Animated Greetings Q. & A.

Here are some common questions and their answers to help solve your problem.

Q. What is the difference between sending the greeting by link or by an attachment.

A. Here's the difference.

Send the greeting as an attachment.  (recommended) When saving the flash movie and then sending it as an attachment in an e-mail it takes a little longer to send. However this way it is guaranteed to play smooth the first time through for the person you are sending it to. Also by sending the greeting as an attachment there is no wait for a loading message at the beginning.  If you are unsure of their connection speed this is the recommended method for sending the greeting.

Sending your greeting by link your e-mail will send quicker. However when the person views the greeting they are viewing it from the website, Depending on there connection speed the greeting may look a little choppy the first time viewing it.  If you know they connect faster than 28.8 k then this method may be used for sending the greeting. A loading message will appear at the beginning of the greeting to avoid choppiness. If you think they connect at 28.8k or slower it is recommended that you send the greeting as an attachment. 

Q. Why does a loading message in the beginning of greeting appear when I send the greeting as a link ?

A. When I created these animated greetings I made 2 versions of each greeting one with a loading message at the beginning, and one without. The reason for the loading message on the greeting is because when you view the greeting from a link it has to download the movie as it is playing. Without the loading message at the beginning of the greeting it would not have the time to download properly and the greeting would appear choppy the first time through. Notice if you hit the replay button at the end of the greeting the loading message is bypassed.

Q. Will you be adding more greetings?

A. Yes! I will add more here and there so check back to see new Animated Aerosmith Greetings. If you have any ideas on an Animated Greeting, please e-mail me. I may make an animation in your honor! Just remember this is an Aerosmith site so I want to keep the greetings somewhat Aerosmith related. 

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