Desktop Themes
For Windows 95/98 operating systems
Aerosmith Made in America Theme   (1.38 mb)
Toys in the Attic Theme   (2.37 mb)
Box of Fire Theme   (1 mb)
Aerosmith Theme   (406 kb)
Aerosmith Band Theme   (842kb)
Aerosmith Nine Lives Theme   (892 kb)

Desktop Themes For Linux operating systems

Aerosmith 9 Lives Theme   (1.53 mb)
Aerosmith Get A Grip Theme   (1.77 mb)
WinAmp Skins Aerosmith Winamp Skin   (40.6 kb)

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Screen Savers

Note: you need winzip to open these screen savers. If you don't have it,
Click here to download winzip.

Cool Aerosmith screen saver with sound.

 Box of Fire screen saver 
(with audio)

(1 MB)

Cool Aerosmith screen saver without sound.

Box of Fire screen saver
 (without audio)

(74 KB)

Nine Lives Screen Saver

(1.7 MB)

Other Cool
 Aerosmith Stuff

Aerosmith clock for your pc, with all kinds of cool features!

The Aero clock (1.6 MB)

Aerosmith World (8.1 MB)

Sources for the desktop themes include: & Daniel Sandler

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