727,273 copies.

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Some German Magazine Alerts...

    1) AMICA 5/01 (women's mag): 3 pages, 3 pix of Steven, 1 of Joe
    2) Breakout 4/01 (May/June): 2 pages interview from Munich, 1 page review of Munich Club Gig
    3) Rockhard 5/01: 1 page Munich review
    4) Metal Hammer 5/01: 1 page Munich review
    5) Access 5/01: 2 pages, JPP/history

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Revolver Worldwide

    Revolver Worldwide May/June 2001 has a 4 page article (pages 66-69) along with old b/w pictures recounting backstage gossip from Super-Roadie, and ex-Aerosmith sound engineer, Nitebob from the 70 & 80's.

    Pictures from this magazine can be found in the magazine section at

    Backstage revelations through the eyes of Super-roadie Nitebob, taken from Revolver Worldwide May/June 2001 issue:

    "TOURING IS COOL AT FIRST, BUT - LIKE anything else - after 20 weeks, it becomes a job. Life on the road is exactly like the Bill Murray movie Groundhog Day. You repeat the same day over and over again with slight variations. It's just another arena, another gig, and the band's freaking out about something. After a while you want to do something just to alleviate the monotony.
    "Bands try to maintain a certain level of comfort during the drudgery. As a result, they can become really particular about little things. Aerosmith in particular had a thing about food that undoubtedly stemmed from being holed up in dressing room after dressing room after dressing room: If they didn't get fresh turkey on the bone, they would flip out, because it was a sure sign that the promoter had overlooked more important things as well. And of course, if the food was shit for the band, it was even worse for the road crew. We'd always sneak into the dressing room and eat some of their food and then try to rearrange the platter so it looked like nobody had touched it. Sometimes a mandate would come down from the tour manager: 'We know you're messing with the band's food, and don't do it anymore: Or, the guys in the band would bust us. They'd say, 'Have you been in here touching our food?' and we'd say, 'Yeah we put our dicks all over it: They'd go, 'Oh, we don't want to eat it now!' Eventually, we'd tell them, 'No, we're only kidding, it isn't true:
    "But of course, sometimes it was true. We had put our dicks all over it!"

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Classic Rock magazine

Classic Rock, May 2001 Edition (AC/DC on front cover), has a 2 page (64/65) review and pictures from Aerosmith's Club gig at Babylon Club, Munich 24 March 2001.

The pictures that came with it are exclusive and can be found in the magazine section at

Below is the review as told by Chris Ingham for Classic Rock, May Issue. 

Babylon Club, Munich 24 March, 2001
Set List: `Mama Kin'/'Same Old Song And Dance'/ `One Way Street: / Big Ten Inch Record'/ `Chip Away The Stone'/ 'I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing'/ `Sweet Emotion'/ `Jaded'/'Train Kept A Rollin"/ `Come Together'/ `Walk This Way'/ `Toys In The Attic'

HOW LUCKY DO YOU WANT to consider yourself? Is full health enough? A passable bank account, surely? Security and friendship guaranteed? Or would you swap any or all of the above to see a club gig by the best rock'n'roll band in the world? Scarcely believable though it seems, Aerosmith decided to launch their European press tour for "Just Push Play' in the industrial looking confines of a Munich sweat house. You'd have to go back some 11 years to the then Charing Cross Marquee club for the last time that Aerosmith played a gig this intimate.
But happen it did. Kicking off with a swaggering same 'Mama Kin' it was clear that this Aerosmith was not interested in recreating the MTV sugar of 'Pink' or `Livin' On The Edge' for a club gig. The Peter Pan like figure of Steven Tyler locked on course for another age revising moment as he pouted and preened like a prize winning peacock through the chorus. By his side, and every inch Tyler's performing equal, stands "Joe mother fucking Perry" who, like his vocal companion, looks like he's been preserved in formaldehyde since he turned 40 over a decade ago. Those Perry hands curl out riff after classic riff and you can see from the smile on his face just how much he still loves the effect those timeless sounds have on the crowd in front of him.
Truth be told, this secret show was wasted on the Germans, who've only been acquainted with Aerosmith via the MTV comeback years. `Rocks' era Aerosmith had been a largely unknown quantity in Europe, the band having only managed one visit during their worst drugged out years in the late 70s. While Aero Force One onstage may enjoy ripping out classic jams like `Chip Away The Stone' and `Big Ten Inch Record', the crowd are bewildered by the Boston faves set choice. They're here to see a big music productions like `Crazy' or 'Cryin". While 'I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing' proves the biggest hit of the night, but the sugar sweet side of Aerosmith is not what these boys are here to do. This gig is about remembering how to walk a certain way.
Guitarist Brad Whitford is his usual calm and assured self, content to play supporting role to the cool as you like Perry out front. Like Malcolm and Angus Young, without the solid rock of Whitford behind the groove, that sparkling Joe Perry cool which is the cornerstone to the Aero hit machine would dissolve the moment it hit the live stage.
Original Woodstock burn out victim Todd Hamilion too has kept his 70s swing and the lead bass intro into 'Sweet Emotion' remains a definitive classic rock moment before Perry's mouth box guitar effect kicks in.
Organized at the band's insistence at some 48 hours notice, this gig is about shaking off the rust. As Tyler and co see it they can hardly go around the world talking about rock'n'roll 24-7 when its been two long years since they last did any of it for real. And if they're going to go out there and do a low key club gig like this then Aerosmith will be damned if they're going to pull out all those MTV ballads for this crowd. If it means that drummer Joey Kramer is facing an agonizing set pounding away on the drums to supply that famous Aero swing then so be it. Thumping through hard edged versions of 'Come Together', 'Train Kept A Rollin" and about as raucous a version of `Walk This Way' as you are ever likely to hear.
By the encore, Kramer's left wrist is taped up and Tyler even turns around to ask the drummer if he can manage to blast through a ragged, screaming version of `Toys in the Attic: He does and the game's up. Aero Force One is back in action for another two years at the very least.
Chris Ingham

The next Classic Rock will have the same photo as in Hard (Topless Twins) on the Front Cover.

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April 27, 2001

Aerosmith Grab Bags

Hey AF1'ers -

Fan Asylum would like to extend our gratitude and let you know what a killer ride it has been servicing you through Aero Force One for the past 16 years.  As you know, Aerosmith's new album, Just Push Play, kicks a ton of ass and now the boys are gearin' up to hit the road.  Before you go packing your bags to catch them on tour, we have a few things you might want to make extra room for.

As a special thanks to all the fans for making our years with Aero Force One so memorable, Fan Asylum is offering a limited amount of specially priced Grab Bags filled with tons of sweet Aerosmith merchandise and a few surprises that will rock your world. 

There are two Grab Bags you can choose from - the First Class Grab Bag and the Mile High Grab Bag.  Wanna know what's in 'em?  Well, here's a little taste of the tiers and what you may find in your Aerosmith Grab Bag:
(Every package is unique and contains a minimum of five various items listed below.)


FIRST CLASS:  T-shirts, license plate frames, beanies, caps, jerseys, backstage passes from past concerts, crew passes from past concerts, decals, used drum sticks, camisoles, muscle tees, kids tees, calendars, magnetic poetry, car emblems, mini Aerosmith Collector's Car and more!

Price:  $50.00 (price includes Federal Express 2nd day shipping)
Item #AEN097

Approximate merchandise retail value is over $80.00


MILE HIGH: Items included in the FIRST CLASS package and one or more of these items: Autographed CD booklet, autographed drumhead, autographed drum sticks, posters, guitar picks, autographed drum gloves, sweatshirts, workshirts, commuter mugs, blankets and more!

Price: $125.00 (price includes Federal Express 2nd day shipping)
Item #AEN098

Approximate merchandise retail value is over $220.00


Remember, supplies are EXTREMLEY limited, so get yours today!  Orders will be fulfilled on a first come first served basis.  All Grab Bags will be distributed randomly.

Order by phone with a credit card: 415.575.6644

Order by mail:

  Please make check or money order payable to Fan Asylum and mail to:

  Aerosmith Grab Bags
  P.O. Box 883848
  San Francisco, CA 94188

Please include your first name, last name, physical shipping address (no P.O. Boxes as the order will ship Federal Express) and daytime telephone number.

No refunds or exchanges.  All sales are final.  Checks may take 5-7 business days to clear before we ship out your order.  In the event that we sell out of the Aerosmith Grab Bags, we will return your check or money order by mail.

New Customer Service hours:  Monday - Friday from 12:00 PM - 5:30 PM PT.  During non-business hours, you may place your order on our voice mail system.

AF1 Question Hotline

Hey Aerosmith Fans!
Aero Force One has set up a temporary toll free number
to keep you connected and take your questions while we
expand service on our current information line to better
serve AF1 members.

The number is 1-866-885-3897

You can reach this number starting Saturday April 28th
between the hours of 10am and 6pm EDT.


Fan Club Ticket Availability

Hey Aerosmith Fans!

Aero Force One has set up a temporary toll free number to keep you connected and take your questions while we expand service on our current information line to better serve AF1 members.

The number is 1-866-885-3897

You can reach this number starting Saturday April 28th between the hours of 10am and 6pm EDT.

Announcing Aerosmith’s Just Push Play Summer Tour 2001 dates.

City State Venue Show Date Ticket Price Map Status
Raleigh NC Alltell Pavilion 21-Sep-01 $78.00 Get Map Sold Out
New Orleans LA Arena 3-Sep-01 $75.00 Get Map Sold Out
Cleveland OH Blossom 17-Jul-01 $70.00   Sold Out
Darien Lakes NY Darien Ctr. 15-Jul-01 $70.00   Sold Out
Denver CO Fiddlers Green 23-Jul-01 $70.00   Sold Out
Toronto CANADA Molson Amp. 2-Jul-01 $133.75** Get Map Sold Out
Washington DC DC Nissan Pavilion 24-Jun-01 $78.50 Get Map Sold Out
Pittsburgh PA Post Gazette 30-Jun-01 $85.00 Get Map Sold Out
Boston MA Tweeter Ctr. 26-Jun-01 $75.00 Get Map Sold Out
Boston MA Tweeter Ctr. 28-Jun-01 $75.00 Get Map Sold Out
Indianapolis IL Verizon Amp. 9-Jul-01 $75.00 Get Map Sold Out
Charlotte NC Verizon 9-Sep-01 $78.00 Get Map Sold Out
Nashville TN Amsouth Amp. 19-Sep-01 $78.00   Sold Out
Concord CA Chronicle Pavilion 8-Aug-01 $78.00   Sold Out
San Diego CA Coors Amp. 16-Aug-01 $70.00   Sold Out
Phoenix AZ Desert Sky 26-Aug-01 $75.00   Sold Out
San Bernardino CA Glen Helen 24-Aug-01 $88.25   Sold Out
Atlanta GA Hi Fi Buys Amp. 17-Sep-01 $70.00   Sold Out
Las Vegas NV MGM Grand 18-Aug-01 $100.00   Sold Out
Alpine Valley WI Music Center 7-Jul-01 $78.00   Sold Out
Chicago IL New World 5-Jul-01 $78.00   Sold Out
Columbus OH Polaris 11-Jul-01 $75.00   Sold Out
Memphis TN Pyramid 5-Sep-01 $75.00   Sold Out
Mountain View CA Shoreline 14-Aug-01 $78.25   Sold Out
Dallas TX Smirnoff 1-Sep-01 $70.00   Sold Out
Sacramento CA Valley Amp. 12-Aug-01 $78.00   Sold Out
Virginia Beach VA Verizon 11-Sep-01 $77.75   Sold Out
Irvine CA Verizon 20-Aug-01 $88.25   Sold Out
Irvine CA Verizon 22-Aug-01 $88.25   Sold Out
Hartford CT Meadows Music 06-Jun-01   Get Map More Soon
Saratoga NY Saratoga Performing Arts Center 08-Jun-01   Get map More Soon
Holmdel NJ PNC Bank Arts Center 10-Jun-01   Get Map More Soon
Wantagh NY Jones Beach 16-Jun-01   Get Map More Soon
Hershey PA Hershey Park 22-Jun-01   Get Map More Soon
Detroit MI DTE Energy Music Theatre 13-July-01   Get Map More Soon
St. Louis MO Riverport Amphitheatre 19-July-01   Get Map More Soon
Kansas City KS Sandstone Amphitheater 21-July-01   Get Map More Soon
Cincinnati OH Riverbend Music Center 07-Sep-01   Get Map More Soon
Camden NJ Tweeter Center At the Waterfront 13-Sep-01   Get Map More Soon

Other Cities Aerosmith Will Be Visiting This Summer:
Baltimore, MD
Houston, TX
San Antonio, TX
West Palm Beach, FL

* - prices do not include, S&H, or applicable taxes. ** - Canadian tickets are in Canadian dollars

For those of you that tried to purchase tickets to Detroit, Hershey, Wantagh, Hartford, Holmdel, Cincinnati, St. Louis, Kansas City, Saratoga and Camden last weekend, we continue to work to connect you with your tickets by contacting you separately. We are handling those tickets separately as we sort through the process of reaching out to you to expedite getting you your tickets. Telephone operators will not have information about those 13 shows.



Another AF1 Update

Hello Fans,

The AeroforceOne Box Office will be open on Friday April 27th from
8am through 8pm Eastern Time (which is 7 Central, and 5 Pacific)

The two toll-free phone numbers for ticket orders are:
(866) 385-6243
(877) 221-5331

Again we apologize for the confusion surrounding ticketing last week.
We believe the current ticketing program we have put in place will best serve and benefit all fans going forward.

April 26, 2001

Ticket Purchase Info from Fansrule

Preferred tickets for Aerosmith shows that are going on sale to the general public on Saturday and Sunday, as well as the Raleigh, New Orleans, Cleveland, Darien Lakes, Denver, Toronto, Washington DC, Pittsburgh, Boston, Indianapolis and Charlotte shows that went on sale on April 21st will be available to Fan Club Members on Friday April 27th from 8am to 8pm Eastern Daylight Time. 

All ticketing for these shows will be handled through toll free telephone numbers. Tickets to these shows will only be available through the toll-free telephone box office. Since we cannot process ticket orders via fax or email, we remind you that orders received via fax or email cannot be processed. 

The 800 numbers for the box office will be made available. Every fan member for whom we have a telephone number will be called with a pre-recorded telephone message detailing the information. We will also deliver that same information via email to each fan for whom we have an email address, and that same information will be posted on the website. These numbers will be active, and tickets will be available between 8am and 8 pm Eastern Daylight Time this Friday April 27th. These numbers are for TICKET SALES ONLY. The following shows are going on sale.   




Show Date

Ticket Price



Alltell Pavilion



New Orleans










Darien Lakes


Darien Ctr.





Fiddlers Green





Molson Amp.



Washington DC


Nissan Pavilion





Post Gazette





Tweeter Ctr.





Tweeter Ctr.





Verizon Amp.










Amsouth Amp.





Chronicle Pavilion



San Diego


Coors Amp.





Desert Sky



San Bernardino


Glen Helen





Hi Fi Buys Amp.



Las Vegas


MGM Grand



Alpine Valley


Music Center





New World













Mountain View












Valley Amp.



Virginia Beach















* - prices do not include, S&H, or applicable taxes.

** - Canadian tickets are in Canadian dollars

For those of you that tried to purchase tickets to Detroit, Hershey, Wantagh, Hartford, Holmdel, Cincinnati, St. Louis, Kansas City, Saratoga and Camden last weekend, we continue to work to connect you with your tickets by contacting you separately. Tickets for those shows will not be available through these 800 numbers. We are handling those tickets separately as we sort through the process of reaching out to you to expedite getting you your tickets. Telephone operators will not have information about those 13 shows. It is critical that we deal separately with those 13 shows in order best manage the heavy volume of calls that will come in for the new on-sale dates. Again, do not call these 800 numbers for tickets or ticket information for those tickets that the fan club already put on sale.

April 25, 2001

A message from an AF1 member

This was sent to me today.

Hi Jason, When I got home from work last night, I had a phone call from Joyce Logan, who works for Fansrule. I called her back and she took my order right then. She told me, that all phone calls, faxes, and emails would be returned. That no shows were sold out, and all fan club members would get tickets. She admitted that Fansrule was totally unprepared for the response from the fans. It takes time to return 50,000 messages, but people on the boards keep getting phone calls! Aerosmith loves their fans. I trust Aerosmith.

 Thanks, Dana

Another AF1 Update

Thanks to all of the Aero Force One fans out there
who have been so supportive and helpful in this process.  It has been
a challenge, to say the least.  As many of you know, we continue to
contact you through email, phone, fax, and in person in an effort to
help resolve the issues surrounding the past ticketing challenges. 
Thanks again to so many of you for your patience.

The FansRULE team has been blown away by the sincerity, understanding
and support of those Aero Force One fans we have contacted.  We
appreciate and have heard your input:  communicate, we want our
tickets, communicate.  This is our mission.

We are continuing to reach out to connect you to your tickets. We
will reopen the ticket process for available dates later this week. 
Day, time and phone number for ticketing will be announced this
afternoon, Wednesday April 25, 2001.  We will email and post the
details for you as soon as that is available.  Aero Force One has
determined that it is not in the best interest of the fan club to
continue to offer ONLINE ticketing at this time. 

Based on feedback from the fan base, Aero Force One WILL attempt to
make 2 tickets available to you to MORE than one show.  Details of
this will be made available to you in our next communication.  Be
aware that doing this may limit the opportunity for everyone to get
tickets to the show of their choice.
We will do everything possible to provide each fan club member with
tickets. However the fan club has grown to a point where we are
concerned that we will not be able to get each one of you tickets to
the venue of your choice.  The fact that we could not provide you with
advance ticketing was beyond our control, but we are doing everything
possible to make a pair of tickets available to each registered fan
club member. 

To keep you informed of all ticketing information for the Just Push
Play Tour you should be aware that SFX, Ticketmaster and MSN are
currently running a custom online advance ticketing promotion for tour
dates, which are listed with ticket purchase information at both the and sites. For those of you that would like
to maximize the opportunity to get tickets to the show of your choice-
this could be an excellent shot at acquiring additional tickets.

We recognize that this could add an element of confusion as to which
source represents the best opportunity for you to get Aerosmith tickets.
But please recognize that as the band's popularity continues to soar
the demand for ticketing exceeds existing capacity, which puts all
providers of ticketing, inclusive of Aero Force One, in the position
of managing a very challenging process.  

As we reach out to each of you to remedy the recent problems, I ask
that you recognize our commitment to make things right and that your
patience will make it easier for us to do just that. 

Virtually yours,

Joe Armetta


Message To AF1 Members From

To our friends in Aero Force One:

Management of Aero Force One has been transferred from Fan Asylum to its new home at FansRule. We have been receiving many emails and phone calls regarding the status of the fan club. Because we are no longer running AF1, we have been forwarding your emails to FansRule to answer.

We transferred the fan club database to FansRule shortly after the release of Just Push Play. We would like to assure everyone that the information provided was current and correct with your seniority status and frequent flyer miles intact cooperating with FansRule to the fullest extent. FansRule has not contacted us indicating there were any problems with the transfer or that they have had problems working with the database.

The staff at Fan Asylum enjoyed our relationship with Aerosmith, their management and especially the members of AF1 over the past 16 years. We, along with the AF1 members, had no advance knowledge of the change in fan club management until Just Push Play was released. We wish FansRule all the best and hope everything works out for all the members of AF1.


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Boston Globe article

Here is some news from today's Boston Globe..

Just play, you old coots

We're hardly ones to joke that the addition of Aerosmith to WBCN-FM's River Rave bill raises the median age of the performers by, oh, a few months. Hey, our attendance and that of WBCN program director Oedipus raises the audience median age a bit, too. But, in what we'd guess to be a highly accurate rumor, sources close to the station say you can expect Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, and the bad boys of suburban Boston to play the multiband event at Foxboro Stadium May 26. An announcement from the station may come as soon as this afternoon. If it happens, we bet the old coots will show young, moody whippersnappers like Coldplay and Lifehouse how to rock at Foxboro Stadium!

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April 24, 2001

Aerosmith playing LA Festival

From MTV News :

Aerosmith, Ricky Martin, the Backstreet Boys, Moby and the Bee Gees will play Los Angeles' Wango Tango festival on June 16 and 17.

The concert, which is spreading over two days for the first time in its three-year history, is sponsored by radio station KIIS-FM.

The June 16 lineup includes the Backstreet Boys, Moby, Martin, Jessica Simpson, Nelly Furtado, Joe, Krystal and Shaggy. The June 17 bill features Aerosmith, Dream, Vertical Horizon and American Hi-Fi and the Bee Gees.

The event will be held at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, and organizers said more artists will be announced this week.



Z100 Zootopia

Z100 Announces All Star Line-up for Huge Zootopia 2001 Concert Including Aerosmith, Shaggy, O-Town, Jessica Simpson and Pink, Among Others


- Z Village Presents Day-Long Interactive Event for Fans -

- Net Proceeds From Zootopia Go to Charity -

Z100, America's most listened to radio station, announces the first group of superstar artists for its annual Zootopia 2001 concert, set for Friday, June 1st at 7pm at Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum. Some of the artists scheduled to perform this year are AEROSMITH, SHAGGY, PINK, THE CORRS, 3LW, LIFEHOUSE, O-TOWN, JESSICA SIMPSON, NELLY FURTADO AND EDEN'S CRUSH. A limited number of tickets will be made available to Z-VIP and Z-VIP Rewards members. Those interested in getting the jump on Zootopia 2001 tickets can become a Z-VIP by logging on to the Z100 website at ( and clicking on the "Z-VIP Rewards" icon.

"This year's lineup - spanning from Aerosmith and Lifehouse to Shaggy and Pink - is once again an excellent snapshot of the hit music scene," commented Tom Poleman, Sr. VP of Programming, Z100. "Just as today's pop charts span a variety of genres, Zootopia will showcase the best in today's hit music, from rock to rhythm."

Z100 will also give fans a free interactive experience in "Z Village," an all-day extravaganza" from12 noon to 7pm. The special Z100 "village area" will be set up just outside Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum and will feature a live broadcast from Z100 personality Lisa Taylor, games and giveaways, interactive booths, artist meet and greets, special live performances and a last chance to win tickets to Z100's Zootopia 2001.

A portion of net proceeds will go to charity. The first participating charity will be the National Child Identification Program. Formed in 1997 by the American Football Coaches Association (AFCA), the National Child Identification Program has the goal of fingerprinting 60 million children. Since it's inception, the program has distributed more than 8 million child I.D. kits. The effort is the largest child identification program ever conducted. The program was created in response to some startling statistics. Every year, 450,000 children run away, an additional 350,000 are abducted by a family member and over 4,500 are abused by a stranger -- 800,000 children are missing somewhere in America each year. That's one child every 40 seconds. Yet, less than two percent of parents have a copy of their child's fingerprints to use in case of emergency. With the support of then-governor George W. Bush, Texas became the first (and only) state to have distributed a kit to every child, grades K-12.

Last year's Zootopia rocked the house with stars Christina Aguilera, Sugar Ray, Destiny's Child, Macy Gray, Vitamin C, the Goo Goo Dolls, Savage Garden, Mandy Moore, Jessica Simpson and Hanson participating.

Tickets for Zootopia 2001 went on sale Friday, April 20th at 5pm at Ticketmaster Charge-By-Phone outlets only. Ticket prices are $75, $65 and $45. Ticketmaster Charge By Phone is reachable at 212-307-7171, 201-507-8900, 631-888-9000, 914-454-3388 or 212-307-7200 (automated).

Stay tuned for more artist and concert info.

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Af1 Calling it's members...

This was sent to me today...

Just got a phone call! Was told that Aerosmith has stepped in and brought their own management team in to work with Fansrule to straighten out this mess. Was assured several times that the Fans will get tickets!! He said everybody with Aerosmith management team and fansrule, is returning emails, faxes, and phone calls, and they have all been working around the clock since yesterday! I told the guy (no, forgot his name got to excited) that a couple of the fans were pissed at Aerosmith about this, and then everybody would jump on 'em. I told him that practically all of us knew it wasn't Aerosmith's fault, and that Aerosmith would take care of it when they found out. He's said he would let them know that the fans are still there for them, even through a mess like this!!! LOVE AEROSMITH!!!


A Letter from FansRule

This was sent today from af1

Dear Fans,

On behalf of everyone at FansRULE, I want you to know how sorry I am for the difficulty and confusion you have experienced as Aeroforceone fan club members and especially around getting your preferred seating concert tickets.

We are doing everything possible to clear up the mess; to make you feel well taken care of; to earn your trust, first and foremost, to get you connected to your Aerosmith tickets. As many of you are experiencing – we are in the process of doing just that. We have called many of you personally, and are continuing to reach out by phone and email to many more of you to address your concerns about Aeroforceone and FansRULE and again, most importantly, about getting you your tickets.

Listen, we know you don’t want to hear us moan about our problems. We know that you really just want to get your tickets. Many of you are pissed off, and have made it clear that you have trust issues with the new fan club. You’ve also told us that you feel a lot better about things when you get some answers about what’s gone wrong. This is basically it – in the past, the fan club has always had advance notice of tour dates and could make tickets available to fan club members before tickets went on sale to the general public. What happened this time is that the fan club, VH1, USAToday, SFX and Ticketmaster all got official tour information at almost the same time. (Yeah, of course there were some leaks, there always are.) Truth be told, FansRULE was unprepared to handle the huge volume of ticket orders that came in all at once. We believe that in future legs of Aerosmith’s tour, we will be able to again provide fan club members with advanced info and ticketing opportunities before they go on sale to the general public, we certainly hope so. Better for you – better for us to be able to serve you.

Because so many dates went on sale at the same time, without the benefit of advanced notice, so many of the fan club members – and there are thousands and thousands of you – called and emailed all at once, which caused our systems to crash. We were unprepared for the rush. So many of you, completely understandably, called, faxed and emailed our offices wanting to know what happened – it took all of our resources to field your requests and concerns. It became almost impossible for us reach-out through the deluge of incoming messages. As a result, we failed to give you information and get you your tickets in a way that would have made you feel as though you were being taken care of the way you deserve to be. And again, we are terribly sorry.

Now, we have added staff and have taken additional measures to help us to carry the load. We are continuing to respond to you to via email or phone so that we can sort the ticket thing out. We are reorganizing our ability to accommodate your ticket requests, and as soon as we have our systems up and running, we will let you know so that you can get your tickets. We are working toward having this completed in a matter of days, and will keep you posted daily.

Rest assured that although some shows are being reported as “Sold Out”, it does not mean that the fan club tickets are sold out.

As you may know, tickets will be going on sale for the following shows on Wednesday April 25th (Columbus – July 11; Phoenix – Aug. 26; Atlanta – Sep. 17; Dallas – Sep. 1; Sacramento – Aug. 12; Nashville – Sep. 19) Saturday April 28th (Chicago – July 5; Alpine Valley – July 7; San Diego – Aug 16; Las Vegas – Aug. 18; Memphis – Sep. 5; Virginia Beach – Sep. 11) and Sunday April 29th (Concord - Aug. 8; Mountain View – Aug. 14; Irvine Aug. 20 & 22nd; San Bernadino – Aug. 24). The fan club has held at least enough tickets to provide each fan club member in each of those markets with one-pair of tickets. Please bear in mind that we expect an onslaught of ticket requests and are in the process of setting up a system handle the volume.

We will be posting updates on and will be emailing you the updates as well. We are working round-the-clock to do everything we can to provide you with fan club service you can rely on.

To those of you who are angry and frustrated, I, we got your message – loudly and clearly. To the many of you who have been patient, understanding and supportive, I extend my gratitude. And to all of you Aeroforceone Fan Club members – I can only promise to do my very best to make things right.

Very truly yours,

Joe Armetta

Another message from Fansrule


There is nothing like an Aerosmith fan! 39,000 calls to order tickets in a day - y’all crashed the call center. The people who take phone orders have never seen such passion for a rock and roll event.

The dedication of Aerosmith fans is amazing. We calculated 2 tickets per fan for the closest venue and a moderate amount of additional tickets for traveling fans and new fan club members. Not even NASA scientists could have anticipated that membership in Aero Force One would grow 30% in a two-week period. Only a very special band like Aerosmith can rally that kind of excitement in people.

Our goal is to please the members of Aero Force One. Honestly. We know it doesn't’ seem that way at the moment, but it’s the truth. In order to better accommodate you, we’ve put a venue request button on

Tell us what shows you’re going to want to see and we’ll do our best to fulfill your request.



Aerosmith Ticket Sales Make Headlines

Aerosmith Fan Club Members were unable to purchase preferred seating tickets to the band's Just Push Play tour as promised over the weekend due to order phone line busy signals, error-filled and unusable online order forms, and closed customer service lines. Fans are up in arms and blaming fan club management for the snafu.

rock this way


Getting concert tickets was an Aero-ing experience

And this is from today's Boston Herald's Inside Track:

by Gayle Fee and Laura Raposa
Tuesday, April 24, 2001

The high-flying members of Aeroforce One - aka the Aerosmith fan club - say they've become Jaded with the way the new club operator, Fanrule, handled ticket sales for the Bad Boys' summer concerts.

Busy phones, computer errors and other electronic snafus left longtime fans ticketless - and Cryin'!

``Phone lines were busy for hours,'' sobbed one cyberfan. ``There was a total lack of communication and an abundance of misinformation, computer error messages, lock-ups and inability to log on. People are sad, angry, and frustrated.''

Following the brouhaha, Fanrule closed down its call center and as of yesterday, will only sell tickets via the Aeroforce One Web site.

The band's Boston man, John Bionelli, told the Track he's only heard from a few frustrated fans.

``I got three voice mails and two faxes from people who couldn't get through,'' Bionelli said.

``No one is going to get shut out of the shows, but their fan base in Boston is so huge, the allotment of tickets the fan club has for the local shows sells out fast. And like anything, if you snooze, you lose.''

Bionelli suggested Aeroforce Oneites keep an eye on the Web site for further info.

'Cuz, of course, you Don't Want To Miss A Thing. . . .

rock this way

April 22, 2001

Another Aeroforceone Fansrule Update

Ok I got up this morning (actually around noon) and tickets went back on sale. Unfortunately a lot of the venues including mine were sold out. For those of you who's venue is not listed yet , I'm sure it will be soon, but then again with fans rule who knows.


The Angry Fans

As you may have known they're are many enraged fans lately. Aeroforceone's new management (fansrule) is in chaos. A lot of fans are perturbed due to Af1’s problems in delivering the fans their preferred seating. Many people have reported that ordering the tickets online has been unsafe. Other people’s credit card information pops up in their confirmation screen!!! So Please be careful! I have decided that I wont try to buy any tickets from Aeroforceone’s website after that. Many fans have e-mailed fansrule with their complaints. You can see a  forum packed full of complaints at:

 Here is what some of the fans had to say from the Aero-boards:

 Iliv4aerosmith wrote:

 I have been a member for 7 years, and I can't even get a pair of tixs to a show in my area...thanks for jerking us along, now I can't even get tixs thru ticketmaster except crappy lawn seats...I rather stay home and listen to my CDS! I have e-mailed you several times w/ no response...I can't order tixs online somebody else's member # is stuck in my puter, and I can't get it out.
This has been 1 hell of a nightmare!


 Then Tyleriffic replied:

 I have someone else's personal information on my computer as well. Liv, I deleted all my cookies and checked and his id and information was gone. Unfortunately, about an hour later I came and checked again and lo and behold, he is back on my computer.


 KJ Wrote:


I will not get to hear, "and now I turn you over to my good friend...Mr....Joe....Fuckin'....PERRY!". Steven, I don't know what to say. I just got back from church and prayed that somewhere in all this illogical fall out, that some fans would get some tix. Well, they did. I wanted to give my daughter her sixteenth BD at Pine Knob, but with the fansrule weirdness, and MI's ticketmaster down, only the people in line at the venues or at a ticket agency got the seats. Detroit is sold out and I have hung with devoted fans in chat and online for the whole weekend to find that there are no more fans seats in Detroit. But I hung in there, because as a rocker myself, I say that watching you still gives me hope of playing the large gigs in my fifties. Rock 'n' Roll shouldn't beat you down, it should lift you up.

This is the first year in the last fifteen, that I would have been able to stand for part of show, if I had fans seating, that's why I joined AF1. I broke my neck in the Army in 85, and have been watching you guys from handicap sections way back in BFE with binos over the past 15. So I join the most talked about fan club in the world...where meet and greets and body parts get band together on road trips and at weekend rock orgies in some town awaiting the show...what a gig. Well, next year I have to have surgery on my knees and back in the saddle I go...back to the handicap section of the pavilion that's not covered by superstructure and leaves you venerable to the elements and only steps away from the lawn seats that are 1/3 the price. I can't even get wheel chair is a fire hazard...oh yah...we've gone thru this before.

Well Guys...all of you...You did not chose us to be your fans! WE chose to be your fans because of the energy you deliver in the music and on stage. My voice will still be in tact 'cause I won't get the chance to scream JOE! JOE! JOE! during the solos. Two or 3 years ago, Brad saw us in chairs at the closing show of the Pine Knob season, and sent us all picks, that was cool. But if that all the closer we can be, even after joining the club, or purchasing that old quadraphonic system so we could be the first to hear Toys in the Attic in true quad sound, or even stay up late or waking up early or putting up with this last ticket bs, then unfortunately my daughters 16th will slide...she likes your music...we have common R&R bonds because I cover your tunes and she hears them all the time. I even went thru occupational therapy after my accident with a fender accoustic and the only tape I had in the Army Hospital...Toys In The Attic...I wouldn't be covering your tunes if my wife didn't bring me my guitar. I wouldn't be slinging two Les Pauls if it wasn't for your sound. I wouldn't have gone out on closed Michigan Hwys to pass through State Police barricades to get to the closed Ohio hwys in order to get to Toledo' Sports Arena to give my wife her first stadium show during your "get a grip" tour. You guys didn't call off the show even though there was a bi-state weather you remember that show in Toledo in 3 feet of snow and blizzard. Why did we come? For the same reasons why you played...the music moves the fans. Think about that. I hope you get the letter I mailed before I tried to get the tickets I was guaranteed, Its up lifting and asks your assistance in helping others whose prosthesi flags them as they enter the arenas...the ones who are told that they can't have their seats because they're a fire hazard...

I thought we were just fans with chairs. When Pine Knob (DTE Energy) calls me back tomorrow, (because I was smart enough to reserve handicap seating), I'll ask them to release those tickets to someone who can't stand for the show this year. Let someone else have a taste of your Joey's Power, or Brad's, or Tom using timpani mallets on the bass...give another fan the chance to go.

Sincerely and Sadly,

an old friend with vinyl, 8-tracks, and cds to keep me goin...this is Cpl. KJ Stone, US Army retire/disabled, af1 member, saying so long

Maybe will catch you at the Auburn Hills if you return in the fall or winter.


 and Here is what I sent to fansrule:

 I would like to know why when I read your ticket alert last night on af1 it said there will be plenty of tickets to go around, that it isn’t a race. Well, I was still skeptical, so I stayed up until midnight, no one was there at midnight, or 1am for that matter, then website updated it's info as it now said 2am, I stayed up until 2:30 am (Eastern Standard time) trying to get tickets and once again no one was there. So I go to bed and get up today to try and get my tickets and find out that my venue "DTE" Music Theater, Clarkston Michigan is already sold out! What good are available tickets if they are 2000 miles from their fans? Throughout the take over of fansrule this fan club has been a mess. To many promises and not enough action. I can tell you that this will be my last subscription to this so called fan club, as it will be for many others.  If you don't change the way you do business. 

 Thank you for your time.

After this, I went back to af1 and checked for tickets and it said that I had already bought my limit in seats. This doesn’t make sense because it told me before that the tickets for my venue were sold out, and I never even put my credit card info in.



Classic Rock magazine

The April 2001 issue of Classic Rock has a two page review of Just Push Play along with a large picture of the band on page 64. Also, p.8 has a small bit of info saying that 3 versions of JPP will be released in North America, and p.13 has an add for JPP. Then, ofcourse, the index page had a small pic of Steven and Joe.

rock this way

Aerosmith Interview in real media

If you click either of the following links you'll get to see a good interview with the band on the Today Show...

for T1/Cable/DSL
for 56K modems

rock this way


Aerosmith at

    At MTV.Com there's a nice interview with Joe Perry and some video clips from when they were in Japan...

rock this way


USA Today / Liv Tyler on NBC's Today Show

    On the back of the Life section of Friday's USA Today, in the coming attractions, they list Liv Tyler as being on Monday morning's edition of NBC's Today Show. Thought you might be interested.

rock this way


Liv Tyler article from

    Ok, so the following review for Liv's latest movie hasn't got anything to do with Aerosmith but with pics like these I'd be too cruel not to share with the rest of you, right guys? ;)


    Simply bra-vellous ... Liv Tyler
    Simply bra-vellous ... Liv Tyler

rock this way

    Liv Tyler. 1hr 33min (ENTERTAINMENT)
    * * * (out of four)

THINK twice before you decide to rush in and rescue a damsel in distress.

You could be letting yourself in for a whole heap of messy trouble - that's the message behind this witty, sexy, comedy thriller.

Downbeat barman Randy, played by Matt Dillon, witnesses gorgeous babe Jewel, (the voluptuous Liv Tyler) being harassed by a grease-ball biker.

And he does what any gentleman would do - he steps into the fray.

Then, before he can blink, his peaceful, if dull, world is turned upside down. Because Jewel is a con woman, who uses her obvious assets to wind weak-willed men around her delicious little finger.

Like a cross between There's Something About Mary and Pulp Fiction, One Night At McCool's unravels into a hilariously dark plot of deception and seduction.

And ends with a stylish blood-bath shoot-out.

    Lick'le angel ... Tyler is captivating in this must-see thriller
    Lick'le angel ... Tyler is captivating in this must-see thriller

No man is immune to Jewel's sexual allure. Every bloke, from Randy to his married lawyer cousin, to a sad widowed police detective (John Goodman), finds himself unwittingly enslaved by her sexy spell.

Jewel makes Randy take the wrap for the men she murders while simultaneously making him commit burglaries to fulfill her desire for a home full of luxury goods.

Each of the men in her life perceives her in different ways, to fit their fondest female fantasies.

It's produced by Michael Douglas' independent production company and he gamely picks himself in the most unappealing role - as a sleazy, wig-wearing hit man hired by Randy who hangs about in bingo halls playing housey-housey when he's not killing people for money.

This is a genuinely original, twisty black comedy.

Matt Dillon is marvelous, Liv Tyler is luscious and beguiling.

For something fresh and funny, which includes the sexiest car wash scene ever on the big screen, book yourself in for One Night At McCool's.

rock this way


What is up with Aeroforceone (Fansrule)?!?! Update

I just went back to and they have changed the time to 2am. It's the same message but they changed the time.


What is up with Aeroforceone (Fansrule)?!?!

Ok it's 12:46 am and I tried calling AF1 a bunch of times and there is nothing. There was a recording that says please try your call again. The website is also offering nothing yet. If you notice the message by fansrule I posted (what is now yesterday) said that the tickets will go on sale tonight at 12pm eastern standard time. There is no such thing as 12pm tonight. Now I'm wondering if the misprint meant 12am tonight or 12pm tomorrow afternoon? If any of you get through and get tickets please let me know!


April 21, 2001

Round 2 of AF1 Ticket sales start tonight!

Get ready to get your tickets tonight. at 12pm eastern standard time. This message was taken from Aero-Force one

To All AeroforceOne Fans:
Wow! We submit! Talk about the greatest and most avid fans in the
world...AeroforceOne fans truly RULE! Just for the record, FanRule
partnered with a full-scale phone answering company with 48 telephone lines
and LIVE operators specializing in handling massive call volume ONLY to
satisfy the demands of the AeroforceOne fans...yet AerofoceOne fans proved
too powerful and literally burned the system out! So, to get everyone up to
speed and way less stressed out on what is going on right now, check out the
following information:
FansRule's Top 10 Reasons to Be Psyched About Aerosmith Tour Ticketing
1. AeroforceOne was provided with a set number of tickets for each venue by
the tour promoter.
2. There are plenty of seats to go around for current AeroforceOne fans.
3. Again, each and every AeroforceOne fan will have the opportunity to
purchase a pair of premiere seats.
4. If extra tickets are available for a show, AeroforceOne fans will have
the opportunity to purchase additional tickets.
5. This is not a RACE that you can lose if you are an active AeroforceOne
fan club member, because:
   a. You are guaranteed the right to purchase a pair of premiere seats to a
   given show/venue.
   b. Your seat assignment will be based on seniority, as always. You're going
   to get great seats whether you're the first order or the last order.
6. The reason tickets went on sale at 3AM EST on Saturday was for those high
energy fans who wanted to buy seats before anyone else in the world.
FansRule believes you deserve that honor!
7. A professional phone answering company was hired to take your orders was
because they have 48 individual phone lines with LIVE operators. We thought
this would be easier, more efficient, and more fair (no busy signals),
especially for those individuals who do not have internet access from their
homes or during this time of the day. Good intentions, right?
8. The reason the ticket box office closed down was because fans crushed and
burned out the phone lines. At that time the only way to get tickets was
through the internet.
BAD NEWS/GOOD NEWS: Management decided this was UNFAIR to those AeroforceOne
fans WITHOUT internet access, so the box office was closed until this could
be sorted out appropriately.
9. Tickets will again go on sale tonight at 12PM EST for those fans who need
the peace of mind of having ordered their seats before turning in for the
10. Again, this is not a RACE and you don't need to stay up all night long.
Please see #2-5 above.
Finally, so that we can provide the ultimate service to AeroforceOne fans,
please contact us via email, toll-free phone number, fax or mail by Monday,
May 14th in order to secure your seats. Once all of the AeroforceOne fans
have had the opportunity to purchase tickets, FansRule will be making the
extra seats available to fans looking to catch a few extra shows (see #4
The management at FansRule wants to emphasize that we do not support
sleepless, stressful nights. If this has occurred, we apologize profusely.
Again, we were trying to give AeroforceOne fans a jump on the ticketing
program by opening up early. Thank you for your patience, support and
consideration during this time of transition. We are psyched to be working
with the most avid, enthusiastic fans in the world!

!! The Box Office is now Closed !!
We will reopen soon for Round two with more tickets for sale!
You are all great fans and we want to make you happy!

Check Back at 12pm Eastern Standard Time


April 20, 2001

For Aero-force One members... Tickets on sale tonight!

This was taken from the Official fan club

Here is the 800 number for ticket purchasing you have been waiting for… 800-508-8723. This number is for ticket orders only, and will be active at 12 AM Pacific Standard Time – 3 AM Eastern Standard Time this Friday night/Saturday morning. This number will only provide access to ticket sales.


Just A Reminder...

Tickets go on sale tomorrow at 10:00 am for many venues. Check the tour dates section for more details.


A message From Aero-Force One

Announcing Aerosmith’s Just Push Play Summer Tour 2001 dates.

We will notify all fan club members that register when pre-sales for ticketing begins and all fans will have the opportunity to buy premium seat tickets. 

There has been a great deal of speculation about this summer’s tour dates, and contrary to popular belief, what has been announced is not 100% official.  In an effort to provide you (the fans) with the most accurate information available, we have the following dates.  Already, there have been some major announcements that turned out to be rumor.  We at AeroforceOne don’t want to spread those rumors, so that is why our dates are a little slower in the coming. 

We know you are anxious to order your Aero Force One priority seats, just go to, wait for the pop-up window to appear, and fill in your information.  This is the best way to be kept abreast of AeroforceOne news. 

Aero Force One FansRULE





Wednesday, June 6 Meadows Music

Hartford, CT

Friday, June 8

Saratoga Performing Arts Center

Saratoga, NY

Sunday, June 10

PNC Bank Arts Center

Holmdel, NJ

Saturday, June 16

Jones Beach

Wantagh, NY

Friday, June 22

Hershey Park

Hershey, PA

Sunday, June 24

Nissan Pavilion

Washington, DC

Tuesday, June 26

Tweeter Center

Boston, MA

Thursday, June 28

Tweeter Center

Boston, MA

Saturday, June 30

Post Gazette Pavilion

Pittsburgh, PA

Monday, July 2

Molson Amphitheatre

Toronto, Canada

Monday, July 9

Verizon Wireless Music Center

Indianapolis, IN

Friday, July 13

DTE Energy Music Theatre

Detroit, MI

Sunday, July 15

Darien Center

Darien, NY

Tuesday, July 17

Blossom Music Center

Cleveland, OH

Thursday, July 19

Riverport Amphitheatre

St. Louis, MO

Saturday, July 21

Sandstone Amphitheater

Kansas City, KS

Monday, July 23

Fiddler's Green

Denver, CO

Monday, September 3

New Orleans Arena

New Orleans, LA

Friday, September 7

Riverbend Music Center

Cincinnati, OH

Sunday, September 9

Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre

Charlotte, NC

Thursday, September 13

Tweeter Center At the Waterfront

Camden, NJ

Friday, September 21

Alltel Pavilion

Raleigh, NC

Other Cities Aerosmith Will Be Visiting This Summer:
Alpine Valley, WI
Atlanta, GA
Baltimore, MD
Chicago, IL
Columbus, Ohio
Concord, CA
Dallas, TX
Houston, TX
Irvine, CA
Las Vegas, NV
Memphis, TN
Mountain View
Nashville, TN
Phoenix, AZ
Sacramento, CA
San Antonio, TX
San Bernadino, CA
Virginia Beach, VA
West Palm Beach, FL

April 19, 2001

AF1 Tickets for members

This was posted in the Aero-boards

I actually spoke with a real person today. They said that every AF1 member (including people who have just recently submitted the form) will be able to purchase tickets on Friday through internet or phone. She said that she was positive about this when I asked her. In addition, you don't need your member number in order to buy tickets, so if you haven't received this yet, don't stress. Hope the lady knew what she was talking about. Good luck to all of you and I hope this helps a little.

April 18, 2001

Ticket Price$

Many people predicted the jump in ticket prices this time around as, Ticket prices have definitely went up. At least at my venue. Pine Knob "DTE" music theater in Detroit (actually Clarkston) Michigan, which is a outside venue. Ticket prices are $80 in the pavilion and lawn seats are $33. Click this link to check it out.


For Af1 members...

Hey Aero-force one members! If you wish to get your preferred seating for the Aerosmith concerts Go to when you enter a ticket alert will pop up. Fill out all the information and AF1 will notify you when tickets will become available for members. I will also post the information here on when the information becomes known.


Aerosmith in the USA Today

There was a small paragraph appearing in the Life section. "D" in Life Line in today's USA Today Newspaper.


Tom Hamilton's News From The Road


Typical. No sooner do I get my computer out and we hit turbulence. Reminds me of the quake in Japan the other day. Joe and I were basically the only ones who felt it. I kept asking people from the band, from Sony, from housekeeping, from everywhere. Nobody noticed. I even asked a guy who spoke no English at all and he shook his head. I knew I wasn’t crazy because Joe called me the minute it stopped and we compared notes. The next day I ripped open the Japan Times and found the report on page two. A 5.3 out of a possible 7 on the scale they use in Japan. It was actually on the news a minute or two after it happened. They had a map with numbers all over it but I couldn’t tell which part was Tokyo. They kept showing that and another scene with the typical security camera footage of people running around an office trying to keep stuff from falling off their desks as overhead light fixtures swing back and forth.

So now I have a way to describe the quake. It was like turbulence only in a building instead of an airplane. Come to think of it the plane we’re on now is as big as a building. Those of you who have been through these things must be rolling your eyes. Gimme a break. Let me have my little experience here. It wasn’t a big one it’s just that it’s basically my first one. I got my Quake cherry popped and I want to talk about it.

So we’re on our way home. We started out in New York a few weeks ago and since then have been to Germany and, obviously, Japan. So I’ll start in New York. Makes sense, doesn’t it? We got down there on the…I can’t remember. It was a Wednesday, I think. I should write this stuff down. The first order of bidness was rehearsal for Saturday Night Live. This was the fourth time we’ve done the show and the vibe still hasn’t faded. The show has been on almost as long as we’ve been making records. It feels cool to walk into these hallowed halls and actually know people and think of them as old friends. Man, the list of people who have hosted there, played there and worked there is huge. My mind is flooding. I won’t even attempt a list.

Rehearsal was good. We decided we’d play “Jaded” and then do “Big 10 Inch” for the second song. We were pretty fluent on “Jaded” and “Big 10 Inch” is part of our DNA. I remember thinking of 10” as a novelty song when we first recorded it but to this day it puts a smile on people’s faces.

The next day we had a photo session for Rolling Stone. We all met up at a studio where Steven and Joe were shooting the cover and then set out wit’ all our make-up, hair, wardrobe and other “make-‘em-look-pretty” peoples. Destination: the Chelsea Hotel down on the lower West Side. Actually, the area is called Chelsea but I thought that might be too obvious. The Chelsea is a notoriously hip place where up and coming and about to be down and out musicians have made their mark; usually on the walls or the floor. The Dolls, the Sex Pistols and countless others have done their best to destroy it or themselves amongst the layered paint and wrought iron. For some reason we never stayed there. We’ve run the gamut between glory and shame in New York but never found ourselves spending time there. Maybe we’re lucky. We crammed into a tiny suite that was jammed with photo equipment and people. On one end was a bed, surrounded with guitar amps and other musical paraphernalia. We wandered around for a minute and found our places. Just as the shooting started Steven jumped up on the bed with his mike stand and the flashes flashed. I couldn’t help wondering who has stayed there. How many famous people have shot up or gotten their rocks off on this very mattress. I wouldn’t want to join them but in a way we all felt the need to rise to the silent intensity of the space. I wish I had a list of all the killer songs that have been written there. Now that I’ve been there I think I might understand them better.

A half-hour later we got in the elevator and aimed for the lobby. I had to stop and gape at all the cool paintings and sculptures before heading out the door and down onto the subway with our photographer, Mark, and the rest of the entourage. Most of them waited as we hurried on to the train and started doing pictures. The other riders seemed to know how they were supposed to act as we snapped away. Leave it to the New Yorkers not to get all impressed with the situation. We mugged for the camera guerrilla style for about fifteen minutes and then got off at the station right under our hotel. Military precision, baby.

Mo’ comin’


April 17, 2001



America’s premier rock & roll band Aerosmith is hitting the road in June in what looks to be one of the hottest concert tours of the year. Celebrating the success of their new album, Just Push Play, the recent Hall of Fame inductees kick off their SFX-produced tour on Wednesday, June 6 in Hartford at the Meadows Music Center (as previously reported on and will travel to 47 additional cities throughout North America.

Tickets for 20 of STEVEN TYLER, JOE PERRY, BRAD WHITFORD, TOM HAMILTON and JOEY KRAMER’s stops will go on-sale Saturday, April 21. Venue details for these dates and a list of additional tour cities are below.

 “After Aerosmith’s unforgettable performance at the Super Bowl, this legendary group of rockers demonstrated why they have earned a massive reputation as a show-stopping live band,” said Bruce Kapp, Senior Vice President of Touring, SFX Music Group. “Aerosmith fans will witness one of the most spectacular concerts this summer with the “Just Push Play” tour.”

Having sold nearly 100 million albums worldwide over the course of a career spanning a quarter century, Aerosmith have not merely survived and thrived, they’ve transcended the trends, fads and follies of their times to become one of the most durable, and perpetually exciting, forces in popular music. Unique even among the select handful of rocks bands of similar longevity, Aerosmith’s sound is a constant on the charts. Aerosmith started the year off on a high note debuting its hit single, “Jaded,” at this year’s American Music Awards in January and then becoming only one of five artists to receive the prestigious International Artist Award. Most recently, Aerosmith was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and released its album, Just Push Play.


June 06 - Meadows Music, Hartford, CT
June 08 - Saratoga Performing Arts Center, Saratoga, NY
June 10 - PNC Bank Arts Center, Holmdel, NJ
June 16 - Jones Beach, Wantagh, NY
June 22 - Hershey Park, Hershey, PA
June 24 – Nissan Pavilion, Washington, DC
June 26 - Tweeter Center, Boston, MA
June 28 - Tweeter Center, Boston, MA
June 30 - Post Gazette Pavilion, Pittsburgh, PA
July 02 - Molson Amphitheatre, Toronto, Canada
July 09 - Verizon Wireless Music Center, Indianapolis, IN
July 13 - Pine Knob Amphitheatre, Detroit, MI
July 15 - Darien Center, Darien, NY
July 17 - Blossom Music Center, Cleveland, OH
July 19 - Riverport Amphitheatre, St. Louis, MO
July 21 - Sandstone Amphitheater, Kansas City, KS
July 23 - Fiddler’s Green, Denver, CO
September 03 - New Orleans Arena, New Orleans, LA
September 7 - Riverbend Music Center, Cincinnati, OH
September 9 - Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre, Charlotte, NC
September 13 - Tweeter Center At the Waterfront, Camden, NJ
September 21 - Alltel Pavilion, Raleigh, NC

Other Cities Aerosmith Will Be Visiting This Summer:

Alpine Valley, WI
Atlanta, GA
Baltimore, MD
Chicago, IL
Columbus, Ohio
Concord, CA
Dallas, TX
Houston, TX
Irvine, CA
Las Vegas, NV
Memphis, TN
Mountain View
Nashville, TN
Phoenix, AZ
Sacramento, CA
San Antonio, TX
San Bernadino, CA
Virginia Beach, VA
West Palm Beach, FL

A Message from Fans Rule 

(the new management for Aerosmith's official fan club Aeroforceone) 

Hello all you Aero Force One Fans,

We here at the FansRULE, the folks who have taken over the
operation of AeroForce One from Fan Asylum, have been working
hard to find a way to get back up and running. has been down as a result of the ISP outages in
the San Francisco Bay area.  We now have the site back up and are
in the process of providing you with even more at the site. Please
don't worry, and check back often, as we will continue to enhance the
online Aero Force One experience.

In the meantime - there have been so many questions, and we have some
1. What happens to my User Name and Password for the site?
a. Nothing will change with the new system at this time.

2. Are orders that were placed in February & March be processed by
your company, or will I need to join again?
a. All orders are being processed by FansRULE, and you can expect
your Aero Force One newsletters and / or fan club kits within
the next several weeks. We're also bummed about the delay but
some things can't be avoided during change.

3. Do we call people back who have left messages?
a. Yes we do!  We try to get back to everyone; it just takes a
little time due to the amount of calls we've received during
this transition.

4. Will my concert priority seating be honored?
a. YES.  Your priority seating status will be honored.  We hope
to be announcing ticket sales and concert dates shortly.

5. When will be up and running?
a. The Aero Force One website is up. You can also renew your
membership by faxing your MC or Visa orders to (203) 483-2845 or
emailing your request to, or write to us
at AeroForce1, P.O. Box, 679, Branford, CT 06405 USA.

6. I've heard a lot of news lately about the new fan club. I renewed
my membership in November. Am I still in the fan club?
a. Yes.  Your subscription will be valid through your old
expiration date.

7. I wanted to know if we'd be hearing any Aerosmith tour dates soon?
a. As soon as dates are officially confirmed, we will be sending
an email to visit the site, login and find a show near you.

8. Will we get messages regarding news updates mailed to us?
a. News updates will be posted on the password protected member's
fan page and through our hotline number which is listed in our
upcoming fan club welcome & renewal packets.  Passwords will be
sent to you via email for those who have addresses, and snail
mail, if not.

9. My question is about the 1,000 extra frequent flyer miles... I
renewed my membership in February right before the news about the
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a. Yes, everyone who has renewed their membership in 2001 will
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and you won't have to scan your phone bill. All fans (new and
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10. Will you still have travel packages?
a. Yes, details coming soon.

11. Will we keep our seniority for priority seating?
a. Absolutely.

12. What about chat?
a. You won't miss a thing.  It is operational.

13. I am curious to know the status of my membership.  Can you please
help me figure that out?
a. If you have any questions at all, please email us at and we'll check on your status.

14. About a month ago I sent in $24.95 to the address I got from the
Aeroforce website to join the fan club.  The check hasn't been
cashed yet. What should I do?
a. Nothing.  All orders are being processed.  If there are any
problems we will contact fans individually.

15. Are you still going to have a London & Japan office?
a. Yes, and this information will be included in the next newsletter.

16. Where can I send mail to the band?
a. Please send snail-mail to us AeroForce1, P.O. Box 679,
Branford, CT, USA or email to


April 16, 2001


As I reported earlier: Some of the tour dates have been announced today! Here's what is shown so far. Also I heard on the radio today (101.1 WRIF Detroit) that Fuel will be the opening band for Aerosmith! What a show that's going to be!! Here is the listing of tour dates thus far posted on I'm guessing that as more dates become verified they will probably be added to in the next few days. Remember! Keep check for more tour date listings!

6/6/01 Meadows Music Centre   Hartford   CT   On Sale 4/21/01

6/10/01 PNC Bank Arts Center   Holmdel   NJ   On Sale 4/21/01

6/16/01 Jones Beach Amphitheatre   Wantagh   NY   On Sale 4/21/01

6/30/01 Post Gazette Pavilion   Burgettstown   PA   On Sale 4/21/01

7/5/01 Tweeter Center - Chicago   Tinley Park   IL   On Sale 4/29/01

7/13/01 DTE Energy Music Theatre   Clarkston   MI   On Sale 4/21/01

7/15/01 Tweeter Center - Camden, NJ   Camden   NJ   On Sale 4/21/01

9/9/01 Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre - Charlotte   Charlotte   NC   On Sale 4/21/01

9/21/01 ALLTEL Pavilion at Walnut Creek   Raleigh   NC   On Sale 4/21/01


Stay Tuned Today For Possible Tour Updates

There is a good chance that today is the day the tour dates will be announced! Stay tuned to News today for the updates.


Tour News For us Detroit Aero-heads.

I heard from a friend that 101.1 the WRIF (Detroit) advertised or talked about Aerosmith's upcoming tour. They announced that it will be a the Pine Knob. They didn't specify what day(s) Aerosmith would be in Detroit nor did the announce any ticket cost or when they would go on sale.


April 13, 2001



For months, rumors have been buzzing everywhere about a full-scale Aerosmith tour. As Joe Perry explained in a recent AOL chat, “We start in June, and we'll probably be out on the road for two years.”

Two years. Damn.

Anyway, will disclose the first round of official details this Monday. Bookmark this page, and we’ll fill you in on the facts.

Meanwhile, what can we expect this time out from the Rock’n Roll Hall of Famers from Boston? “We can have bombs and blow-up dolls,” Steven Tyler shrugged, “But it's better to keep my sex life out of this.”

 "Hey, man," Joe Perry told the UK’s Daily Telegraph, "it's still a party for us. I'm a rock 'n' roll gypsy. It's what I was, and always will be. And it's a gas to get out there and play.”

"The creative power," adds Tyler, "or whatever it is that this band is when five of us are on stage, I think we've all been in awe of that. It's the original tires on the Ferrari. It's still there, and it works, and we all feel like doing it, and no one's going bald and fat and doesn't give a s**t. Everybody looks good and wants to rock.”

You heard the man...Just Push Play…and stay tuned for the details.


SFX also shows when tickets will go on sale at a couple venues: Hartford CT & Burgettstown, PA

all this information was taken from


News On The Tour! Aerosmith and VH1

VH1 is going to be sponsoring the upcoming Just Push Play tour. This was just said on the VH1 music news which had lots of nice interview footage with Joe Perry! Anyway, Rebecca Rankin mentioned at the end of the segment that VH1 is planning a "special Aerosmith week to launch the tour" and on June 6th, they will be bringing us "opening night live from Hartford, CT."

They said dates in most major cities are confirmed and they had a good few minutes with the band talking about it. Joe also said that they are planning on playing a lot of songs off the new record but aren't going to be taking out any old favorites.

rock this way


Liv Tyler Interview from


Liv Tyler may have rock 'n' roll in her veins but she has no time for the wild life that goes with it.

She may be the offspring of a rock legend and rock 'n' roll may be in her blood, but actress Liv Tyler insists it was not inevitable that she should end up getting engaged to a Brit rocker in a band called Spacehog. "It's hard to say what attracts me to someone," she insists with a pout that only her mouth, which is as wide as the Atlantic, would be capable of. "It could be a simple thing, like the way a guy moves or smiles. I don't fall for a type. I never really dated and the two significant relationships I've had just happened. They were meant to be."

Given her genes, it's hardly a coincidence that Liv - whose new film One Night At McCool's opens today - should fall for a bass player called Royston Langdon. Can there be a more Spinal Tap name than that?

Royston, 28, and hailing from Leeds, got engaged to Liv on Valentine's Day more than a year after the actress, who's still only 23, split from long-time boyfriend, actor Joaquin Phoenix.

Liv's parentage is well known. She is the daughter of Aerosmith's motormouth lead vocalist and Mick Jagger lookalike Steve Tyler, although until she was in her teens she assumed her dad was another rock hero, Todd Rundgren. Her mother is Bebe Buell a one-time groupie and a musician in her own right.

"It's funny, because of my dad everybody thinks I grew up in this crazy rock 'n' roll world," says Liv. "But I didn't even meet him for the first time until I was eight and I didn't know then that he was my real dad. I met him at one of Todd's concerts. Actually, the biggest rock influence was my mother who was in a really great band, but I grew up in Portland, Maine, and I didn't come to New York until I was ten or 11.

"I had a pretty normal childhood, but people don't want to believe that. They portray me as this innocent girl who grew up in a rock 'n' roll environment. I don't see my parents as rebels so much as just different. Basically it was just my mom and me, which is a different dynamic from mother and father and child. She was tough. I always told her where I was and I had to be home at a certain time. She wouldn't let me watch violence in films or on TV, but nudity was OK. Somehow I understood what sex was without a birds-and-bees talk."

Liv's story is extraordinary. She is the product of a short-lived romance in the '70s that went largely unnoticed by her dad at least, who was in a chemical haze at the time. Because of her mum's long-term romance with Todd Rundgren, Liv grew up thinking of him as dad. Although Tyler and his daughter now get on well, he would hardly have made much of a father-figure while she was growing up. We are, after all, talking about a man who admits to not being able to remember entire chunks of his life, let alone the occasional stadium performance in front of 150,000 people.

Whatever her reasons, Bebe Buell probably got things about right by holding back that little surprise for a few years.

"I wasn't around drugs myself," says Liv, "but knowing what my father went through made it impossible for me to ever be interested in drugs. I love wine, but if I get too drunk one night I don't want to drink for another month. Except for cigarettes, I don't have an addictive personality. Well, I'm a little addicted to shopping."

That said, Steve Tyler was certainly around to help his daughter when the time was right. Everyone remembers Aerosmith's Crazy video which featured a teenage Liv and the equally young Alicia Silverstone writhing seductively around on the bonnet of a sports car. It was the break that propelled this attractive youngster into the fast lane and, regardless of her relative naivety, she made the transition from model to actress quickly and easily.

"When I was cast for my first film, Silent Fall, in 1994 I had no experience," she recalls. "The first scene I did I was supposed to come down the hall and steal a gun. The assistant director said, 'There's your mark'. And I said, 'What's a mark?'"

Today, such faux pas are little more than a distant memory for her. Although still only in her early twenties, Liv is already a veteran of the likes of Armageddon, Robert Altman's Cookie's Fortune and Bertolucci's Stealing Beauty. And this year looks like being her best yet.

This week every hot-blooded male in Britain will have the opportunity to whimper at the sight of her curves in One Night At McCools. This quirky comedy comes from Michael Douglas's new indie company Further Films and he co-stars as a bewigged gunman. Liv plays the curvaceous siren Jewell, and as the story is told from multiple perspectives she provides three separate performances. "I really do think that movie is so funny," she says.

Another Altman movie, the romantic comedy Dr T And The Women, follows later this year, but by Christmas Liv will be better known as an elf. Not a small, green elf with a funny hat, you understand, but a tall, willowy, sword-wielding elf princess in Peter Jackson's much-anticipated pounds 100m epic trilogy Lord Of The Rings. Fortunately for her male fans, Liv is not undergoing any major image change for the part - apart from a pair of pointy ears that have already drawn comparison with Star Trek's Mr Spock.

"I'm not sure how much of it I'm allowed to talk about," she says of the production that has been filmed in secrecy in the countryside near Wellington, New Zealand. "It was a challenge for me as an American speaking in an English accent anyway.

"As an elf you have to be so erect and centred," Liv adds. "We have to move effortlessly and gracefully."

OK Liv. We'll just have to take your word for it.

rock this way


Sunday Sun Article

In this past weekends newspaper, the Sunday Sun, from April 8th 2001, there is a small picture in the corner of Steven and Liv Tyler and then a short article on them

Rocker Steven Tyler says he was moved to tears when Spacehog star Royston Langdon asked permission to marry his gorgeous actress daughter Liv.

"It almost got my tear duct moving," Tyler says of his reaction to Langdon's sweet and formal requested.

"Royston was really nervous, flipping out and stuttering," Tyler recalls. "It was old-fashioned. I said, 'Do you love her?' and he said, 'Very much so.' "

Tyler is so moved he plans to set aside his outrageous rock star garb when the big day comes and put on a traditional penguin suit.

"Sure, I'll wear a tuxedo, " he says. "But I'll still be rock'n'roll dad. Maybe a grandfather. Hell, why not? I've done everything else."

rock this way


Aerosmith featured at

Aerosmith appears in the ICQ news page

April 12, 2001

More tour dates

Radio stations in the Boston area has reported that Aerosmith is playing at the Tweeter Center in Mansfield Mass on Tuesday June 26th! Tickets on sale April 21st at 10:00 am through Ticketmaster.

Also, SFX has posted the CT sale date for tickets at the Meadows Music Center is April 21 for the Wed, June 6 show

rock this way

Japanese version of Just Push Play

I may have posted about this earlier but I'm not sure... Anyway, the title song, JPP, has the full blown version as in NO bleeping or scratching!

rock this way

April 11, 2001

Tour Dates info from Fans Rule

From a mail from Fans Rule:

No dates have been officially announced as of yet. When dates become available you may contact us at 203-483-2843 for more info. Please continue to check the website for more details.

... and this was posted on a mailing list:

Ok this is the latest information, from Fans Rule, about the tour dates. At this time, not ALL dates have been confirmed, by the band. So until the dates are "written in stone", they will not be released. The Fan Club tix are a high priority for Fans Rule and they are working as quickly as possible to provide all of the fans with information and access to Fan Club seating.I will post as soon as I hear anything official on the tour dates.

Aerosmith Reveal Single, Tour Plans At MTV Japan Re-launch

Recent Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees Aerosmith have chosen "Fly Away From Here" as the second single from their latest album, Just Push Play.

At a star-studded celebration Wednesday in Tokyo commemorating the re-launch of MTV Japan, the Boston rockers said a video for the song is in the works, guided by director Joseph Kahn's futuristic treatment. "Fly Away From Here" is expected to surface at radio in early June, a Columbia spokesperson said.

The 28-year recording veterans also revealed that they'll embark on a summer tour, set to kick off in June.

Just Push Play, Aerosmith's 13th studio album, debuted at #2 on the Billboard 200 albums chart when it was released in early March, and like its predecessor, 1997's Nine Lives, it is expected to reach platinum status.

While some bands are barely able to sustain a meager existence years past their prime, Aerosmith have proven themselves to be living legends by releasing hit albums in every decade since the '70s.

"You gotta keep it fresh by writing new songs, writing new albums, going on tours, coming up with new stage designs and places to go," singer Steven Tyler said. "[That] just keeps it fresh [because] you always want to outdo what you did last time."

"There's always such great music coming out ... so we like to listen to it and hear what's going on," bassist Tom Hamilton said. "But it's also a challenge: Can we keep up? And we always want to be able to think that we're keeping up with everybody else putting out new music."

Ever the Buddhist-like wise man, Joe Perry had a much simpler explanation for his band's seemingly endless endurance.

"Basically, we're still fans of music," the guitarist said. "We still love it. And the same feeling that we had when [we heard] music when we were 17 years old and felt that we could maybe get up onstage and do it [ourselves], we still have that feeling."


More Aeronews from Canada...

Yesterday, on 97.7 HTZ fm in Ontario, Canada, they played "Just Push Play" unedited (That's right, with the "F*ckin' A!"). Makes you wonder if they might speed up the release of the song as a single...

Also, "Jaded" video climbed to #7 on MuchMusic's weekly countdown and to #6 on MuchMoreMusic's weekly countdown

"Jaded" stayed at #1 on the Chum fm listener top 30 (weekly)

rock this way

The director for the Fly Away From Here video

Joseph Kahn, the director has also directed videos by:

Backstreet Boys
Monster Magnet/Marlyn Manson live
Janet Jackson

rock this way

Hartford tour date

From a mailinglist...

A local rockstation in CT (WAQY) stated that "Aerosmith would be gracing us with their presence by kicking off their tour the first week of June at the Meadows Music Theater"! They didn't announce an official date. A call to a local ticket dealer in the area confirmed the date as June 6th.

rock this way

Cincinnati tour date

From a mailinglist...

They just announced that tickets are going on sale Saturday, April 21, 2001 for a show at Riverbend in Cincinnati, Ohio on July 2...


Follow-up to 'Pink into Aerosmith?'

In an old issue of TV Guide, August 5-11, 2000, with Clint Eastwood on the cover, in Rebecca Rankin's column "Music News", there is a picture of Pink and this is what it has to say about her:

"It may be the name of her latest single, but Pink isn't like 'Most Girls'. She's toured with 'N Sync and Sisqo, but her dream is to record with perennial bad boy Steven Tyler of Aerosmith. "I love his voice, his music, his attitude, his looks. I'm just infatuated. And pink's his favorite color." But her ultimate goal? "To take over the whole world and paint it pink", she says. "I'm about to make people forget Madonna".'

So, does Pink like Aerosmith??--Yeah, I guess one could say that.

rock this way

Revolver Magazine

The revolver Worldwide April issue has some new pics. It shows Steven eating an apple and a picture of Joe "Smokin' Perry". Pics can be found at

rock this way

Revolver (May/June issue)

There are a few aero mentions / pics in the latest revolver:

- editor's note (old pic of steven backstage)
- article: "the shocking backstage history of rock" (a few small pics... Don't know if the whole band is in them, but at least steven, joe, brad)

the article's not about aerosmith in particular, but there are a few aerosmith quotations / stories.

rock this way


German Magzine / TV Alert

Another German magazine with a pic of Steven Tyler in it...

Brigitte (women's magazine) 4/01. They have a column named "a woman" and "a man" - this month's man is Steven Tyler!

    Steven Tyler, from the german magazine Brigitte

    Also a friend of mine just e-mailed me that there will be an Aerosmith report in Bravo TV, sunday april 15th, 3.45 pm on german TV channel RTL 2.


April 10, 2001

Rolling Stone

This was sent to me from Jessica for

My name is Jessica Linker and I work for (  First off, I wanted to tell you how much I like your site. Aerosmith is Rolling Stone magazine's cover story right now.  We have a feature on our site that includes an excerpt from the cover story and a photo gallery.  Everything is written and maintained by Rolling Stone.  I am sure you and your users will enjoy the feature.

Check out theses links:  Aerosmith Play to Win and  Photo gallery "Aerosmith Gems"

Rolling Stone Daily

Here is today's opening quote in the Rolling Stone Daily.

"I wanted Britney to sing the second line, 'You ain't seen nothin' till you're down on the muffin.' But she wasn't having ANY of it." -- AEROSMITH's STEVEN TYLER on the Super Bowl halftime show

rock this way

AF1 Is Back In The Saddle

Aeroforceone "the official fan club" is up and running again however now under the new fansrule management however, their new message board doesn't seem to be working yet.  


More on the upcoming tour... / Another show date?

I have heard this: not all of the dates have been confirmed, once they are, they will be announced. I have heard that Fans Rule is working hard to have tickets for aeroforceone fan members, and I heard on the radio today that the tour will be kicking off in June in Hartford, CT.

and this from rock this way

At SFX's webpage they list a date for the boys at the Post Gazette Pavilion at Star Lake on June 30.

6/30/01 Post Gazette Pavilion at Star Lake Burgettstown PA
7/5/01 Tweeter Center - Chicago Tinley Park IL

Pink Into Aerosmith?

MTV did this show based on a teen magazine that is the top 25 stars under the age of 25. They had Pink there, and Carson was asking her questions. He asked her who she was hoping to collaborate with on her upcoming album. She said she didn't want to give anything away, but she was trying to get Steven Tyler.

rock this way


Globe Magazine

There's a pic of Steven with the Just Push Play "mannequin" in the April 10th issue on page 12.

rock this way

April 8, 2001

Guitar World- Collector's Issue

In 'Guitar World- Collector's Issue' they list the 100 greatest guitarists ever. It has Hendrix on the cover, and Joe and Brad are in the "Lords of Hard Rock" section. It's a small thing, no pictures, but they say some nice things..

rock this way

More Info about the concert in Chicago...

On the official site, to the Tweeter Center in Chicago, on the concert schedule page, Aerosmith is listed for July 5.


July 5, 2001 - 7:30PM

Coming soon
$ 80.50 Reserved
$ 70.50 Reserved
$ 33.00 Lawn

Ticket price includes parking and facility maintenance fees. The price of each ticket is increased by $2 the day of show.

Parking Gates Open: Central Time
Concert Gates Open: Central Time

rock this way

April 7, 2001

AF1 has been down because...

This was found on

A message from -
Due to the internet outages in the SF bay area and other such circumstances beyond our control, Aeroforceone is currently offline. We hope to have the problem fixed shortly. Please check back often.


The Aero Boards

Aeroforceone's message board (the Aero-boards) is working again!

Click here!

April 6, 2001

Jaded live in Japan

At the MTV Latin America site there's a 2:39 min video of Jaded from the live performance in It's Your Party...

July 5th Chicago?

There was an add in the The Chicago Sun Times newspaper, for Aerosmith July 5th, at the Tweeter Center, which is formerly the New World Music Theatre.

However, I've gotten two mails regarding this and they had different info to share with me...

#1... I just got off the phone with a couple of Ticket Broakers, and they confirmed that July 5, is accurate, and Aerosmith will be performing.

#2... I called The World Theater, and they said it is a tentative date that is not confirmed yet. Tickets are not officially on sale, according to the guy at The World. When I told him I was in the fan club, he said fan club members would probably hear about it before they would, but you know how that goes. I think they will be there for sure, why else would it be in the paper? I also called WCKG radio station in Chicago and they said they hadn't heard anything either.

rock this way


Future Singles From Clive Newton

With the recent Munich gig, various info was let out the bag by Sony and people. Fly Away From Here is currently planned for release in June/July and then they hope to get Just Push Play out before the year ends. Whilst the latter may change, the near term won't.


Billboard Charts

After 4 weeks while selling 77,000, on this weeks Billboard Album Chart "Just Push Play" drops 4 spots to number 9 and has been certified platinum in the US (1 million units shipped)

On the Hot 100 singles chart "Jaded" drops 1 spot to number 8.

Other charts....
Pop Catalog - "Big Ones" drops 1 spot to number 9. "Greatest Hits" drops 5 spots to number 13.

Adult Top 40 - "Jaded" moves up 2 spots to number 6.

rock this way


French Magazines

    Aerosmith are featured in 2 french magazines...

    GUITAR PART april 2001 n° 85 - 4 pages interview.

    GUITARIST Magazine april 2001 n° 134 - 6 page interview.

    GUITARIST Magazine april 2001 n° 134 GUITAR PART april 2001 n° 85

rock this way

News from Japan...

Aerosmith went home yesterday. I don't know what time, but they are on plane to the US now. They said they will do a tour in Japan in December or January.

According to the Japanese official Aerosmith site, they played 5 songs on MTV Japan's special gig held on April 4th. as the final event of the promotional tour in Japan. The set list was:

    1. Jaded
    2. I Don't Want To Miss A Thing
    3. Big Ten Inch Record
    4. Mama Kin
    5. Walk This Way

I heard that there were about 1000 couples (2000 people): it was all-standing, and tremendously exciting! Aerosmith also gave away an autographed guitar to a lucky winner.

rock this way

April 5, 2001

Tour Dates?

I don't know if these are true or not but...

According to 93.3 WMMR in Philadelphia, Aerosmith will be playing at The Tweeter Center (formerly the E-Centre) in Camden, NJ on June 20th. Tickets go on sale April 21st. They have been reporting it all day yesterday April 4 and today April 5. Wmmr's Web address is

I've also been told about a July 5 concert at The World Theater in Tinley Park, Illinois...


Rolling Stone Article

This one is from Rolling Stone's latest edition in which Aerosmith is on the cover.

Aerosmith Play to Win

Inside rock's longest-running dysfunctional family sitcom

It's Friday morning on the set of Today, and this morning's guests are Aerosmith. They're here to discuss their role as the elder statesmen of American rock. In just a couple of days, Aerosmith are getting inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame while they're still at the top of their game; indeed, they're going in while they have a new album in the Top Ten, Just Push Play, as well as a hit single, "Jaded," a song that sums up the Aerosmith sound as perfectly as "Start Me Up" summed up the Stones.

Click here to READ the rest!

Rolling Stone


AF1 Sell Off (as reported by Aeroheaduk)

Got a flier from Fan Asylum Europe - their last one. It explains what's been going on and particularly that FansRule does NOT have any world wide offices but best of all they are getting rid of all their stock - They have bundled everything into goodie bags and priced them at £20, £30, £40, £50 and £60 - the more the cost the bigger the bundle and they reckon everything in the boxes is at half price or better. Example the £20 bag would contain 2 T Shirts, complete set of back stage stickers for the Nine Lives Tour, plus other bits and pieces like pins, back stage passes etc. The £60 ones (only 10 boxes) contain all of the lower cost goddie bundles plus one more expensive bit of memorabilia like for example JK's drum sticks and 1 box has a special Jap Tour Jacket! The others lower cost boxes will have other lesser items like e.g. shot glasses in ranging order of value.
We have opted for the BIG bundle so will let you guys know how lucky we were. I wonder whether AF1 USA will be doing similar but suspect Fansrule may be negotiating buying the merchandise from them as quantities would be at a much larger scale than in Europe.


rock this way

April 4, 2001

The Band's Favorite Just Push Play Songs

    In an 3 min long interview aired in Brazil the boys talked a bit about the songs and they got to pick their favorite songs, here they are:

Tom: Avant Garden
Joey: Beyond Beautiful
Steven: Just Push Play
Joe: Under My Skin
Brad: Luv Lies

rock this way

Quote from Guitar World

As posted before Joe, Steven and Brad are on the cover of Guitar World, May 2001 issue. This also has a two page centerfold, of just those three, plus multiple pictures of them along with an article and some interview type quotes from them. Walk This Way and Jaded are tabbed out at the end.

There's a quote by Joe on page 113: "We don't turn off the radio just because Britney Spears comes on. Will we like it and buy the CD? I don't think so. But we listen to what's going on."

rock this way

Derek St. Holmes

For those interested in Brad's old bandmate, I just found out about Derek's site which can be seen at

rock this way

April 3, 2001

Aerosmith on the cover of Rolling Stone

The latest issue of Rolling Stone has Steven and Joe are on the cover!!!! There is a long article about them and lots of pics from the 70's. Also, there is a 2 page centerfold of the whole band!

Rolling Stone Cover

rock this way


A Ton of Aerosmith News!

Incase you didn't visit this site to much in the last month, You missed a lot of news. There were a ton of things happening in Aeroland! If you haven't, then make sure you check out last months edition of the news section. Click Here


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