Aerosmith Family Tree


Steven Tyler

    Grandfather (on fatherís side): Giovanni Tallarico
    Grandmother (on fatherís side): Constance Neidhart
    (Giovanni married Constance in 1912)

    Great-Uncle (on fatherís side): Francesco Tallarico
    Great-Uncle (on fatherís side): Michele Tallarico
    Great-Uncle (on fatherís side): Pasquale Tallarico

    Father: Victor Tallarico
    Mother: Susan Blancha

    Sister: Lynda Tallarico (Born in 1946)
    Niece: Julia Hasz (Lyndaís daughter)

    Uncle (on fatherís side): Ernie Tallarico
    Aunt (on fatherís side): Phyllis Tallarico

    Cousin (on fatherís side): Augie Tallarico

    Wife: Teresa Barrick (Married on May 28th, 1988)
    Ex-Wife: Cyrinda Foxe (Married on September 1st, 1978...Divorced in 1987)

    Son: Aborted in 1976 (Mother - Diana Hall Ė Conceived out of wedlock)
    Daughter: Liv Tyler (Born on July 1st, 1977) (Mother- Bebe Buell Ė Born out of wedlock)
    Daughter: Mia Abigail Tyler (Born December 22nd, 1978) (Mother- Cyrinda Foxe)
    Daughter: Chelsea Anna Tyler (Born on March 6th, 1989) (Mother- Teresa Barrick)
    Son: Taj Monroe Tyler [Born on January 31st, 1992] (Mother- Teresa Barrick)

    Other Info:
    Bebe Buell, Livís mother, was born in July, 14th, 1953
    Cyrinda Foxeís real name is Kathleen Hetzekian.
    Diana Hallís real name is Julia Holcolm. (?)


Joe Perry

    Grandfather (on fatherís side): Joseph Pereira (fathered fourteen children)

    Father: Anthony Pereira
    Mother: Mary Ursillo

    Sister: Anne-Marie Perry

    Uncle (on motherís side): Constantino Ursillo

    Wife: Billie Paulette Montgomery (Married on September ?, 1985 & January ?, 1986)
    Ex-Wife: Elyssa Jerret (Married on August 5th, 1975...Divorced in 1985)

    Son: Adrian Perry (Born on May ?, 1981) (Mother: Elyssa Jerret)
    Son: Anthony Perry III (Born on October ?, 1986) (Mother- Billie Paulette Montgomery)
    Son: Roman Perry (Born in either 1991 or 1992)
    Step-Son: Aaron ?Hirsch? (Born on ?, ?, 1972) (Mother- Billie Paulette Montgomery)

    Other Info:
    Aaron's father is Alexander Hirsch (?)


Brad Whitford

    Father: E. Russell Whitford
    Mother: ????

    Brother: Donald Whitford (Age: 52)
    Brother: Kevin Whitford (Age: 42)

    Wife: Karen Lesser (Married on ?, ?, 1980)
    Ex-Wife: Lori Phillips (Married on February ?, 1976...Divorced in 1978)

    Son: Zachary Whitford (Born in 1981 or 1982) (Mother: Karen Lesser)
    Son: Graham Whiford (Born in on ?, ?, 1991) (Mother: Karen Lesser)
    Son: Harrison Whitford (Born on ?, ?, 1995) (Mother: Karen Lesser)


Joey Kramer

    Father: Mickey Kramer
    Mother: Doris Schwartz

    Sister: ???? Kramer [younger than Joey]
    Sister: ???? Kramer [younger than Joey]
    Sister: ???? Kramer [younger than Joey]

    Wife: April Kramer [Married on ?, ?, 1979]

    Son: Jesse Sky Kramer [Born on ?, ?, 1981]
    Step-Daughter: Asia Kramer [Born on ?, ?, 1974]


Tom Hamilton

    Father: ???? Hamilton
    Mother: ????

    Brother: Scott Hamilton [Older than Tom]
    Sister: Perry Hamilton [Older than Tom]
    Sister: Cecily Hamilton [Younger than Tom]

    Wife: Terry Cohen [Married on January ?, 1975]

    Son: Julian Hamilton [Born on ?, ?, 1992] (?Adopted?)
    Daughter: Dorothy Sage Hamilton [Born on ?, ?, 1995] (?Adopted?)

The information on this page was found on the Aerosmith Mailing List & in the Aerosmith Autobiography "Walk This Way," and on fan page Rock this Way.

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